June 26, 2011 Tsina 5 Comments

Fine, I failed big time on my 26 before 26 goals. *crying*

I have no excuse but my lack of foresight. Well, I think another reason is that I did not stick with the SMART goals. Remember SMART goals?
So, next time, I'm going to set really SMART goals. Yes, there is a next time. But perhaps, I'll create 30 before 30 goals.  Hopefully, I will come up with a better list. Still, let's share a toast for the things that I've accomplished. :D

Cheers! :D


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June 26, 2011 Tsina 0 Comments

Love is like a gadget. Kahit ano gawin mo, it would always be the yesterday's highlight. Did you remember buying yourself that single-core smartphone that you've been drooling over and over? Ampogi ng smartphone mo. But the next thing you know, there is that dual-core smartphone which makes your new phone seems passe. Pero sabi nga nila, what really matters is sticking with your choice even after seeing the best of this world. 

So, Curve, forgive me for drooling over the LG Optimus 2X. Also, even though you're missing the flashlight, radio, and 3G which are my basic requisites for a mobile phone and I don't even think, you're up with the single core smartphones. Hey, I'm sticking with you. :D 


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June 24, 2011 Tsina 3 Comments

Hindi naman ako iyakin na tao. Kahit gaano ka-mushy o ka-heartbreaking ang isang movie, hindi ako naiiyak. Hmm, wala yata akong puso. Pero kagabi sa office, bigla na lang ako naiyak habang ka-chat ko yung kaibigan ko. Napansin ni Prince na sumi-singhot-singhot ako with matching kuha ng tissue, tinanong niya tuloy kung umiiyak ako. Sabi ko syempre, hindi. At nahawa lang ako ng sipon sa kanya. Buti na lang, may sipon talaga siya nun. 

Where is my way out? :|

Naiyak din pala ako ngayon habang nagluluto. #ihateyousibuyas


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Love Love in Facebook

June 14, 2011 Tsina 4 Comments

We share so many things in Facebook - news article, blog entry, photo, video. Name it. Some even have tagged-you-photos-that's-for-sale which I find to be really irritating. I can see it in my News Feed, you don't have to tag me. Moving on, I was browsing my Facebook News Feed and stumbled upon this video. 
I think, this was one of the theme songs of Toni Gonzaga's movie with Vhong Navarro, My Only You. But on this video, the singer sounds like Gary Granada. Just a wild guess though, what do you think?

Still, this song, without association to the past, is one of the sweetest songs around. Try to watch, the video is cute as well. 

I also like this other video that I found in Facebook several months back. Remember Carl and Ellie from Up? Well, this is their love story.
I love them both. Up is my favorite Disney/Pixar's movie. 

Of course, the ultimate favorite and probably the most disputed, thanks to CBCP. Hello moral values, apparently this McDo commercial equated human relationship to french fries. This has been removed days after it was shown on air. Still, I find this the cutest I've seen. Gusto ko lang naman ng McDo fries!

There are lots of things in Facebook. And I mean, lots! How about you? What is your favorite video that has been shared in Facebook? :D

*credits to the owner


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Pi Bertde!

June 08, 2011 Tsina 6 Comments

I've got a cake on my birthday! :)) 
Surprise, surprise!
I found this cake on my workstation when I arrived at the office yesterday. Well, I'm on night shift so that would be around 9.30pm. I was sure that it came from Reg since she was telling me for days that she's going to surprise me with a cake on my birthday. HAHA. Yeah, some kind of surprise. :D Still, it put a smile on my face. :)

Alvin, on the other hand, pestered with his gift. He introduced me to Matthew (not his real name, but he looks a lot like Matthew of the Baker King!). I was busy sorting though my emails when I noticed him standing by my workstation - smiling. Tsk. He greeted me and we shook hands. Kahit hindi ko talaga siya crush, gusto ko matunaw nung moment na yun. 
Baker King's Matthew
Moving on, when it hit 12mn, I ordered two boxes of pizza from Monster Bite for the team. I don't have the actual pictures because we're not allowed to take photos in the work area. But it was huge.
The pizza was 600 Php each plus 100Php delivery charge. I ordered the party cut. The pizza was good but not great. It was super thin, and I don't really like the crust. But hey, for 600 PhP, it wasn't that bad. :)

Thank you pala sa mga pagbati, text, wall post, email, IM. Na-touch ako, promise! :)

Being 26 feels a little different. Parang kailan lang, naglalaro pa ako ng piko! :)


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June 03, 2011 Tsina 10 Comments

This is not a birthday blog entry. But it would be five days before the B day. In five days, I'd be 26. Why don't I share the #26ThingsAboutMe? Not that you care though. :D


1. I have a short attention span. When I was in college, my friends wouldn't talk to me when I'm in discussion with someone else.

2. I multi-task. I even practiced multi-tasking.

3. When I was in college, I thought I'd be married at 23.

4. I heart dark chocolates. It is my comfort food. 

5. I have the tendency to be obsessive. When I'm eyeing a gadget to buy, I would go back in different malls several times, browse reviews online and seek experts' advice. Put that in Repeat mode.

6. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a journalist.

7. I passed UPCAT. I have an unfinished business with UP.

8. I have a stage fright. For some reason, my hands would shake uncontrollably during oral presentations.

9. I prefer letters over flowers. 

10. I am vulnerable to people I trust.

11. I am very moody. And my best of friends are aware of the fact.

12. I was allergic to alcohol. I used to get rashes and all itchy back then. How did I fix my relationship with alcohol? Hmm, I dated alcohol a lot. :D

13. I am a cheapskate. A pair of jeans worth more than 500Php is too much. A 1000PhP worth of tsinelas is more than too much.

14. I'm a big fan of mall sales and seat sales. Anything I could get in a discounted amount is not worth buying in a regular price. :)

15. I don't hide my disappointments. Even to my bosses.

16. I have no idea on the mixes, espresso shots or whatever you call it, in Starbucks. But I find their frap addictive.

17. I buy stuff online. I couldn't remember the very first purchase, but it started when I was in college.

18. I am fascinated with horoscopes and fortune telling. 

19. I have no plan of getting another tattoo.

20. I think I'm jologs. I watched too many Pinoy movies and talk shows. I know Vic Sotto but not Johnny Depp. :D

21. I am very transparent. My expression says a lot more than my words.

22. I get rejected every so often. But that couldn't stop me from trying.

23. I have a friendship issue. I think, it should be a two-way relationship. I hate doing all the connecting stuff. We're friends, right? Pick up the phone and say hello. 

24. I am not a credit grabber. I give credit to where it's due. I expect people around me to do the same as well. 

25. People think I'm masungit and suplada. I don't really get this. I think I'm uber friendly. I just speak my mind. :)

26. I miss her. If I could go back in time, it would be in my simple-yet-perfect life six years ago. Perfect is subjective.



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