Goodbye, 2012!

December 31, 2012 Tsina 1 Comments

So that's it, goodbye 2012! I had a good year. :)
I started my 2012 with our Mindanao leg. We had so much fun beach bumming in White Island (Camiguin), sorta-flying in Bukidnon and rafting in Cagayan de Oro. It was an awesome trip with my favorite travel buddies. :)

Last March, I left my second project (and my life at night :P). I was with the project for 11 months, and I made lots of friends here. We still go out during the weekends for coffee (more like coffee after few drinks in Central :P) I went with them in a quick Puerto Galera trip, and David Cook concert.

In the same month, I was rolled-in to another project. I was sent to Singapore on this one for a short training. This project provided me lots of career opportunities. Since I worked in the client site, I had a chance to work face-to-face with the clients. I became more careful on my dealings with people, and learned to live up with our tagline, High Performance. Delivered. Hihi. Seriously, I think I'm better prepared for more challenging projects in the future. :)

For my summer getaways, aside from the Puerto Galera trip, I went with Apple and Dwin to Pamarta Bali. Infinity pool love. :P

I had very tough time managing school, despite that, I'm proud to say that I passed our comprehensive examination. We took the exam last August, and got the result by the end of September. Yiheeee! :P

Since summer is forever (Peram ng line mo, Apple!) we went to Calaguas last October. Finally a dream come true. Hihi. It was a long hours of travel, but oh so worth it. :)

December. After 4 years and 5 months with my company, I finally decided to leave. I am more than thankful for the opportunities that the company provided me. I had the best managers/mentors, and I look forward in working for this company in the future. I just owe them everything. :) 

Come January, you'll find me in the streets of Makati. :) I'm hoping for a great year ahead. :)


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Oh la la, 2013!

December 06, 2012 Tsina 0 Comments

I know, it's quite early for any 2013 related post. But I'm getting really crazy this minute. 2013 is scaring the sh*t out of me!! Okay, school first - I'm currently taking up 3 electives. I have classes from 6pm - 9pm on Wednesdays and 1pm - 7pm on Saturdays. My Wednesday subject requires a sorta mini-thesis. My Saturday subjects require several group papers + few individual papers + class reporting. I have an INC on one of my subjects which requires me to take a final exam. To top it all, my thesis is still under revision!! I HAVE TO COMPLETE THESE IN ONE SEM. 

Hmmm, for work .. This might require a lot of adjustments. I'll be leaving my comfort zone! I might make kwento once it's official! :) This + school is making me crazy. 

I know. I can do this. I've been working hard for both school and work the past years. I should be able to handle these (trying to convince self). 

Hmm. Okay, I'll treat my brother and myself to a Hongkong trip on my birthday next year. We'll both be graduating! This should force me to be a superwoman!! :D At least, that's something to look forward to. We can do this! AKO PA! :P


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I TRIED Surfing in Bagasbas

December 03, 2012 Tsina 0 Comments

Okay, so the operative word is TRIED! Hihi!

I am not a morning person, and it surprised me that I was able to wake up early in Calaguas. Not sure if it was because I slept in a tent, but I had a good sleep nonetheless! We spent the morning beach bumming. I think I could add that skill in my resume - beach bumming! Hihi.
I'm in Calaguas! :P
By the way, Dwin created this the day before. Galing niya noh? :) We saw few other people photo op-ing with this! :)
And this was us in the morning at Calaguas!
Galing ni Dwin! :)

 I forced Juni to be my photographer at that time. I wanted a cover photo worthy picture! Wahaha! Kidding! :P
Kailangan talaga sumingit teh? :P
At around 10 am, we left the island, and headed for our destination - Bagasbas! Lucky for me, the waves weren't as crazy as the day before. But unfortunately, we still reached the port at around 1pm. We were told to expect a 2-hr boat ride only. We rode a jeepney to transfer us to a bus. The bus brought us in Bagasbas. We reached the place at around 2pm!  We took a very late lunch at the Surfer's Inn. I was already being masungit at this time! 

