November 27, 2011 Tsina 5 Comments

I'm not excited. I'm not excited. *repeat 100x* But I am super excited for my Kindle Touch!!! Yehey! My gosh, it took me a year to finally get myself a Kindle Touch. Remember, this has been part of my Christmas wish list for 2010, and it's Christmas 2011 for crying out loud. :p
When Amazon announced their three new Kindles, I was like - Oh my gosh, it's time to get a Kindle! I initially planned to get the cheapest one - $79. You know, I'm such a cheapskate! Fortunately, I could not imagine how to navigate it since it's not touch screen like the new one and lacks the keyboard compared to its predecessor. So, I debated on getting the Kindle Keyboard or the Kindle Touch instead. The Kindle Touch is the new model so it should have been better. But being a non-touch screen fan, I hesitated for a while and almost told my friend to get me the Kindle Keyboard. Luckily, I realized that I want the X-ray features so finally told my friend to order me the Kindle Touch. 
Silin, my Kindle should come in a ribbon, too! HAHA!
I selected this Belkin Verve Tab Folio for my Kindle Touch cover. I play it safe, so I chose the black one. By the way, I tried to search it in Amazon just now, and I could not find this cover anymore.  Hmm. My order will arrive at my friend's place by December 6, but I should still be able to get this, right? 
Black is safe!
Since I am not sooo excited - just a little, I guess - I signed up for an Amazon account last night. I also installed Kindle for PC and got myself few free ebooks. :) I'm trying to download Calibre but my internet connection is bad. :| See, I am not excited, right? :D

My friend will be coming back in the Philippines for a vacation on the third week of December. Hopefully, I could get the Kindle by then! (Paging, Silina!! :p) 

*Thanks 2dayblog, Amazon and Belkin for the pictures.


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TM: 50% Done

November 12, 2011 Tsina 2 Comments

Oooh, okay. It's been a while, right? Well, nothing much is happening in my life aside from the fact that I'm half-way through my masters!! Yehey for that!! We had our last class presentation for TM281 last October 26. Right after the presentation, we had simpleng salu-salo c/o my classmates. :D

Miss miss #TM281 friends
Last Friday though, we had our first class for TM 206. Quickie lang ang sembreak, hays. :( I'm not paid yet though. I will drop by UP this Monday to enroll TM 291 and TM 206. Oh, by the way, I don't have Saturday classes now but Monday and Friday classes. I'm free on weekends, friends, lesgo sagow! :)


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Ang Litanya sa Paglisan: Mga Tula sa "Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa"

November 07, 2011 Tsina 1 Comments

I was browsing Facebook when I stumbled on this status by my friend that got me very curious.
So I asked him about it, and he told me that it came from the movie "Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa." I told him to message me a copy, and he did. Now, let me share you the feminist poems written by Merlinda Bobis and Joi Barrios. I honestly like these two poems, and I wish I wrote these instead. Nangangarap lang naman! :D 

The first one was written by Bobis - a writer, performer and academic. 


Tula ni Merlina Bobis
Tinig ni Victor Robinson III kasama si Rocco Nacino
Guitars: Ada Tayao at Jema Pamintuan

Huwag mo akong iiwan
Tulad ng pag-iwan ng anghel
Sa kanyang pakpak, nalimutan
Sa bus na gumarahe
Sa gabing walang buwan

Huwag mo akong iiwan

Tulad ng pag-iwan ng buwan
Sa kaniyang mata, nahulog
Sa sapang nananaginip
Ng dilim na walang pintuan

Huwag mo akong iiwan
Tulad ng pag-iwan ng dilim
Sa kanyang tainga, pinigtal
Ng hanging nananalangin
Sa kay agang namaalam

Huwag mo akong iiwan
Tulad ng pag-iwan ng hangin
Sa kaniyang dila, nangupas
Sa kakahiyaw na
‘Huwag mo akong iiwan’

Pakpak mo, mata mo, tainga mo, dila mo
Ang nagpapatunay sa akin -
O di kaya ako
Ang lumikha sa’yo
Sa aking pananampalataya

Sa lipad, tingin, pandinig, awitin?
Pasulpot-patago na salawahang ulap.

Barrios - a Filipina poet and activist, got me into thinking with her poem. I'm sure, we all know the feeling of being left behind. Barrios tells us more than that heart-wrenching feeling.


Tula ni Joi Barrios

Sinasalat ko ang bawat bahagi
Ng aking katawan.
Walang labis, walang kulang.

Sinasalat ko bawat bahagi
Ng aking katawan.
Nunal sa balikat,
Hungkag na tiyan.
May tadyang ka bang hinugot
Nang lumisan?

Sinasalat ko bawat bahagi
Ng aking katawan.
Sa kaloob-looban,
Sa kasuluk-sulukan,
Nais kong mabatid
Ang lahat ng iyong
Tinangay at iniwan.
Nais kong malaman,
Kung buong-buo pa rin ako
sa iyong paglisan.

Buo pa ba ako sa iyong paglisan? Echos. See, this video for Paglisan.
Seriously, I love these poems that I wish I could be able to write something as wonderful as these. Simple pero tagos sa buto. :)


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