Day 1: Sagada, Finally!

March 03, 2011

I was in Sagada last week. See, hindi na lang drawing ang Sagada trip ko. =)) To be honest, I didn't want to go - finances, tight work and school deadlines, at naduduwag mag-cave connection. LOL. But due to my friends' insistence, I decided that it would be worth my time. =)

On February 24, I went to school for my Thurs class, and submitted my paper. I paid more than 200php for my taxi fare from my work to UP, pssssh. But that's another story. Haha. We were supposed to leave at 10pm but I needed to finish my tasks at work before I go on leave so I went back at the office. We left at around 11pm already. We were six - Apple, Silina, Lelai, Jen (Lelai's friend) and Jun (Apple's friend). We rented a van from Manila to Sagada. If you are going to ask me how much I spent on this trip just for the transportation alone, well, it took almost half of my budget.  =( I'll divulge our Sagada itinerary and expenses on my next posts. 

We went through the Banaue route and it took us more than 13 hours on the road. We took our lunch in Bontoc, and ended up lost. We were able to reach Sagada at around 2pm. Did I mention that we have no confirmed reservation for our accommodation? IKR. Tsk tsk. We were supposed to stay in the Residential Lodge but we weren't able to confirm it because we were still not sure up to the last minute. Lelai also suggested staying in Kanip-Aw. So on our way to Sagada, we pulled our strings and contacted them. Residential Lodge forfeited our reservation due to non-confirmation, Kanip-Aw and George's Guest House were fully booked. 
Residential Lodge (09196728744)
George's Guest House (09206070994)
The good thing though is Kuya Oscar, the owner of Kanip-Aw and our tour guide, gave us homestay as an option. The house is just beside his lodge, and is super bare. But it has four rooms, one private bath with heater, a simple dining table, and a fireplace, all for the same rate of 250php/head. We were eight by the way - the six of us, plus Kuya Lando (the driver) plus Kuya Egay (the owner of the van we rented). I shared the room with Apple and Silina, Lelai shared the room with Jen, Jun had the room by himself and Kuya Lando and Kuya Egay shared the other room. The heater is a super plus point. If you're going to Sagada, ensure that the place you are going to stay has a heater. Sagada is freaking cold!

We went to the municipal hall first to register. We paid 20php/head for the environmental fee.
Sagada Municipal Hall
L-R Jen, Silina, Tsina, Apol 
We took our merienda in the Lemon Pie House. We  ordered one lemon pie and one egg pie for 170php/box. I like the egg pie more than the lemon pie though. =) Maasim ang lemon pie bilang lemon siya. =p And there is a free wifi here. Wifi in Sagada, why not? =))
Lemon Pie House - Wifi, baby!
We then went to Sagada Pottery. 
L-R Tsina, Jen, Lelai, Silina, Apol, Jun
For 100php/group, Ate showed us how this pottery thing works. I realized that every piece is a labor of love. Imagine creating this nice piece with your bare hands, heating it for hours, and many more months to spend in polishing it. Amazing, right?
Labor of Love. <3
We went to Lake Danum after the short tour in the Sagada Pottery. Did I mention that we got lost again? HAHA. And when we were about to U turn, the wheels of the van somehow got stuck in the canal. Jun tried to push it, but it wasn't moving. So I tried to help, and with my superpowers, the van was able to get out of the mess. Galing ko, di ba? Kidding aside, it was just a coincidence. But they were teasing me all through the trip. Fine, it was me. =p
After the mess, tuma-TH mag-jump shot!
The Lake Danum, on the other hand, is hardly impressive at this time of the year. =( I initially thought that we went at the wrong lake. See it for yourself.
Lake Danum: At its sulfur finest!
L-R Jen, Jun, Apol, Silina, Tsina
We went to the Yoghurt House for dinner. It is a nice place, really. But the service is kinda slow. I was super hungry when the food arrived. =(
But I super love the food. Super sarap. I shared the carbonara and beef something with Silina.
Syempre, we wouldn't want to miss the yogurt. We tried the fruits in season. Makakalimutan mo pangalan mo sa sarap. Sino nga pala ako? (chos!)
We paid only 220php each. Share kami ni Silina, eh. (Paulit-ulit, eh!)

Then, we took our bath in the freaking cold night. Salamat sa heater! We planned to get to Kiltepan for the sunrise viewing. Baka mas lalo ako mamatay sa lamig kung sa umaga ako maliligo. =p Believe me, it's super duper cold in Sagada. When you travel to Sagada, bring a jacket, arm/leg warmer, and a pair of socks. I had my jacket - my super fragile jacket. =p

Finally, really! =))
Kuya Oscar's contact number: 09266092960
Thanks Jen< Lelai and Silina for the pictures. =))

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  1. One of my officemates went to Sagada with her high school buddies just two weeks ago.;) Super lamig nga raw. Kung pwede lang ilang beses maligo sa isang araw para lang magka-heater. The adventure looks fun! Can't wait for your post about Day 2.

  2. gustong punta din sagada... :(

    magsama ka naman sa susunod :)

  3. Nakapunta na ako Sagada dati, and super memorable ng experience. Ang ginawa naman namin. From baguio, sumakaykami ng jeep papuntang bontoc, then another jeep til sagada. Sobrang cool ng mountain life :)

    While the local tour guide was showing us around. Tinanong namin siya kung "MERON BA TAYO JAN?" and it surprisingly - meron nga siya. if you know what i mean. Grin.

  4. @ Nimmy Punta ka din. =)

    @ Empi Fun naman sa Sagada noh? =p Balik ka ulit. HAHA.

    @ Rose Nako. Super lamig. =| Buti may heater kami.

    @ Midnight Driver Hahaha. Sayang. Sana nakatipid pa kami kung kasama ka. =p

    @ Rah Hahaha. Nako. Ndi ko alam yan. Pero pag-uwi ko, tinanung nung friend ko, saka ko lang nalaman. HAHAH.

  5. Gusto ko din makaratig dito:). Isasama ko na sa aking list, thanks sis!

  6. pwede ba ko sumama sa susunod nyong nature tripping? hehe

  7. @ Mav Oo. Sige, nice sa Sagada. Mag-e-enjoy ka kung mahilig ka sa adventures. =))

    @ Joel Dapat kasi sumama ka. =)

  8. Beautiful place. The photos are spectacular. Hope to visit that place one day too.

  9. kill me!!! i am at envy!! :((

  10. Lake Danum is actually best viewed during the sunset. :) It can be quite magical to watch it from there. :D


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)