Listen, Katy and Christina are right!

February 20, 2011

Hi S -

I know, you're kinda frustrated. At 25, you should have been at the peak of your career. You should have gotten married, and already started a family. Well, that's how you imagined it years ago!

But at 25, what have you got? You are still at it - your comfort zone. You could have left months ago. You sent out resume, attended the interviews. But then what? You always have had a way of screwing it. Do you remember that job interview where you came in jeans? Or the one where they asked if you were willing to adjust your schedule, and without batting your eyelashes, you answered no? Oh, please, don't tell me it's quarter-life crisis all over again.

You love putting on the superhero costume. You think, you could save the world. But sometimes, you would want to wake them up from their slumber, too. You'd want to slap them. Why couldn't you just teach them to fish? Now, you are contemplating of leaving. It's for them, anyway. You don't really want to put your life on hold. You wish there was a Pause button. Or a Rewind, perhaps? You wish she didn't leave. It would have been better. When she left, everything else fell apart. You need to put on that frayed costume - for real. You are responsible in picking up the pieces. But why couldn't that cheap glue works?

When you were a kid, your ideal marrying age was 26. So, what happened? Not only that you're not married, you are still single. You hardly date, and you have had a hobby for falling in love to all the wrong guys. Remember the one you dated a year ago, you should have known that he was just a feaking-friendly-asshole guy that you wouldn't want to spend a day with. But you did, and you even went out for three times. Where's the sense in that?

I know, they hurt you. But you are special. Don't pressure yourself to be like the rest of the world. When Katy Perry said that you are an original, she is right. When Christina said that you are beautiful, listen to her. Don't ever think otherwise. Maybe, you've already shove dirt on yourself. Maybe, f- things do happen all the time because God is reminding you that you have had a bad habit of leaving the lessons with your broken heart in the mud. Pick up the lessons, and move forward. It's about time to go back to being you.

Don't be too hard on yourself. You manage 25 years of your life on Earth. For sure, you'll manage the rest of your life perfectly. I know, you'd do better than to whine. Cheer up. You are a strong woman. You don't really need a man to make you whole. If, and when you leave, do so because it would make you happy.

I trust you. Let's kick butts together. Enjoy.

To our happiness -


*Thanks Frank for the picture. =)

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  1. Kaya mo yan Ate Tsina! =) In God's time mapupunta rin ang lahat sa dapat niyang kalagyan. (may konek ba? haha)Try seeking His plans for you, tanong lang saka usap sa Kanya, and faith. Aja! =)

  2. I cant imagine my life when everything's falling on the right place, that sounds too boring. So lets cheers to these challenges, we have everyday to make our life right! ;-)

  3. tama yung nagsabing wag mapressure. wala namang timeline na kelangang sundin. it's life. it never goes as planned.

    weee ako na ang expert sa life.

  4. somehow, life never goes on as planned. We should always brace ourselves for what life will bring us. And we should never forget to be armed well with the lessons of the past. :)


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