Day 3: Bomod-ok All the Way!

March 17, 2011

I was against trekking the Bomod-ok Falls. The Echo Valley and cave connection adventures we had were enough to inflict body pains. We could hardly move on our third day. Also, I would like to experience Panagbenga in Baguio. But due to their insistence, we proceeded to our original plan. 

Kuya Erick was our tour guide for this trip. He said, it would be around three hours trek to go back and forth the Bomod-ok Falls. 
Ang ganda noh? =)
Really, I was super glad to see green fields. I thought it would be another Echo Valley trek. This one, I could survive with flying colors, I told myself. We passed by Barangay Pidilisan wherein we paid 10Php/pax fee. Kuya Erick said that it would be used for the trail - development and such.

Ang P10 ko. =)
It was a long trek. But somehow, you wouldn't really mind it because of the spectacular view.
My travel buddies. L-R Juni, Silina, Tsina. Apol, Jen, Lelai

We saw a hanging bridge. I always like hanging bridges. =) This would not lead you to the falls though. =p
Ha-hanging Bridge!
Finally, we got a glimpse of the Bomod-ok Falls.
Super like!
Kuya Erick said that we should take our rest first before going to the water to avoid hypothermia. Hmm. Not sure if this has a medical basis, but at the moment, we took his advice. Photo op muna sa mga batuhan. =p And more pictures ng falls. =)

Amazingly beautiful! =)
You could also have yourself a massage. We didn't try this one though.

We also didn't swim. We just fooled around the water. We were planning to leave for Baguio after this.
My best buds. =)
We trekked back. We just had lunch then started the travel back to Baguio. We decided to stay in Baguio for a night because it might not be safe to travel back to Manila at night. As usual, we didn't have any reservation. We just called friends who visited Baguio for the Panagbenga on their accomodations. Kuya Egay also called his friends to find us a place to stay.

Since I was in the middle seat of the van on the way to Sagada, I decided to let Apol sit there on the way to Baguio. But I realized that I was not so keen on bumpy ride. Super rough road, really. Juni gave me his Bonamine. But still I threw up. I wanted to cry that moment because I'm feeling really sick. Para akong bata na nag-tantrums. HAHAHA. 

Apol didn't know that I threw up. When we stopped by, Silina and Juni told her. She volunteered to give my seat back. Na-touch naman ako. =p Since, nahihiya ako. I told her that I still could manage. But after few minutes, I threw up again. ToT

We exchanged seats then. After few hours of travel, finally, we reached Baguio. =)


Hmm. Thank you Silina, Juni, and Apol for your amazing patience, and for keeping up with my tantrums. =))
friendship. =)

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  1. hey miss, i didn't know nagthrow up ka na pala before ung stop-over. sabi lang ni juni nahihilo ka. dito ko pa nalaman! hahaha! :))

  2. Tsinaling, your tantrum story reminds me of my recent trip to Baguio. I am with my officemates in a bus from Manila to Baguio. But I was alone on our way back because all of my colleagues are heading straight to Manila and I needed to ride a bus that will pass by Bulacan. I was almost close to throwing up, but I managed my stomach muscles to behave since no one will nurse me and it is embarassing to make suka inside an aircon bus!

    Folks, after reading Sheena's posts, please jump to my blogspot. The address is: Read, comment and subscribe! :o)

  3. yung parang boulders sa last pic reminds me of the movie 127 hours...

  4. Ito 'yong hindi ko napuntahan na falls noong nagpunta ako dyan last year.

  5. aw.. ang ganda talaga nung place.. babalik kayo jan? SAMA pwede ? :)

  6. nakakainggit kayo! woohoo!



  7. parang gusto ko isali to sa destinations ko this year.

  8. hi tsina! wow ang cool ng blog mo straightforward at mejo informative.. at syempre ang story-telling.. very sheena! hehe sana makasama ulit ako sa mga adventures nio kahit epal lang (ulit) =p

  9. Apple Akala ko, alam mo. Salamat lalo. =p

    @ Ma Mao Rong At nag-promote ka pa, ah. =p Welcome back to the blogging world. =)

    @ Kamila Onga noh. Buti walang ganung experience. Baka hindi ako tumagal ng 127 hours. =p

    @ Empi Balik ka. Maganda siya. =)

    @ Midnight Driver and Gasoline Dude Punta din kayo Sagada. =))

  10. @ T.R. Aurelius at Nishiboy Nakooo. Punta din kayo. If you like adventures and stuff, Sagada is the place. =)

    @ Juni Wow, ambait naman. Salamat. Namumula na ako. Joke. Sige, sama ka ulit minsan. =p

    @ Rainbow Box Woaaa. Thanks! =)

  11. just by looking at your pictures, naaalala ko ang hingal na dinanas ko jan sa big falls. haha

    we survived! =)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)