We went in the beach for our surfing session, which was 400Php/hour. Okay. So I haven't tried real surfing yet, and from our group, only Juni is quite the surfer. He frequents Baler! :)
Ready or not, let's surf!
They gave us a short lesson on surfing - the do's and the don'ts! The instructor made me try to stand in the surfboard following the steps he told me, and then he decided that I'm a goofy. So you see, you'd be either a goofy (right foot forward) or a regular (left foot forward). 
Regular or goofy? :)
Practice muna! 
Okay. I have to be honest! I wasn't able to stand on the surfboard! Sigh! In the middle of my session, the instructor told me that it seems like I'm a regular. Well, maybe because I was just copying him when he was giving instructions. I'm such a bad student! 
Kawawang bata! :P
Okay, so we can't be good at everything, right? :P

We returned in the Surfer's Inn to freshen up, we had to be ready by 6pm. Unfortunately, we left the place at around 8pm. The bus left at around 9pm! Well, the good thing with that was we had few hours of bonding and photo ops! :)

Say Cheese! :)
But that was another round of long hours in the bus! We reached Manila at around 6am! I still had few hours of sleep before I reported for work on that day. I'm such a model employee! :P

It was long hours of travel, and not the most comfortable trip I had, but believe me, Calaguas is so worth it! :P


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I Fall in Love with Calaguas

November 20, 2012 Tsina 6 Comments

Tell me, would you like to lie down in this white sand while looking at the blue sky? :)
Calaguas, baby!
We've been wanting to go to Calaguas, and I've mentioned that here in my blog every now and then. We would have plans, but we would end up cancelling it. But Apple pushed this trip. I usually create the itinerary for all our trips. But not this one. Maybe, Apple thought I wasn't serious in going. :P

I thought, it would be just me, Apple and Dwin again. But fortunately, we were able to convince Juni to join us. Monica and Ruel (Apple's friends) joined the trip as well. I don't think Apple had a hard time arranging this trip though. I'm sure, all she had to do was to contact Melvic. Hihi. Peace, teh! :P
Calaguas buddies!
We initially planned to get the 3days/2nights package, but due to the bad weather, we were forced to get the 2days/1night trip. We paid Php 3200 each which included the land transfer, boat transfer, tent, camp meals, life jackets and DRINKS. :P

We left Cubao at 9pm of Oct 26. We were expecting a long ride, so we tried to catch some sleep. We got to Daet, Camarines Norte at around 7am. We took our breakfast at Jollibee because breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day were not included in the package. At around 9 am, we left for the island via a boat.
With Ruel and Monica :)
sun protection c/o Apple :P
We were expecting a 2-hour boat ride, but due to the bad weather. We arrived in Calaguas at 1pm. The waves were crazy that day. I puked. Such a wimpy kid. :| 
the boat felt like a surfboard :S
We left Cubao at 9pm the previous night, and arrived at Calaguas at around 1pm the following day, so that was a total of around 16 freaking hours. There was no signal in the island. I wasn't able to check in Facebook. :P No aircon accomodation. No comfortable bed. But for something this amazing, I wouldn't think twice of going through that again. Calaguas is so worth it. :)
Sobrang ganda! :)
When we got there, I was surprised to find some cottages. I thought the island is bare. We put our things in one of the cottages while we beach bummed. They (the organizers) prepared the food, and put up the tent for us. We felt like kings and queens. :)
our tent :)
Ruel taught me how to play frisbee while we were waiting for the food. :)
Natuto ako mag-frisbee, promise! :P
When the food was ready, we devoured it like hungry wolves. Kidding. :P But we had a buffet, and the food was good. Although, I'm so easy to please when it comes to food. :P

When we've been fed and watered, we did what we do best - beach bum and pictures. :P 
I fell in love with Calaguas :)
swimming :)
All the camp meals were included in the package. After we had our dinner, we took a quick shower (ala tabo). We went to the socials.They setup a mobile bar at night, and we all got free drinks. :P 
mobile bar :D
We had a little heart to heart talk to cap our night. :P We went surfing in Bagasbas the next day. But let's save that on another blog entry. :P

I fell in love with Calaguas. Who wouldn't be? :P


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School is Cool

November 04, 2012 Tsina 7 Comments

Guess what?? I passed!! HAHAHA! I really could not believe it. My friend said, ang daya ko daw. Di daw kasi ako nag-review. Nag-review kaya ako. :P

Yeah, yeah. I am talking about the compre. We took the exam last August 12, and got the result by the end of September.. the waiting almost killed me. :P I was at work when the other Sheena SMS'd to inform me that I passed the compre. I called her to verify. I even called the TMC office. Well, ayaw ko naman kasi ng false alarm. :P Ayun nga, I passed. I didn't ask for my score though. :D
the list :D
Okay, can you see the one tagged as High Pass? Well, that's not me. :P But I'm the -021. Hihi. You won't believe my happiness that time. As in. Well, please just be happy for this girl. I deserve it. :P
status my happiness!
But then, I couldn't say that I'm 100% happy. Well, I haven't completed my thesis yet. My thesis is still a work in progress. I'm hoping to finish it ASAP! Konti na lang. :)

