Day 2: Sagada's Cave Connection, Beat it!

March 12, 2011

I was half-a-mind in going to Sagada. You know, I've been wanting to try the cave connection, well, proof is my 26 before 26 goals. BUT I've also been quite scared to try it especially after the Batulao brouhaha. 

We scheduled our cave connection on the second day - after the very tiring Echo Valley trip.  I've read somewhere that the cave connection is recommended on the afternoon. Kuya Oscar said that there should be one tour guide per 3 pax. We were six, so Kuya Erick (but he was 6 years younger!!) was our other guide. We already wore our 15php-worth of gloves. Excitement eh. Chos lang talaga! Haha!
Ang mamahaling gloves!!

Then, Kuya Erick showed us the Lumiang Burial Cave. This is also the entrance for the cave connection.
Lumiang Burial Cave
So, let's get started? Wait, picture muna. =) Mga delaying tactics, eh. =p
Ready or not, here we go!!
So we went inside to start  our adventure. For our first stop, we were barefoot because we needed to go down by the rope. 
Nakaka-smile pa. =p
Game na?
Then, I had my first slip. Tsk. I needed to put my foot on the surface but I lose my footing.Thank you, Kuya Oscar for saving my life. Haha. I profusely apologized after that. I felt that I was careless. My friends didn't know what happened. I just told Apple and Silina when we got back in the house. 
Ooohh noooo!
Most of the time, we needed to use our butt to move. Super tough test for my 75php-worth of leggings. =p
There were instances that we had to use rope.
Or perhaps try this technique?
Gapang technique?
And then there were instances that we had to go down, and it totally freaked me out that I couldn't see anything but darkness.
Light up my world!!
But Kuya Oscar and Kuya Erick knew our weakness. Photo op!! Lol.
Kaya pa?! =p
And that made us smile again.
And that's Kuya Erick!

You'll know that you're in the Sumaging Cave when you see the beautiful rock formations.
Worth the effort!
I think, spelunking the Lumiang Cave is way harder than the Sumaging Cave. The rock formations look slippery but they're not. But there were still instances that we had to use rope in Sumaging.
Apple again? Well, she brought her personal photographer! Peace!
Or what about the guide playing the rope?
That's Kuya Oscar!
Honestly, there were instances that they do that. We also had to stepped on them on several instances to be able to get to another level. Oh no, not just on their thighs, but also at their backs. 

In Sumaging Cave also, you'll get wet here and there.
But no complaints, really. Sumaging is breathtaking.
What is this formation again?
I like. =)
Haggardness to the next level!
According to Kuya Oscar, we have to use our imagination inside the Sumaging Cave to better appreciate the rock formations. 
And the background is.. use your imagination!
We were almost at the end of the spelunking activity when we saw these guys taking a dip on the uber cold water. 
Tibay!! =)
And they said, we were almost there. But the almost there took us around 500 more steps. It was very exhausting. I remember gulping for air. Just when I thought that I was still inside the cave, I saw stars the moment I looked up. It was beautifuI, so Hogwarts. I  was the last to finish together with Jen and Juni. We were salivating the experience. Chos!
I survived!!
We were rewarded with a hearty meal courtesy of Kuya Lando. Thanks po!
It took us around 4.5 to 5 hours to finish the cave connection. Not bad. I'm not in a hurry anyway. Cave connection is fun especially if you're with your friends. But it is also little difficult and a little scary since there is really no safety gear. Only little? Haha. Well, for a scared cat like me, hmmmm, gumapang ako sa hirap!!!
Akala ko ba a little difficult lang? =p
To survive the cave connection, you have to listen. Listen to the guides, said Kuya Oscar. I assure you, they would take care of you. I entrusted my life, and I survived the cave connection!! =))
I'm a good girl!
Kuya Oscar

Thanks Silina, Lelai, Jen, and Juni for the pictures. Sige na nga, thanks na din Apple. =p

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  1. uy, ko-comment ako! hahaha! =p

    gusto mu din ng personal photographer?? =))))

  2. OMG it looks scary down there! but the water is amazing! lucky u!

  3. ang ganda nung cave! WAAAAh at good for you... one more task done sa bucket list mo! :)

  4. Tsina,

    Worth the effort, indeed. Cute shots there. :)


  5. @ Apple Syempre naman. =)

    @ Ar-Ar Scary talaga. Haha. But very amazing down there. =)

    @ Kamila Haha. Oo, maganda nga. Yey, may na-a-accomplish ako sa mga goals ko. =)

    @ Cio Thanks sa mga friends ko for those shots. =)

  6. ingat2 sa mga cave...

    pero infernes, ganda sa loob ah :D

  7. parang icing sa cake yung mga rock formations

  8. You're so brave sis. I'm not so adventurous when it comes to caves. There's something about being in an enclosed space.

  9. true, listening to your guide is the key to your survival! =)

  10. Ang saya naman sis. Ang ganda ng rock formations.

  11. @ T.R Aurelius In fairness, maganda nga sa loob.

    @ Khantotantra Haha. Oo nga, noh. Para ngang icing.

    @ Chew On This Thanks. Gusto ko lang talaga kaya pinilit ko magtapang-tapangan. Kaya mo din yun, depende siguro kung gaano mo ka-gusto. =)

    @ Chyng Haha. Oo nga, at dahil dun nag-survive ako. =)

    @ Sheng Thanks. At ang ganda talaga nila. Try mo din mag-cave connection. =)

  12. At the mention of the word Sagada one thing comes to my mind: hanging coffins... creepy but really fascinating... sana mavisit ko rin...

  13. Thank you for this insightful post. I am going there tonight and I can't wait to do it. Even though it sounds very very scary :) continue your blog! all the ebst! xxxx

    1. Hihi, thanks. I hope you're done with it, and you're safe!! Sana na-enjoy mo ang cave connection. :D


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)