Super Busy!

January 16, 2011

I've been super busy lately. Work is tough. School is tough. The good thing is, I can squeeze lakwatsa on the side. =)

We have lots to do at work. And I mean, lots. I still have to finish my project requirements, some trainings, company-wide To-Do and so on and so forth. Sigh. I have no time for petiks na. HAHA. Seriously, after office, I still have to read at least one reading material for my class, then write a half-page summary and my reaction to that material. I need to read four required readings every week this semester!! I couldn't even find the time to read the supplemental materials. Tsk. Tsk.

Last weekend, my friends and I joined the PSE Bull Run 2011. This weekend, we went to Mt. Batulao, wait for my kwento on the next days. Hehe. This Thursday, I need to submit the assignment for my other class. On Saturday, I have a class in the morning, a make-up class in the afternoon, and a meeting after. Gossh.

But tomorrow, I need to have my hand checked because it still hurts like crazy. I even had a hard time brushing my teeth. More on that on my Batulao experience. =|

By the way, thanks Francesca and Ar-Ar for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Instead of sharing seven facts about me, I'll just share seven things I hate/love/like in blog hopping. 

1. I hate music/sounds/audio on a blog. I tend to mute because I couldn't concentrate on reading the entry.

2. I love receiving comments on my blog entries. So as much as possible, I leave comments when I blog hop. But promise, I hardly skip read. =p

3. I love reading personal entries from you, guys! It makes me feel more connected to you.

4. But I also love to read witty posts. Humor bloggers are the best.

5. I like seeing new things on a blog e.g. widgets.

6. I love people who backread. =p

7. I love bloghopping, in general. =)

Sorry, girls, I didn't follow the rules. But you know, I'm a non-conformist. =)

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  1. Magiging ok din yang kamay mo.ü

    Ako, hindi talaga ako nagskip read. Ü

  2. dumaan ang tambay, nag iwan na din ng bakas

    super busy ka nga ppo.. rest naman muna jan.

  3. grabe sobrang busy nga...sana magiging okey na ang kamay mo. dapat daw ipahinga rin ang kamay bago tayo maghugas o magbasa sa tubig. :)

  4. wow... ur into mountain climbing din pala... Maganda ba sa batulao? This feb5 akyat kami mt. maculot... sana maganda panahon non... Nafadaan lang po...:D

  5. ngayon lang ako nagka-oras para magbackread sa mga posts mo. hehehe. busy din kasi tulad mo. :)

    sisimulan ko na ang paglalakbay. :D

  6. @ Goyo Nagpa-check up na ako. Pero kanina lang. Haha.

    @ Istambay Salamat. =p

    @ Empi Hindi na masakit. Pero feeling ko, hindi pa din okay ang kamay ko. =( Pero salamat.

    @ Nafacamot Haha. First time ko. =p Goodluck s climb.

    @ Dhang Uy, nakakatuwa ka naman. =p

  7. sana po gumaling na yung kamay mo..may award ka nga pala sa bahay ko..=) at tulad ng sabi nila ipahinga muna ang kamay bago hugasan or basain..=)

  8. Bloghopping! I like commenting on posts, too. I just really hate the ones that go, "Great post! Check out my blog..." Nag-plug lang sila ng site nila. Tse.

  9. what a busy girl! pero i believe na enjoy ka naman... good luck sa studies mo.

  10. @ Superjaid Thanks thanks. =) Hindi ko pa nakukuha yung x-ray result ko. =(

    @ Ela Haha. IKR.

    @ Ayeth Thanks. Enjoy naman nga. =)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)