Doodling: Steorra

March 22, 2011

When the sun left, the star shifts away - to the rain and the cloud.
She tries to fill the spaces.

And the rain -
     sparks power and mystery.
     And that the star -
     misconstrues the silence.
The rain falls in the wilderness.

And the cloud -
     issues fiery charm.
     And that the star -
     settles with the impeccable visual of the particles in the air.
The cloud captivates the sky.

Both are free-spirited.

The star -
     shifts away from the sun.
     To forget.
     To shine.
     But the gap widens.

When the universe moves, it goes back to the beginning.
To where the heart is - 

But the star -
She wishes for the sun -

As to when the sun will see the star - 
     nobody knows.

Not even the universe.

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  1. ang ganda, ang simple pero may dating... may pinanghuhugutan ba yan? napadaan lang. :)

  2. like! isa nanamang masterpiece ni tsiina ^^


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)