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June 14, 2011

We share so many things in Facebook - news article, blog entry, photo, video. Name it. Some even have tagged-you-photos-that's-for-sale which I find to be really irritating. I can see it in my News Feed, you don't have to tag me. Moving on, I was browsing my Facebook News Feed and stumbled upon this video. 
I think, this was one of the theme songs of Toni Gonzaga's movie with Vhong Navarro, My Only You. But on this video, the singer sounds like Gary Granada. Just a wild guess though, what do you think?

Still, this song, without association to the past, is one of the sweetest songs around. Try to watch, the video is cute as well. 

I also like this other video that I found in Facebook several months back. Remember Carl and Ellie from Up? Well, this is their love story.
I love them both. Up is my favorite Disney/Pixar's movie. 

Of course, the ultimate favorite and probably the most disputed, thanks to CBCP. Hello moral values, apparently this McDo commercial equated human relationship to french fries. This has been removed days after it was shown on air. Still, I find this the cutest I've seen. Gusto ko lang naman ng McDo fries!

There are lots of things in Facebook. And I mean, lots! How about you? What is your favorite video that has been shared in Facebook? :D

*credits to the owner

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  1. ang cucute naman ng mga video.. ehehehe

  2. informative! hindi ko alam yung nangyari sa commercial na yun. haha! :P

  3. my favorite ko sa fb ay yung mga nakakayuwang status messages ^_^

  4. @ KikomaxXx Korek!!

    @ Apple HAHAH! Ngayon, alam mo na. :)

    @ Kikilabotz Ako din. Pero sa mga video, itong mga nasa entry ko ang gusto ko. :D


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)