June 03, 2011

This is not a birthday blog entry. But it would be five days before the B day. In five days, I'd be 26. Why don't I share the #26ThingsAboutMe? Not that you care though. :D


1. I have a short attention span. When I was in college, my friends wouldn't talk to me when I'm in discussion with someone else.

2. I multi-task. I even practiced multi-tasking.

3. When I was in college, I thought I'd be married at 23.

4. I heart dark chocolates. It is my comfort food. 

5. I have the tendency to be obsessive. When I'm eyeing a gadget to buy, I would go back in different malls several times, browse reviews online and seek experts' advice. Put that in Repeat mode.

6. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a journalist.

7. I passed UPCAT. I have an unfinished business with UP.

8. I have a stage fright. For some reason, my hands would shake uncontrollably during oral presentations.

9. I prefer letters over flowers. 

10. I am vulnerable to people I trust.

11. I am very moody. And my best of friends are aware of the fact.

12. I was allergic to alcohol. I used to get rashes and all itchy back then. How did I fix my relationship with alcohol? Hmm, I dated alcohol a lot. :D

13. I am a cheapskate. A pair of jeans worth more than 500Php is too much. A 1000PhP worth of tsinelas is more than too much.

14. I'm a big fan of mall sales and seat sales. Anything I could get in a discounted amount is not worth buying in a regular price. :)

15. I don't hide my disappointments. Even to my bosses.

16. I have no idea on the mixes, espresso shots or whatever you call it, in Starbucks. But I find their frap addictive.

17. I buy stuff online. I couldn't remember the very first purchase, but it started when I was in college.

18. I am fascinated with horoscopes and fortune telling. 

19. I have no plan of getting another tattoo.

20. I think I'm jologs. I watched too many Pinoy movies and talk shows. I know Vic Sotto but not Johnny Depp. :D

21. I am very transparent. My expression says a lot more than my words.

22. I get rejected every so often. But that couldn't stop me from trying.

23. I have a friendship issue. I think, it should be a two-way relationship. I hate doing all the connecting stuff. We're friends, right? Pick up the phone and say hello. 

24. I am not a credit grabber. I give credit to where it's due. I expect people around me to do the same as well. 

25. People think I'm masungit and suplada. I don't really get this. I think I'm uber friendly. I just speak my mind. :)

26. I miss her. If I could go back in time, it would be in my simple-yet-perfect life six years ago. Perfect is subjective.


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  1. hahaha happy birthdayy.. wowness... ako din wala akong alam xa mga mixes xa starbucks but I love frapp..

    i was once moody... irritable maxado.. but I realize na yung energies na yun mas useful kung positively ginagamit..

    hope you have a blast on your day!!! have fun!!

  2. At anu yung unfinushed business na yun? heheheeh.. Ganda, naalala ko yung aking post na ganito..

  3. @Rah Thanks po. :D

    @Kapitan Kamila Haha. Salamat, pero sa Wednesday pa. :)

    @Tim Haha. :) Nakakatuwa din kasi gumawa ng ganitong post

  4. love the #22 :)

    I ordered the skin online sissy at Gelaskins.com :) they shipped worldwide :)

  5. @KikoMaXxX Hindi ko pa birthday nung nag-belated ka. :D Thanks na din. :)

    @ Marice Parang I like that. :))

    @ Apple Salamat ng madami. :)

  6. Gonna be 26 too in a few months. Makagawa nga din ng ganito bago mag-birthday. =D

    Btw, I love online shopping too especially at eBay. So yeah, sometimes I could be cheapskate too and would rather buy something slightly used but discounted online than brand-new but full-priced at the mall. Haha.

  7. @ Blackshirt13 HAHA! Sige, gawa ka din nito. It's fun din naman. :)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)