Random Update

May 16, 2011

I’ve been wanting to write a blog entry but I just feel so very uninspired lately. Or perhaps, I just don’t want to bombard you with my rants. HAHA. I’ve been on night shift for almost a month, and it is driving me nuts. Thanks to my Curve and Globe BIS. I registered on BB SOCIAL ON for unlimited social networking and instant messaging for 30 days. That’s only 300 pesos for a month. Super sulit na. Tweet ako ng tweet, eh. :)

It’s less than a month before my birthday. I’d be 26 by then. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting a failing mark on my 26 before 26 goals. But let me create another blog entry for that! :) At kailangan ko na pala mag-boyfriend. Joke. :)

The enrolment for my master's degree falls on the week of my birthday. I already pre-enlisted my subjects – a Friday and a Saturday class. But I’m still thinking whether I’d rather take two classes on Saturdays. Let’s see.

Last week, I bumped to an ex-VIP. I was actually going to pretend that I did not see him, but we were in the same room with a handful of people so doing that was really impossible. So, I just smiled. He teased me for being in that “appointment”.

Last Saturday, I was in Caliraya again for our project summer outing. I was there last summer for my first project’s summer outing. Wala na ba iba? :) 

This coming June, we are planning to beach bum in Cagbalete. Sana hindi ito drawing! Paging Charity!! :) And on January,  I am going to CDO, finally! Pero ang tagal pa noh? :) 

"I was a flight risk with a fear of falling.."
- Mine/ Taylor Swift

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  1. Love the 26 before 26 list!

    I used to do that on a yearly basis ever since I graduate from college last 2003 (with both professional and personal life goals). I actually got the idea from one of the speakers we had during pre-college course seminars and Oprah!

    And yes, I am a firm believer since I am quite happy to say that I was able to accomplish a lot, if not all, within the deadlines I've set. So don't worry! Kaya mo yan.

    Just continue on with what you're doing and make the list serve as a reminder of what you still need to do everytime you assess your life. Good luck! =)

  2. HAHAH. Kaso ang dami ko hindi na-accomplish. Pero it's kinda nice doing it, nakaka-motivate. :D

  3. "At kailangan ko na pala mag-boyfriend."

    haha..keri na..go!


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