Oh, Yeah Batulao! I'm such a Wimp!!

January 25, 2011 Tsina 14 Comments

Sometimes, I feel like I’m Jill of All Trades. I am Jill, the Master of None.

In high school, I tried chess to skip my Music, Arts and Physical Education classes.

In college, I attended the first training day of Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), but I chickened out so I opted for the National Service Training Program (NSTP).

Last year, I got interested in the dragon boat club at work. I attended their seminar/orientation but never got around in signing up for their activities.

Also last year, I tried playing football. I was able to play at least two games. I couldn’t move the following days.

And you know, I’ve been into fun run these days – Earth Run, Pasig River Run and PSE Bull Run.

But one thing that I’ve been dying to try is mountaineering. Louie invited me for their climb in Mt. Batulao. It should be an easy trail. No sweat, I thought.

On January 15, I went to school, submitted my paper, and skipped the lecture. We should be at the Ceres station at around 11am. With Apple and Silina, we waited for Joel to arrive. I took my lunch in the station when Giancy and his group came. He was with Bing, my friend from college. Coincidence, yeah.

We paid 106php for our trip from the Ceres station to the Evercrest. Louie and Jasper’s group were already there. Few minutes more of preparation and we were off to the mountain. Instead of riding a tricycle from Evercrest to the start of the trail, which they said cost around 100php per head, we opted to walk. After  all, we came there to do just that.

Kailangan serious? =p
After the effing long walk, we finally get to the start of the trail. Just now? Pssh. 

Start pa lang? Psssh!
More walks, more sweats, more laughters, and finally we got to Peak 6 Peak 8. This was where we set-up our tents. The summit is on Peak 8 Peak 10. 
Ang sama mooo, Dwin!!
Our tent - A for effort! =)
It was our first time to put up our own tent. We were so proud with our tent. Well, this was my first climb anyway. =) During dinner, we had a "buffet".

Kainan naaaa!
After our "sumptuous" dinner, we needed to pee. Louie and Joel accompanied us - the girls. I didn't bring my own flashlight, and definitely a no no. So, with the aid of their flashlights, we headed to the nearest restroom. But F! I fell. I unconsciously used my hand for support. It hurts like hell. =( 

I know, I did mention that we were so proud of our tent. But deemmnnn, it kept us awake all night.  the wind was just crazy. Inside the tent, it felt like we were in the middle of a raging storm. It was so cold. 

Morning came, I decided not to join them in the summit. Pssshhh. I know, I know, I missed the best part. But I was so sure then that I wouldn't be able to use my hand. It still hurts very much at that time. Safety first, remember?

So when they left, I decided to sleep. Louie lent their earth pad. Ohh boy, I was able to grab hours of rest. But then, the wind got crazy again. I could hear people outside talking (There are other groups in the campsite!) about the tent, the wind, and something like "Kawawa naman. Wala yata tao dyan, eh!" Huhuhu. I was super frightened then. The wind was terrible. So I decided to get out of the tent, and wait for them outside. Good thing I did, I noticed that we only have two surviving tent poles. So I immediately, put the other two back, and ensured that all poles are in place. 

At around 9am, we decided to clear out. Here's the picture of my immediate group. But we were more or less 25 in the group.
L-R Dwin, Jasper, Silina, Tsina, Apol, Louie, Joel
I enjoyed their company, promise. But I think, mountaineering is not for me. I spent my entire time praying that I could go home safely. No kidding. For an easy trail, I'm really such a wimp. Mountaineering is just too much to handle. But I know, I'm going to try the mountains again, maybe in the not-so-near future. =p

By the way, I'll try my luck on bowling. I joined this bowling tournament slated on February. But I'm a noob, as always. 


26 before 26 Update:

You could say that this experience doesn't count because I didn't get to the summit. But I don't care!!! HAHA. I didn't explicitly say that I'd be ON the summit. But I did say, I want to be on top of the world. HAHA. Oh, don't object please. I almost died *rolling eyes* trying, anyway! =)

6. Climb. Climb. Climb. I wanna be on top of the world! ‘nuf said. =)

**Thanks Silina and Joel for the pictures! =) Thanks for the correction, Apol. =p


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Super Busy!