I'm three electives away from graduation. Oh, of course plus the thesis. :D


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I'm Everywhere

September 08, 2012 Tsina 3 Comments

.. except on Facebook. :P Well, technically, I'm on Facebook. But I recently deactivated it yet again. No, I am not hiding from anyone. But I think, I just got bored with Facebook. :D

I used to maintain only one social networking site - Friendster. I was so loyal to my account that I declined all the invites from other sites. I loved Friendster. I still do. I downloaded my information when they've decided to turn into a gaming site. I miss the Who's Viewed Me. Of course, I miss the testimonials. :P It was fun to get kind words from friends until it turn all glittery that I had to disapprove them. :D

My friend invited me in Facebook back in 2010. I was so bored in the office that I signed up. From then on, I experienced all sort of changes that Facebook had. Mark even got married already. Facebook had their IPO. Facebook is on Timeline now. 

This isn't my first time to deactivate my account. But I must admit that I log in once in a while when I want to buy something online. I am a fan of online shopping, you know. :) Facebook invaded the World Wide Web that it is forcing me to log in before I could view the stuff that I want. *sigh*

My Facebook-less life is not as bad as I thought it would be. I am still connected to the world in some sense. Hello, I have Twitter. I love it! :P
Twitter - @tsiina
Ironically, I am careful on approving friends on my Twitter. But I do accept friends of friends and blogger friends. I am Twitter friends with my cousins, classmates, college friends and colleagues.Twitter is my ranting and kilig space. When I get disappointed over something, I tweet. When someone bullies me, I tweet. When I get a chocolate from my crush, I tweet. When I finally end up with him, I will tweet. But that's another story. :P

I am also on Instagram. Instagram is for photo sharing. You can take a picture, apply a filter and share to everyone. My profile's public, by the way.But I hardly share drool-worthy pictures. :P
Web viewer of Instagram - @tsiina
I've been on Google+ way before I signed up in Instagram. But I hardly post here. When I do, it's about something that I couldn't say in Facebook or Twitter. It is usually something big. :P Remember, Twitter is my ranting space. If I couldn't post it in Twitter.. hala, alam na! :P I only have very few friends here and they are mostly my classmates in my masters. :)

Recently, I joined the Pinterest bandwagon. I don't share here. I just repin the pins. :P Look at my Tattoo Love folder, it could be my inspiration for my next tattoo. :D
Pinterest - @tsiina
Yep, I am enjoying all these. When I get home from work, I will have few minutes to an hour of tweeting. When it feels like a bad day, I have few minutes to an hour of Pinterest-ing. :P I don't get that de-stressing feel in Facebook anymore, that's why I left. :P

10/09 I've been on Facebook again since last week. :)


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Not so Perfect Life

August 16, 2012 Tsina 3 Comments

I'm done with my compre! Hurray!! Here's to hoping that I won't need to retake it. :P We will get the results in two months time. Tagal!! 

We went to Tina's house for a post compre celebration. Haha. I've been out of the radar for few weeks, but I was glad to spent few beers with them. We left at around 2 am. :D
High pass! :D
Now, I have to concentrate on my research project. I actually have to start it naAnong petsa na? :D

I have another exam tomorrow, an internal certification at work. I haven't checked my notes yet, I'm still downloading it at the moment. :D Sigh. When will I change? I'm the queen.. Queen of Cramming. :P

There is a very long weekend coming in but I might be working on those days. I'm fine with it, I'm fine with the holiday premium, too. :D

By the way, someone is bullying me, and I'm trying my best to ignore it. I'm such a bully magnet. :| Well, the good thing is there's someone constantly reminding me that I'm doing well with my work. I'm happy. :D

Life is not perfect. But who cares? I am not perfect. But I am happy. :D

* Thanks Gonz and Karol for the pictures.


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Compre Cramming

August 11, 2012 Tsina 4 Comments

I'm scared. Tomorrow is our comprehensive exam for my masters. It should cover all the core subjects we had, as in everything. :| I just started my review last Saturday because I have been very busy with work. I also been procrastinating a lot. *sigh* I am really hoping that I will pass. I can do this. I can do this. Can I really do this?

