Synergy: The Mahalo Party

April 22, 2011

Okay, this is one long over due entry. I've been out of the project for three weeks already. But I still miss them, naks! :)

We had a thank you party in our senior manager's residence last March 25. I was hesitant to join because I had a final exam on the following morning. Pero last na naman, so go! Also, we prepared this as always being a member of the Talent Engagement team of the project. Mahalo is thank you in Hawaiian language, by the way.

Our senior manager volunteered his place for the event. Nakatipid kami sa venue but we needed to subsidize the taxi fare, layo naman kasi ng Paranaque. :)

Many registered for the event. So on a Friday, we hailed a taxi from Boni to Paranaque. Others came from Ortigas and Makati. Some brought their cars and accommodated their team. Believe me, some of them rode a bus. Our senior executive also attended the event. Ang cool niya. :)
The food. :)
We also had a lei for everyone. :) Cute noh? :)
The Early Birds. :)
We also surprised our senior manager with a video greeting and a cake for his birthday. :)
Happy Birthday, Sir Jay! 
Then, we also had several games on that night. The Portal team won the hula-hoop game. Ambilis nila, in fairness. :)

Game on!
Congrats, Portal! 
The second game was a relay. Mga boss pa sumali. HAHA! All for the spirit of fun. :)
Eat this.
Mike and the day-old chick!
We had few more games on that night. Gemma was the game master and was imitating Shalani. Benta! :)

To end the wonderful night, group pictures syempre. :)
Ang kulit. I'll miss you, guys. :)
Synergy. :)
I know, we kinda lacked the bonggang budget for this one. But hey, we did have bonggang creativity. Hahaha! :) Wait, there's more. We brought our souvenir all the way from Boni. Bigat niya, ha. Our souvenir -
Pinya. :)
To be honest, I feel wonderful for this party. It was indeed just a simple event. But we get the message loud and clear - we are appreciated for all the hard work and dedication. :) 

Mahalo, Synergy! :)

*Thanks Alvie for the pictures. 

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  1. Ang cute naman ng game na "eat this!" masubukan nga.. :))

  2. I liked the simple yet sabi nga ni Tsina eh bonggang Mahalo party experience, specially the Pineapple souvenir! So creative.

    I hope you will also find my website creative and informative. is where you can find the latest deals, promos, sales, and lots of groupon stuff! Please visit I will also appreciate the comments and suggestions you could give.

    Tsina, thanks at nakapagplug na naman ako. hehe. =)

  3. naks! for sure miss n miss mo na ang dati mong project.. ganun tlga, change is inevitable.. sana magenjoy k din sa current project mo.. khit night shift! ang ganda ng party nio in fairness mukang nkktuwa tlga.. asan ang ibang pics mo? keep blogging! -juni

  4. @ Ar-Ar Hehe. Sayang nga, hindi ako kasali sa game na yun. :)

    @ Ma Mao Rong HAHA. Kung hindi lang kita friend, hindi ka pwede mag-promote. Joke. :)

    @ Juni HAHA. Sobrang miss. Sana matutunan ko mahalin ang night shift. Salamat for dropping by. :)

  5. wawa naman yung kumain ng one day old chick. hahaha! =p

  6. @Apple HAHA. Onga. Buti hindi ako kasali. Yung isa pa na kumain, 1st time daw niya. :)


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