Fine, I failed big time on my 26 before 26 goals. *crying*

I have no excuse but my lack of foresight. Well, I think another reason is that I did not stick with the SMART goals. Remember SMART goals?
So, next time, I'm going to set really SMART goals. Yes, there is a next time. But perhaps, I'll create 30 before 30 goals.  Hopefully, I will come up with a better list. Still, let's share a toast for the things that I've accomplished. :D

Cheers! :D


  1. SMART! Imma keep that in mind. Good luck with 30 before 30 :)

  2. ok lang kahit di mo natapos ang 26before26.. goodluck sa 30before30 mo! kaya mo yan ^^

  3. ok lang yan teh. hindi ko rin matatapos yung sa kin bago ko mag25pero gagawin ko pa rin lahat. pwamis. :D update update ka na ng goals. ;)

  4. Nung nakita kong pinost mo ang SMART, naalala ko bigla ang nursing duty days ko, hehe. Ok lang na hindi mo natupad. Nandyan pa naman ang 30 before 30. :)

    Take care! Parang nainspire ako sayo na gumawa din ng list. :) Hindi ko pa din natatry mag travel at manood ng sine mag-isa, hehe.

  5. @ Ekaaaa - Yep. SMART!! Thanks, hope I can figure out my 30 before 30 list soon. :)

    @ Istapegi Salamat pero sana natapos ko. :D

    @ Apple Teh, para sa ang goal kung hindi ko ma-a-achieve? Pero aayusin ko na for 30 before 30. :D

    @ Karla Buti na lang, pwede ulit gumawa. :D Gawa ka din ng list, masaya naman siya. :D


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)


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