If I pass our compre, I will buy myself a MacBook Pro or Air. Just kidding. :P Whatever the result, I'm eyeing the MacBook. :D Which one's better though? :)
from Apple Store
I'm drooling on these toys for weeks. :)

Now, I'm feeling better. Back to my cramming. :P Oops, pray for me please. I can do it. :D


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August 04, 2012 Tsina 7 Comments

I'm on postpaid. But I had my number changed last week. I gave it to only few of my friends. Di kasi ako makapag-unli. :P

My friends were asking me on the reason for the sudden change. Well, I'm the queen of drastic change. Fine, drastic is subjective. :P But here's one proof. :))
I miss my long hair! :))


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I am greater than

July 28, 2012 Tsina 9 Comments

Yey. This is my 4th year on my current company. This is also my first job after college. I tried few times in the past to leave and find a greener pasture. But I realize, it's not always about the money. :) In four years, I got promoted twice, and certified twice. I'm hoping to get a promotion next year. :D *goal setting*

Yesterday, I had dinner with my start group in Superbowl of China. The attendance was a big improvement from last year. :P We talked about a lot of things, mostly work stuff. :P
batch dinner :D
So there, I am still counting. :P


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Week 29

July 21, 2012 Tsina 5 Comments

Last Saturday, I watched the David Cook concert with Jayce, Prince, Bev and Erlie. It was the first time that I paid for a concert in Araneta. :P Prince is the uber fan. 
and the band!
We had dinner at Bellini's in Cubao Expo after the concert. I've been wanting to eat here, really. I was glad that we were able to try that night. This was the same restaurant in the movie One More Chance of my loves, JL. We had two shots each of their sweet wine. We loved it! :P
Popoy and Basha! :P
I had a dinner with my super friends last July 18 at Blufish in Eastwood. It was quite expensive, but the crabs were great! :P It was a rant day! Hahaha! I love them. :)
With Dwin and Apol

I had another dinner last Friday. But this time, I was with the team. :) It was my second time in Just Thai. I love Thai food. Pad thai for the win! :P
team dinner

It was an awesome week with my friends. :) For this coming week, I'd be having dinner with my batchmates. It would be for our 4th year anniversary at work! Yebah, my love-hate relationship with my company is the longest I have. :P Mas matagal pa sa mga relasyon ko. :D

By the way, we're planning to go to Calaguas this August. Probably during the long weekend, finally! I'm so excited! :D I can imagine the white sand already. :)

*Thanks Prince for the Cook's picture.


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I'm Sick

July 07, 2012 Tsina 7 Comments

... and I'm blogging. :P

Been feeling awful since Thursday night, but today I'm coughing and sneezing like crazy. I'm already on my second roll of tissue, I bought three. :P I hate being sick. :(

I should be doing my concept paper for my research project now. I'm on my last year of my masters. Hopefully, I'd be able to finish all my requirements this year. The thing is, I have a comprehensive examination coming this August, and I haven't started the review yet. My manager also told us that we could not take a leave this August. I'm screwed, right? :|


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Share : Date a Girl who Writes

July 07, 2012 Tsina 0 Comments

Found this on my Facebook news feed. I really like it, so I thought of sharing this to you, guys! 

"She’s the girl who would absent-mindedly stare outside the window for most of the time while you’re relating to her what you feel is one turning point in your life and when she does this, you would sometimes get a strong desire to pound on her and tell her to pay attention. Don’t be hurt by her seemingly lack of attention or interest. Don’t worry. She’s one master of multi-tasking. I tell you, you would be surprised when all of a sudden, she would turn to you, remark on what you’ve said with words that hold the deepest sense of meaning and you would further be amazed at how she would matter-of-factly tell you how your smile became somewhat crooked at one point of your story or how a single crease of line crossed your forehead at another point. Now, who’s not paying attention, huh? Do not ever, not even for a second be deceived that she’s not paying attention when she appears like her mind is elsewhere but with you. During those times, her mind is actually in full gear and she would surprise you that she can take account of your story in toto with the right details, including the life dilemma of the old man on the other table across yours which she just heard in passing while listening to yours."