January 16, 2011 Tsina 10 Comments

I've been super busy lately. Work is tough. School is tough. The good thing is, I can squeeze lakwatsa on the side. =)

We have lots to do at work. And I mean, lots. I still have to finish my project requirements, some trainings, company-wide To-Do and so on and so forth. Sigh. I have no time for petiks na. HAHA. Seriously, after office, I still have to read at least one reading material for my class, then write a half-page summary and my reaction to that material. I need to read four required readings every week this semester!! I couldn't even find the time to read the supplemental materials. Tsk. Tsk.

Last weekend, my friends and I joined the PSE Bull Run 2011. This weekend, we went to Mt. Batulao, wait for my kwento on the next days. Hehe. This Thursday, I need to submit the assignment for my other class. On Saturday, I have a class in the morning, a make-up class in the afternoon, and a meeting after. Gossh.

But tomorrow, I need to have my hand checked because it still hurts like crazy. I even had a hard time brushing my teeth. More on that on my Batulao experience. =|

By the way, thanks Francesca and Ar-Ar for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Instead of sharing seven facts about me, I'll just share seven things I hate/love/like in blog hopping. 

1. I hate music/sounds/audio on a blog. I tend to mute because I couldn't concentrate on reading the entry.

2. I love receiving comments on my blog entries. So as much as possible, I leave comments when I blog hop. But promise, I hardly skip read. =p

3. I love reading personal entries from you, guys! It makes me feel more connected to you.

4. But I also love to read witty posts. Humor bloggers are the best.

5. I like seeing new things on a blog e.g. widgets.

6. I love people who backread. =p

7. I love bloghopping, in general. =)

Sorry, girls, I didn't follow the rules. But you know, I'm a non-conformist. =)


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What You Shouldn’t Do in a Fun Run: A PSE Bull Run 2011 Experience

January 12, 2011 Tsina 13 Comments

Proof!! :P
I have never thought of myself as a hardcore runner, nor do I consider myself physically fit. I have never set foot in a gym. I have never used a treadmill in my life. And to be honest, my only form of exercise is the early morning walk to the office. So, running is not something that I can do in a breeze. But I wanted to run then. So I did. My first was the Earth Run, I ran for 5K. Followed by the Pasig River Run last October where I walked for 3K. So, the PSE Bull Run 2011 got to be my third. But if you’ll insist, I call myself an occasional runner

My friends and I registered for 3K in the PSE Bull Run 2011: Takbo Para sa Ekonomiya – our first fun run for 2011. The run was scheduled to start at 6am. But on the 9th of January, Apple Joy and I met at the McDonalds Boni at around 5.30am. We should have slept early, I know. Then, we proceeded in Shell Select at Ayala to meet up with Celina. It was 5.45am. Celina arrived a little over 6am. We were not really sure where the NBC Tent is located. We didn’t check the map for crying out loud. We hired a taxi, and luckily, we were able to arrive at 6.05am. By that time, the fun run already started. We were told to start as well. Celina, with her Accenture backpack bag in tow; Apple Joy, with her little shoulder bag; and I, with my mobile phone at hand, started to run. It had been easy at first. But we were still far from the 1K mark when we stopped abruptly and walked.  On the next 1K distance, we were either running or walking. On the 2K mark, we stopped for a while and took the Gatorade refresher. We were supposed to turn right for the 3K route. But Apple noticed that there was no one in the 3K route. Since we knew from the email communication that those who registered for 3K can run for 5K, we opted to take the straight path – the 5K route. We were just a few meters away from the 3K route and we were arguing if we should go back and run in the 3K. But I guess, since we were not too tired at that time, we proceeded in the 5K. But you see, as we ran farther, we could feel the exhaustion building up. So, we played a game. To motivate ourselves, we set our goal – from the runners ahead of us, we would pick one or two, get pass them in order to walk for few minutes. That did the trick! We were able to finish the 5K run for a little less than an hour.

We then claimed the finishers bag – Century Tuna, banana, and the certificate. We proceeded in the backdrop at the stage and at the paparazzi wall in the side for photo ops.

The next thing we knew, our body hurts like hell the following day. This is what you get for not stretching before a run. So next time, we promised to:

1.       Sleep early on the night before the run.

2.       Check the race route – know where WHAT is.

3.       Drink lots of water.

4.       Stretch, for goodness sake!

5.       Have a regular exercise – it wouldn’t hurt to be physically fit.

Maybe someday, we could finish an entire fun run running!

