I'm Back, Caliraya!

May 19, 2011

I was in Caliraya last weekend. It was my current project's summer outing. Hala, I was also there last summer. Pero this time, effort kung effort! Well, I'm on night shift, that's why. We left the office at around 8:30am. We planned to sleep in the van but we just talked and laughed a lot on our way to Caliraya. Ang kukulit, eh. Si Boss Ferdie nga pala nag-drive. :D

To get to the recreation center, there is a 3 - 5 minute boat transfer.
Ang mapagpanggap na boat transfer! Ang layo! Chos!
Then, a 3 - 5 minute jeep transfer to reach the hotel.
L-R Harrih, Boss Ferdie, Mariane, Paul, Tsina, Dave, Don
We reached Caliraya at past 12nn. Buffet, buffet, buffet, thank you very much! We then checked in to our rooms, then started the game at past 2pm. We had a cheering game to start off the Amazing Race! Yes, we also had Amazing Race. :) 
Fine, we knew it was lame. :) 

So, go go go Green Team! The Amazing Race had the obstacle course, basketball shootout, canoe, swimming, hanging bridge, and mud slide. 
Obstacle Course and Mud Slide
We needed to score nine points in the basketball shootout. The funny thing was, only one guy scored for us, the rest of the points were from the girls. Of course, I'm talking about the other girls. :) We finished the race at third place but due to our lousy cheer, we were fourth. Yellow, who finished last, won the cheering game.
We won chocolates and gummy bears. Don won the iPod Nano. Regina and I were betting that time. I won her Hershey's Kisses for guessing correctly that they'd be giving out a Nano. :)

I registered for an overnight stay but decided to take the day tour instead. However, I changed my mind and opted again for the overnight. Girls, girls, girls! Haha! So I stayed with Jeng, Cora and the other girls - Jenna, Jam, Jane and Hazel. 

After dinner, I went in the view deck with Jeng, Cora and Arjon. Tsismisan lang. :) We then stayed in the tree house, Regina joined us there. Tsismisan lang ulit. :)

I slept early that night and woke up at 6am in time for the breakfast. Sarap ng breakfast! :) Mariane had a terrible night though. She was brought to the hospital, buti na lang, nandun si Kuya Gwapong Nurse. HAHA! Good thing, she was feeling better that morning. Kaya ayun, picture galore. :)

Caliraya is a great place for team building. I suggest you put it in your itinerary. You can try wall climbing, canoe race, earth ball game, and zip line among others. Yun lang, super layo. :)

Thank you, CTS! I didn't expect to enjoy the summer outing. But I did. :)

*Thanks Regina and Tonysch for the pictures. Thanks Boss Ferdie for the videos.

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  1. Sounds like nakapag-bonding naman kayo lahat ng ayos. Success ang team-building. =)

  2. samantalang ako di pa nakakarating jan. punta tayo pagbalik ni silina. hahaha! =p

  3. @Blackshirt13 Yup. Masaya naman siya, at na-enjoy ko naman kahit take two ko na ito sa Caliraya. :D

    @Apple Hindi na ba Bora? :D Paging Silina, uwi ka na. :)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)