The whole article is here. :)


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Infinity and Beyond

June 24, 2012 Tsina 4 Comments

Okay, I had another pahabol sa summer getaway. This was just last week. Oha, one week na lang delayed ang post ko. :P 

We've been wanting to check out Pamarta Bali because of the infinity pool and the cheap rates.    So, last week, we went all the way to Bataan in a bed weather to chillax. :P We were supposed to meet at Genesis terminal in Taft at 6am, but we woke up late. Dwin was there as early as 6am, and he called me at 7am. I thought he was going kill us for making him wait for almost four freaking hours!! Well, that is why Dwin's one of my closest friends, he has that much of patience! :D

We took the bus going to Balanga, Bataan and paid around P200. We left around 11am already. It was a very long ride. We were just expecting 2.5 hours ride, but heck we reached Balanga at around 3pm!! We took the mini bus going to Morong and paid P70. It was quite an uncomfortable ride. :( The three-seater felt like it would just fit two persons. We survived the 1.5 hour ride to Morong. We took an early dinner in Lhine's Burger and Snack Haus. We went to the market and purchase our things for our meals. Dwin was the cook! :D

We got a tricycle to Pamarta Bali and paid P50 for the three of us. We told them of our reservation, and they had only few guests for the night.
Pamarta Bali! :D
and the room!
With Apple and Dwin!
We were the only ones swimming that night. It felt like we rented the entire resort. :P We then had our late dinner courtesy of Dwin's cooking. :)
night swimming
Dwin made our breakfast. We then went to swim for a while. We had some 'infinity shots'. Ang fail lang maging photographer ni Apple. :P
Apple's fail infinity shot. Wahaha!
I took Apple's infinity shot, and it was better! :P
Apple wanted to go to the beach. But the waves were crazy, and it was raining a bit. Still, we went in the shore. :P 
and this how bad the weather was
We went back in the infinity pool, and spent few more hours in the water. :P We had to check out by 12nn. We decided to stop by the Pawikan Conservation Center before heading back to Manila. :) We paid P20 for the entrance fee.
With the pawikan
We had lunch first, then we headed to the mini bus terminal. The ride back home was a breeze. :D We were in Manila as early as 7pm. :)


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Summer in Puerto Galera

June 24, 2012 Tsina 7 Comments

Okay, I know, this one's a bit late. But we went to Puerto Galera last March! Wahaha. :P

I had a quick summer getaway with my friends from my previous project - Jayce, Erlie, Bev and Kim (Bev's sister). Regina was supposed to be joining us but she changed her mind the last minute. HMP. I was looking for a vacay during that time so I forced them to join me in Galera. I think, that would be a better option than another night in Central. :D

We were supposed to leave early on Saturday but Bev's shift was until 8am. Auhm, I also woke up late, so was Jayce who was on vacay leave the previous night. So lo and behold, we left Manila at around 10am already. We paid around P145 for the bus fare from Cubao to Batangas port. We were able to watch the cringe-worthy Moron 5 and the Crying Lady. I slept half the time. :P When we reached the Batangas port, we bought a roundtrip ticket already and paid around P500. I have a side-kwento by the way. Someone approached us when we were waiting for the ferry and offered us a room at the White Beach Hotel for a very cheap price to accommodate the five of us. We didn't have a reservation anywhere, and the offer was too tempting so we paid for it already. But when we reached the hotel, they said that we were offered a very cheap price for the room. The person managing the place also told us that there was no available room for us. He was showing us another room which was a lot different from what we paid for. We didn't like his attitude, and he was pretty irritating. Jayce was disgusted at him so he called the owner. We didn't stay there but rather took our payment, and left. So at around 2pm, we were still searching for a place to stay. Good thing, we were lucky to get another one. We stayed at Myra and Medelaine's Place and paid P3000 for all of us which already included the few hours extension. :D We left at around 4pm the following day. :)
Summer Friends. :D
Hey, Galera!
So off we went to the beach even though we missed the sun already. It was still fun though. :)
With Bev and Erlie! :)
With the gels. 
After few hours in the beach cam whoring, we went back in our room to change. We were getting hungry by this time. Jayce brought us in the front seat so we could watch these shows.
Night of fun!
Galera by night!
Auhm, I have a confession to make. I've been actually thinking if I'm going to share this with everyone. But OMG, I got drunk that night, and that was the first ever!! Thanks to the Mindoro Sling!!! 
the culprit
I was so drunk that I forgot my Havs in the beach. Jayce was also drunk. :D We bought a pair of slippers the following morning. Hehe. 

Thank heavens, I didn't have a hangover. So we were back in the beach after we had our breakfast. They tried the banana boat but I wasn't able to because the other group that joined us were already six, and they needed only a group of ten. So, I was their official photographer. :P
Banana Boat
We had few hours of fun under the sun before we snapped back to reality. :P It was just a very quick getaway, but fun just the same. :) 

Myra and Medelaine's Place


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