TM: 50% Done

Oooh, okay. It's been a while, right? Well, nothing much is happening in my life aside from the fact that I'm half-way through my masters!! Yehey for that!! We had our last class presentation for TM281 last October 26. Right after the presentation, we had simpleng salu-salo c/o my classmates. :D

Miss miss #TM281 friends
Last Friday though, we had our first class for TM 206. Quickie lang ang sembreak, hays. :( I'm not paid yet though. I will drop by UP this Monday to enroll TM 291 and TM 206. Oh, by the way, I don't have Saturday classes now but Monday and Friday classes. I'm free on weekends, friends, lesgo sagow! :)


apple said...

you already. i miss you teh. gusto ko ng bakasyon. :P

Tsina said...

Miss you, too teh. Kainis na bakasyon yan, laging fail. HAHAHA!

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