September 11, 2011

Hi P - 

Can I be in a different place at a different time? Dance with the wind, and chase the stars. I can see the butterflies. Did you know that butterflies have a direct line to Him?

Perhaps, you could see this as a coward's exit to the non-negotiable clause of life. But I envy the free flowing clouds. He can take the form of a child's dream. I can see him smiling now. I think, he's teasing me for being here.

Can we catch the morning light? When you smile, you give me a glimpse of heaven. But that piece of heaven is somewhere outside the rainbow's rays. Tell me where the leprechauns are hiding, and I will avoid them like a plague.

I'm scared. Did you know how frightening it is for the bird to take its first flight even though he knows that he could fly? Nature has its own way of pushing us to our limits. You keep your extra parachute in your pocket when you jump in the plane expecting the worst. Only to find out that your parachute is really working and you don't need the spare. When you think you could enjoy traversing the wind and the earth, you find your feet on the ground.

Maturity indeed doesn't come with age. But I am too late to correct the mistakes. It left things into pieces. P, the least that I can do is to promise you that I will not be going back to that place.

I wish I could keep you. I just really wish. But you deserve someone better.

I remember your first unassuming grin.

- S

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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)