Double A

September 12, 2011

I've been very busy. Hindi ko tuloy na-share ang bonggang August ko. I'm still on night shift and it is making school a lot difficult. I have classes on Fridays at 6pm-9pm and Saturdays at 4pm-7pm. Work comes in between at 10pm - 7am. My routine becomes work-sleep-work. I couldn't find time for my readings, papers and group meetings. I guess, I need to attend a time management seminar.

Now, back to the bonggang August. I just got ISEB certified - ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level. I've been wanting this ever since I've been aligned to software testing. But the review sessions almost killed me. Imagine, I attended my Friday class (6pm - 9pm), went to work from 8pm - 5am, proceeded to the review that started from 9am - 5pm. This was the time that I skipped the quiz and forgot to submit my paper on TM 281, so much for trying to manage my schedule. Tsk.

I got a little scared that I will not be able to pass the certification. Despite my testing experience, there were still a lot of concepts that I needed to understand then. It was very hard to do so due to my shift schedule. I've been quite a pain in the ass to few of my friends. They were left with no choice but to listen to my tralala. :) And did you know what my motivation is? Ayaw ko mapahiya! I guess that did it, I took the exam on August 9, and fortunately I passed!! I am now ISEB certified! :)

Last August also, the senior manager on my previous project told me that I'll be promoted for the coming fiscal year. Promotion announcement is usually slated on Sept 1, the start of the fiscal year. I didn't quite expect it because I was only on my career level for at least one fiscal year. I love them na. It has been one hell of a surprise for me. :) For some reasons, the announcement came in a little late. Okay lang, because the ISEB announcement was on the same week. Feeling ko, ang galing ko! HAHA! Double Awesome!
Unfortunately, I couldn't be lucky in both career and love life. :) This 'thing' with him just ended. Short-lived, really. It was more of an 'on and off thing'. But I'm glad that we're still good friends. :) Dami pa namang fish dyan! :)

On a lighter note, I won a pair of Hed Kandi Disco Heaven Headphone from Technoodling last July. I was waiting for them to get in touch but unfortunately I did not receive any communication. So I decided to email them, they apologized and told me to claim my prize at Digital Walker in Eastwood. This was the first time I won something online! Yey! :)
I am getting #shoephoric now, hope I'll win a TOMS shoes. Positive vibes, come on in. :) 

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