My All Sagada Kwentos, Yebah!

March 27, 2011 Tsina 11 Comments

Okay, so that's it. All my Sagada kwentos + Baguio side trip took me at least five entries. Plus this one, the all Sagada post. Yebah!

I promised that I will divulge our expenses and itinerary. Let's start with our expenses.
I know, we opted the easy way. Hehe. Pero masakit sa bulsa. We needed to pay for the driver's food and accomodation as well. So, P3733.33 plus food + driver's food + pasalubong! Not bad for a Sagada + Baguio trip. But we were not able to stick with our target P5000 budget! If you do want to reach Sagada via public transport. You could visit this blog. For the complete standard rate guide, check this out.

Next is our itinerary, I just estimated the time spent on each activity. 
Superb trip!
And if you want to go over my kwentos on our Sagada trip, feel free. For our first day, here's the link, we got lost most of the time. HAHA.

Next is our second day, the uber tiring second day! Imagine trekking for hours in the morning and cave connection in the afternoon! Kami na!! HAHA!

Then, of course, we couldn't miss the Bomod-ok Falls. Trekking again!!

As if our adventure wasn't enough, we headed to Baguio! I love ube! <3

And ooohhh, don't forget your certificate of accomplishment. We did forget it. Good thing, my friend Cathy went to Sagada on the second week of March. She was able to get our prepaid certificates. Tip: Tell your guide that you would like to get the certificates in advance.
We did it!
Of course, my 26 before 26 goals is one goal shorter! Love it.

2. Conquer Sagada. For the nth time, gusto ko pumunta sa Sagada. Parang tingin ko, I’ll commune with nature in this place. Ang dilemma ko dati ay wala ako mayaya na mag-land travel with me for more than 10 freaking hours. Buti na lang, gusto din pala nina Apol. Niyayaya namin yung mga batch mates namin sa work. Sana matuloy, slated on December ito. =)

My favorite - thanks guys! =)


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Doodling: Steorra

March 22, 2011 Tsina 2 Comments

When the sun left, the star shifts away - to the rain and the cloud.
She tries to fill the spaces.

And the rain -
     sparks power and mystery.
     And that the star -
     misconstrues the silence.
The rain falls in the wilderness.

And the cloud -
     issues fiery charm.
     And that the star -
     settles with the impeccable visual of the particles in the air.
The cloud captivates the sky.

Both are free-spirited.

The star -
     shifts away from the sun.
     To forget.
     To shine.
     But the gap widens.

When the universe moves, it goes back to the beginning.
To where the heart is - 

But the star -
She wishes for the sun -

As to when the sun will see the star - 
     nobody knows.

Not even the universe.


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Day 4: Yes to Baguio!

March 20, 2011 Tsina 8 Comments

Baguio. Baguio. Baguio. We had to stay in Baguio for a night because we couldn't travel back to Manila at night. It might not be safe. So hail thee Baguio!

We originally planned to visit the Strawberry Farm. But due to the time constraint, we skipped that. Our first stop, the Mansion House.
Panira ang date. =p

Then, the Wright Park.
We also went to Mines View Park - for pasalubong and photo ops. =)
Niceeee. L-R Apol, Lelai, Silina, Tsina, Jen
Ooops, by the way, we tried the strawberry-flavored taho.
You like? =p
I didn't like it, sorry. I'm not really a fan of strawberries. =p This was also my first time to try this.
To Apol - In character teh?
To be fair, it was just my second (or third time?) in Baguio. Syempre, may solo picture din ako. =p
Ang kyut koooo! HAHA!
And then PMA.
Of course, if we could miss the strawberry farm, we just couldn't miss going to the Good Shepherd Convent. Ube, I love!!!

Ayan, side trip lang talaga ang Baguiooooooo! =p

* Thanks Lelai, Jen, Silina and Juni for the pictures.


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Day 3: Bomod-ok All the Way!

March 17, 2011 Tsina 13 Comments

I was against trekking the Bomod-ok Falls. The Echo Valley and cave connection adventures we had were enough to inflict body pains. We could hardly move on our third day. Also, I would like to experience Panagbenga in Baguio. But due to their insistence, we proceeded to our original plan. 

Kuya Erick was our tour guide for this trip. He said, it would be around three hours trek to go back and forth the Bomod-ok Falls. 
Ang ganda noh? =)
Really, I was super glad to see green fields. I thought it would be another Echo Valley trek. This one, I could survive with flying colors, I told myself. We passed by Barangay Pidilisan wherein we paid 10Php/pax fee. Kuya Erick said that it would be used for the trail - development and such.

Ang P10 ko. =)
It was a long trek. But somehow, you wouldn't really mind it because of the spectacular view.
My travel buddies. L-R Juni, Silina, Tsina. Apol, Jen, Lelai

We saw a hanging bridge. I always like hanging bridges. =) This would not lead you to the falls though. =p
Ha-hanging Bridge!
Finally, we got a glimpse of the Bomod-ok Falls.
Super like!
Kuya Erick said that we should take our rest first before going to the water to avoid hypothermia. Hmm. Not sure if this has a medical basis, but at the moment, we took his advice. Photo op muna sa mga batuhan. =p And more pictures ng falls. =)

Amazingly beautiful! =)
You could also have yourself a massage. We didn't try this one though.

