Day 4: Yes to Baguio!

Baguio. Baguio. Baguio. We had to stay in Baguio for a night because we couldn't travel back to Manila at night. It might not be safe. So hail thee Baguio!

We originally planned to visit the Strawberry Farm. But due to the time constraint, we skipped that. Our first stop, the Mansion House.
Panira ang date. =p

Then, the Wright Park.
We also went to Mines View Park - for pasalubong and photo ops. =)
Niceeee. L-R Apol, Lelai, Silina, Tsina, Jen
Ooops, by the way, we tried the strawberry-flavored taho.
You like? =p
I didn't like it, sorry. I'm not really a fan of strawberries. =p This was also my first time to try this.
To Apol - In character teh?
To be fair, it was just my second (or third time?) in Baguio. Syempre, may solo picture din ako. =p
Ang kyut koooo! HAHA!
And then PMA.
Of course, if we could miss the strawberry farm, we just couldn't miss going to the Good Shepherd Convent. Ube, I love!!!

Ayan, side trip lang talaga ang Baguiooooooo! =p

* Thanks Lelai, Jen, Silina and Juni for the pictures.


  1. Ako din,never like strawberries as well as taho! natawa ako dun sa panira ung date ng cam mo! and wow.. ang saya naman ng mga travel churva mo.bongacious.

  2. nice :) sarap naman ng iyong paglalakbay at I wonder anong lasa ng strawberry taho.. hmmm

  3. namiss ko ang lamig ng Baguio. strawberry taho yan no? :)

  4. haaayyy.. ang ganda talaga sa baguio.. once palang ako napupunta jan kahit pa tiga norte din ako...

  5. I love Baguio as in super. Sana lang hindi siya ganun kalayo :( And I hope it doesn't get too crowded. Super populated na rin siya before eh :(

  6. tawang-tawa dn kame ni silin sa "in character" picture ko. haha! sumimangot lng nman ako jan.. =p

  7. @ Ar-Ar Haha. Sayang kasi, ang ganda nung shot. =p

    @ Kamila Hindi ko feel yung strawberry taho. HAHA.

    @ Empi Yup.

    @ Midnight Driver Bakit once pa lang?

    @ Chew on This Oo nga, ang layo. And I think, crowded na din siya.

    @ Apple HAHA. Kunwari ka pa, kinarir mo talaga, eh. HAHA.

  8. eh wala po kasing time.. pero this summer, pipilitin kong makapunta :0


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