*Thanks Apol for the picture! =)


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The Culprit - MS Word!!

January 07, 2011 Tsina 16 Comments

I've spent my day stressing myself on why the heck my blog is not loading properly. I just published an entry last night. But deemnn, I've been getting this the whole freaking day.
Just that. Swear! To eliminate the probable cause, I had my office mates try it on their computers as well. It depressed me more to realize that they are getting the same thing. We even thought that my .com could be the reason. With that assumption, I googled for any possible solution involving a custom domain. Fail.

When I got home, I tried again, and it worked fine. I asked Tristan as well, and it worked fine on him. Then, I FB chat Liza and asked her to try, it didn't load. I'm getting frustrated and really running out of patience then. That's when I realized that the problem could be on the browser. We're all using IE browser. But I'm using Firefox and Chrome on my laptop. I tried on the IE browser on my laptop and it didn't load as expected. The problem is not my blog nor my custom domain. But IE refuses to load my blog. Again, I went back to my bestfriend Google. Voila! I came across this blog entry from www.edublogger.com.
Then, I remembered that I cut and pasted my last night's entry from MS Word. Holy cow! So, I edited my post, I cut the entry and put it in my Notepad. Then, I put it back on my blog. See this message below.
When you type it directly, and you click on Edit HTML, the code is simply as this:
But when you cut and paste from MS Word, you'll see this on Edit HTML tab:
There, we get too many codes/formatting when we cut and paste from MS Word. For some reasons, IE has a problem with that. Same as Safari by the way.

The best way to avoid this problem is to write directly in blogger, or use the Notepad. Hope this helps!


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Reunion #3: Bahay na Tisa with Peyspipol

January 06, 2011 Tsina 4 Comments

I never told anyone, unless asked, about that one year gap in my college life. Nor did I volunteer the information on the years prior to that. 

Last year, we had our first reunion in Bahay na Tisa. Allan organized it.
This year, Bobet created a Facebook event invite. During that time, I had my Facebook deactivated. He called to inform me, and requested help to find a venue. Due to time constraint, we opted to meet in Bahay na Tisa again. But Allan lost the contact number, so I had to google it. I called them and reserved for 20 people. Many clicked on Attending anyway.

Still, many attended – Tsina, Allan, Bobet, Bullet, Dang, Jo, Cenen, Keyt, David, Mon, Pol, Nikki, Japs, MC, Jesson, Suzet, June and Maco.

It was a night like the usual reunion/get-together – San Mig light, crispy pata, and lots of kwentuhan.

But then, Bobet and Allan asked, Dahil sa Peys –

I am not sure if I did make sense that night, or the amount of alcohol is not enough to help me express my feelings. But I did say –

I joined because when I was in high school, I used to get copies of the magazines/folio. I am a fan of Rhys Lloyd... Dahil sa Peys, I wouldn’t have missed a year.

I would have said more. I would have reminded them the friendship - tambay sa peys, logbook, kwek-kwek, discussions, overnight, go/kill, mob. I would have let them know what they made me feel then - that somehow we could have done more. I guess, losing everything then wasn't enough. But I didn't.

Somehow, the alcohol was not enough to let my feelings slip.


Bahay na Tisa
(044) 791-1188


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Surprise me, 2011!

January 01, 2011 Tsina 25 Comments

I posted this on my Facebook. And to be honest, I am really quite excited. I'm already thinking on something-that-is-not-so-me to do this year. I had tattoo. Should I get myself a tongue pierce? =p

Since I failed big time on my first New Year's resolutions (2010), I am not going to list another one. It would just be stupid. I would just focus on my 26 before 26 goals.

On the other hand, we're planning to join the Mt. Batulao climb this January, unless we have a red alert. =p This would be my first climb if ever. For February, we're planning to go spelunking in Sagada. So there, I have no travel plans for the rest of the months yet. You could invite me for a cheap budget travel though. =)

Hmm. In terms of career (naks, career daw!) I'm hoping for better opportunities at work. But I don't want to have high hopes. Haha. Let see if they could make me stay. =)

And since I've done more love and pagpapapansin than normal last 2010, I would re-channel my energy to other more important matters. Love (or to be specific the I-think-I'm-in-love mode)  is overrated. Sorry, I'm backstabbing love. Haha! =p

So 2011, you'd better be great! You're mine!! =)


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