My All Sagada Kwentos, Yebah!

March 27, 2011

Okay, so that's it. All my Sagada kwentos + Baguio side trip took me at least five entries. Plus this one, the all Sagada post. Yebah!

I promised that I will divulge our expenses and itinerary. Let's start with our expenses.
I know, we opted the easy way. Hehe. Pero masakit sa bulsa. We needed to pay for the driver's food and accomodation as well. So, P3733.33 plus food + driver's food + pasalubong! Not bad for a Sagada + Baguio trip. But we were not able to stick with our target P5000 budget! If you do want to reach Sagada via public transport. You could visit this blog. For the complete standard rate guide, check this out.

Next is our itinerary, I just estimated the time spent on each activity. 
Superb trip!
And if you want to go over my kwentos on our Sagada trip, feel free. For our first day, here's the link, we got lost most of the time. HAHA.

Next is our second day, the uber tiring second day! Imagine trekking for hours in the morning and cave connection in the afternoon! Kami na!! HAHA!

Then, of course, we couldn't miss the Bomod-ok Falls. Trekking again!!

As if our adventure wasn't enough, we headed to Baguio! I love ube! <3

And ooohhh, don't forget your certificate of accomplishment. We did forget it. Good thing, my friend Cathy went to Sagada on the second week of March. She was able to get our prepaid certificates. Tip: Tell your guide that you would like to get the certificates in advance.
We did it!
Of course, my 26 before 26 goals is one goal shorter! Love it.

2. Conquer Sagada. For the nth time, gusto ko pumunta sa Sagada. Parang tingin ko, I’ll commune with nature in this place. Ang dilemma ko dati ay wala ako mayaya na mag-land travel with me for more than 10 freaking hours. Buti na lang, gusto din pala nina Apol. Niyayaya namin yung mga batch mates namin sa work. Sana matuloy, slated on December ito. =)

My favorite - thanks guys! =)

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  1. waaaa! gusto ko din makuha un accomplishment certificate ko T_T

  2. miss, pwede mu ba iparoute ung certificate ko? haha! =p

  3. nice... good for you.. at wala na ako masabi... heheh gusto ko din i try kapag nagkaroon ng opportunity!!!

  4. I'm following you, please follow me! :-)

  5. hi! it’ll be my first time to go to sagada if ever this trip would push through. my friend and i are planning to go to sagada this holyweek. can you help me plan this trip, what places to visit and how much money would i be needing for my entire stay of 3days/2nights (including the tour). thank you so much!

    btw, yung accomodation an sa tour guide lang pala, kase commute lang kme from baguio. thanks again :)

  6. @ Istapegi Sige. Sige. =))

    @ Apple Pa-route ko. =p

    @ Kamila Thanks for reading our adventures. =)

    @ Glentot Skip reading much?

    @ Freja OK.

    @ Anna I put in all the details in my Sagada blog entries na. =)

  7. Asar. kala ko may kung anong dumi sa screen ko. hehe. nice!.

  8. paborito ko pumunta diyan. pero bus ride lang.

  9. Thanks to your posts on Sagada, may itinerary na kami for sembreak. :) thank you! :D

  10. @ Qreux HAHA! Sana natuwa ka. :)

    @ Aiz Mas gusto namin ang comfort. :D
    Siguro pag mas konti kami, malamang bus ride din. :)

    @ I am Julia That's very nice to hear!! Enjoy your Sagada trip. :)

  11. Indeed, there is an effort of every traveller to travel within his budget.
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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)