Day 2: Let's Get it on, Echo Valley!

March 06, 2011

I know, I remember telling you that we would be visiting the Kiltepan viewpoint for the sunrise viewing. I woke up at 5am, no choice really, because I was freezing cold. But still, we missed the sun saying hello to the universe. Fine, 5am was really a bad idea for us. =)

So we just started the tour in the morning with Kuya Oscar, our guide. We passed St. Mary's church bell (circa 1921).
I like my top. =)

Just around the area is the St. Mary's church.
And that's Silina and Jun
And of course, the wheel (of fate? =)).
L-R Jen, Silina, Lelai, Apol, Tsina, Jun
We also passed the graveyard. Freaky? No, not really. 
Then, we headed to Echo Valley (and as the name suggests! =)). I should have shouted to my heart's content. =))
Echo Valley: L-R Jen, Lelai, Apol, Silina, Tsina, Jun
From the top, we needed to go down to check out the Hanging Coffin. Tsk tsk. I risked my life for the hanging coffins.
L-R Jun, Silina, Jen, Apol, Tsina, Lelai
And you didn't want to believe me that I risked my life, huh? Tingnan nyo naman kung gaano katarik.ToT
T-B Jun, Lelai, Jen, Silina, Apol, Tsina
Buti pa si Jen, cool lang. =)
Finally, we reached the Hanging Coffins. 
Hanging Coffins
If you could notice the one I marked in red, that's the newest one they put in there, just this 2010. On the other hand, some coffins are small. This is because they were buried in fetal position back then. 

Then, we trekked to the Underground River. Not so Palawan, really. =p
Underground River
Did you notice the writings? I just hope when we visit Sagada, we'll leave no trace. It's not ours in the first place. Respeto na lang.

Moving on, we also went to Kiltepan viewpoint. With or without the sunrise, the view is absolutely spectacular.
From Kiltepan -
And that's them. =p
After the very tiring Echo Valley experience, we ate in Pinikpikan House. Of course, we tried the "tortured" chicken. Sarap. =)

Thanks Jen, Lelai, and Silina for the pictures.

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  1. i saw that documentary about the hanging coffins on tv sometime ago, saan nga po pala yan?

    very2 nice place i must say!


  2. Ang ganda. Gusto ko din magpunta dyan minsan. :D

  3. balik tayo sa sagada. ndi naten nkita ung sunrise sa kiltepan. haha! (:

  4. @ Nimmy Oo, maganda nga. Punta ka din. =)

    @ TR Sagada. =)

    @ Umi Sige, sige, punta ka. =)

    @ Apple Hahaha. Tapos cave connection ulit? Pass. Joke. =p

  5. Hi! i love your blog.. Sagada is indeed a beautiful place :)

    new follower

    Emme of


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