We also didn't swim. We just fooled around the water. We were planning to leave for Baguio after this.
My best buds. =)
We trekked back. We just had lunch then started the travel back to Baguio. We decided to stay in Baguio for a night because it might not be safe to travel back to Manila at night. As usual, we didn't have any reservation. We just called friends who visited Baguio for the Panagbenga on their accomodations. Kuya Egay also called his friends to find us a place to stay.

Since I was in the middle seat of the van on the way to Sagada, I decided to let Apol sit there on the way to Baguio. But I realized that I was not so keen on bumpy ride. Super rough road, really. Juni gave me his Bonamine. But still I threw up. I wanted to cry that moment because I'm feeling really sick. Para akong bata na nag-tantrums. HAHAHA. 

Apol didn't know that I threw up. When we stopped by, Silina and Juni told her. She volunteered to give my seat back. Na-touch naman ako. =p Since, nahihiya ako. I told her that I still could manage. But after few minutes, I threw up again. ToT

We exchanged seats then. After few hours of travel, finally, we reached Baguio. =)


Hmm. Thank you Silina, Juni, and Apol for your amazing patience, and for keeping up with my tantrums. =))
friendship. =)


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Day 2: Sagada's Cave Connection, Beat it!

March 12, 2011 Tsina 15 Comments

I was half-a-mind in going to Sagada. You know, I've been wanting to try the cave connection, well, proof is my 26 before 26 goals. BUT I've also been quite scared to try it especially after the Batulao brouhaha. 

We scheduled our cave connection on the second day - after the very tiring Echo Valley trip.  I've read somewhere that the cave connection is recommended on the afternoon. Kuya Oscar said that there should be one tour guide per 3 pax. We were six, so Kuya Erick (but he was 6 years younger!!) was our other guide. We already wore our 15php-worth of gloves. Excitement eh. Chos lang talaga! Haha!
Ang mamahaling gloves!!

Then, Kuya Erick showed us the Lumiang Burial Cave. This is also the entrance for the cave connection.
Lumiang Burial Cave
So, let's get started? Wait, picture muna. =) Mga delaying tactics, eh. =p
Ready or not, here we go!!
So we went inside to start  our adventure. For our first stop, we were barefoot because we needed to go down by the rope. 
Nakaka-smile pa. =p
Game na?
Then, I had my first slip. Tsk. I needed to put my foot on the surface but I lose my footing.Thank you, Kuya Oscar for saving my life. Haha. I profusely apologized after that. I felt that I was careless. My friends didn't know what happened. I just told Apple and Silina when we got back in the house. 
Ooohh noooo!
Most of the time, we needed to use our butt to move. Super tough test for my 75php-worth of leggings. =p
There were instances that we had to use rope.
Or perhaps try this technique?
Gapang technique?
And then there were instances that we had to go down, and it totally freaked me out that I couldn't see anything but darkness.
Light up my world!!
But Kuya Oscar and Kuya Erick knew our weakness. Photo op!! Lol.
Kaya pa?! =p
And that made us smile again.
And that's Kuya Erick!

You'll know that you're in the Sumaging Cave when you see the beautiful rock formations.
Worth the effort!
I think, spelunking the Lumiang Cave is way harder than the Sumaging Cave. The rock formations look slippery but they're not. But there were still instances that we had to use rope in Sumaging.
Apple again? Well, she brought her personal photographer! Peace!
Or what about the guide playing the rope?
That's Kuya Oscar!
Honestly, there were instances that they do that. We also had to stepped on them on several instances to be able to get to another level. Oh no, not just on their thighs, but also at their backs. 

In Sumaging Cave also, you'll get wet here and there.
But no complaints, really. Sumaging is breathtaking.
What is this formation again?
I like. =)
Haggardness to the next level!
According to Kuya Oscar, we have to use our imagination inside the Sumaging Cave to better appreciate the rock formations. 
And the background is.. use your imagination!
We were almost at the end of the spelunking activity when we saw these guys taking a dip on the uber cold water. 
Tibay!! =)
And they said, we were almost there. But the almost there took us around 500 more steps. It was very exhausting. I remember gulping for air. Just when I thought that I was still inside the cave, I saw stars the moment I looked up. It was beautifuI, so Hogwarts. I  was the last to finish together with Jen and Juni. We were salivating the experience. Chos!
I survived!!
We were rewarded with a hearty meal courtesy of Kuya Lando. Thanks po!
It took us around 4.5 to 5 hours to finish the cave connection. Not bad. I'm not in a hurry anyway. Cave connection is fun especially if you're with your friends. But it is also little difficult and a little scary since there is really no safety gear. Only little? Haha. Well, for a scared cat like me, hmmmm, gumapang ako sa hirap!!!
Akala ko ba a little difficult lang? =p
To survive the cave connection, you have to listen. Listen to the guides, said Kuya Oscar. I assure you, they would take care of you. I entrusted my life, and I survived the cave connection!! =))
I'm a good girl!
Kuya Oscar

Thanks Silina, Lelai, Jen, and Juni for the pictures. Sige na nga, thanks na din Apple. =p


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