Oh, Yeah Batulao! I'm such a Wimp!!

January 25, 2011

Sometimes, I feel like I’m Jill of All Trades. I am Jill, the Master of None.

In high school, I tried chess to skip my Music, Arts and Physical Education classes.

In college, I attended the first training day of Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), but I chickened out so I opted for the National Service Training Program (NSTP).

Last year, I got interested in the dragon boat club at work. I attended their seminar/orientation but never got around in signing up for their activities.

Also last year, I tried playing football. I was able to play at least two games. I couldn’t move the following days.

And you know, I’ve been into fun run these days – Earth Run, Pasig River Run and PSE Bull Run.

But one thing that I’ve been dying to try is mountaineering. Louie invited me for their climb in Mt. Batulao. It should be an easy trail. No sweat, I thought.

On January 15, I went to school, submitted my paper, and skipped the lecture. We should be at the Ceres station at around 11am. With Apple and Silina, we waited for Joel to arrive. I took my lunch in the station when Giancy and his group came. He was with Bing, my friend from college. Coincidence, yeah.

We paid 106php for our trip from the Ceres station to the Evercrest. Louie and Jasper’s group were already there. Few minutes more of preparation and we were off to the mountain. Instead of riding a tricycle from Evercrest to the start of the trail, which they said cost around 100php per head, we opted to walk. After  all, we came there to do just that.

Kailangan serious? =p
After the effing long walk, we finally get to the start of the trail. Just now? Pssh. 

Start pa lang? Psssh!
More walks, more sweats, more laughters, and finally we got to Peak 6 Peak 8. This was where we set-up our tents. The summit is on Peak 8 Peak 10. 
Ang sama mooo, Dwin!!
Our tent - A for effort! =)
It was our first time to put up our own tent. We were so proud with our tent. Well, this was my first climb anyway. =) During dinner, we had a "buffet".

Kainan naaaa!
After our "sumptuous" dinner, we needed to pee. Louie and Joel accompanied us - the girls. I didn't bring my own flashlight, and definitely a no no. So, with the aid of their flashlights, we headed to the nearest restroom. But F! I fell. I unconsciously used my hand for support. It hurts like hell. =( 

I know, I did mention that we were so proud of our tent. But deemmnnn, it kept us awake all night.  the wind was just crazy. Inside the tent, it felt like we were in the middle of a raging storm. It was so cold. 

Morning came, I decided not to join them in the summit. Pssshhh. I know, I know, I missed the best part. But I was so sure then that I wouldn't be able to use my hand. It still hurts very much at that time. Safety first, remember?

So when they left, I decided to sleep. Louie lent their earth pad. Ohh boy, I was able to grab hours of rest. But then, the wind got crazy again. I could hear people outside talking (There are other groups in the campsite!) about the tent, the wind, and something like "Kawawa naman. Wala yata tao dyan, eh!" Huhuhu. I was super frightened then. The wind was terrible. So I decided to get out of the tent, and wait for them outside. Good thing I did, I noticed that we only have two surviving tent poles. So I immediately, put the other two back, and ensured that all poles are in place. 

At around 9am, we decided to clear out. Here's the picture of my immediate group. But we were more or less 25 in the group.
L-R Dwin, Jasper, Silina, Tsina, Apol, Louie, Joel
I enjoyed their company, promise. But I think, mountaineering is not for me. I spent my entire time praying that I could go home safely. No kidding. For an easy trail, I'm really such a wimp. Mountaineering is just too much to handle. But I know, I'm going to try the mountains again, maybe in the not-so-near future. =p

By the way, I'll try my luck on bowling. I joined this bowling tournament slated on February. But I'm a noob, as always. 


26 before 26 Update:

You could say that this experience doesn't count because I didn't get to the summit. But I don't care!!! HAHA. I didn't explicitly say that I'd be ON the summit. But I did say, I want to be on top of the world. HAHA. Oh, don't object please. I almost died *rolling eyes* trying, anyway! =)

6. Climb. Climb. Climb. I wanna be on top of the world! ‘nuf said. =)

**Thanks Silina and Joel for the pictures! =) Thanks for the correction, Apol. =p

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  1. Argh makita ko pa lang yung bags parang napapagod na ako pero it does look like its fun... haven't tried pa kasi..

  2. masaya daw mag mountain climb sabe nila, kaso takot ako itry eh, hehe

  3. mountaineering and trekking is really nice experience.. nakakainggit... sana makapunta din ako sa batulao. :D

  4. tumira ako sa paanan ng mt makiling for six years, pero di ako umakyat kahit kelan. lol.

    congrats. tingin ko counted yan. =D

  5. Every summer kapag Holy Week may inaakyat kaming mga bundok dito sa lugar namin...

    Gusto ko namang masubukan sa ibang bundok. Yung hiking talaga. Yung may tent at kasamang girlfriend sa loob ng tent. haha.

  6. summit is at peak 10. hihi.. ^^

    kelan kaya ung not so near future nateng dalawa Sheena? haha! =))

  7. @ Glentot It was fun. =)

    @ TR Aurelius Try mo, it's fun naman. =)

    @ Artiemous Sige, i-try mo. Pang-beginner daw yun. *ouch* HAHA.

    @ Nishiboy Woaaa. Bakit? Sayang naman.

    Thanks, tingin ko din counted. =p

    @ Goyo Haha. Kailangan talaga may kasamang girlfriend sa loob? =p

    @ Apple Hahaha. Thanks. Ni-correct ko na. Haha. Tingnan natin kung kelan ang not-so-near-future. =p

  8. sorry about the hand pero at least you've tried!!

  9. ang sarap ng ganyan... try nyo naman sa batangas sa manabo yata un..

  10. weeeh ang saya pa rin noh!! x)

    para sa akin achievement pa rin yan..
    kahit hindi mo naabot!!!

    gusto ko din umakyat ng bundok

  11. good job! i haven't tried mountain climbing and it's actually one of my to do list once I give birth. =)

  12. @ Mayet. Haha. Yea. Na-enjoy ko naman ang experience. =)

    @ Istambay Sige, pag may guts na ulit ako. Haha. Sa Gulugod Baboy ang next target nila, eh.

    @ Kamila Yey. Thanks. Try mo din, it's worth it. =)

    @ Ayen Thanks. Wow. Nice, try mo after giving birth. Have a safe delivery. =)

  13. love this blog post :) very amusing kasi. at least you tried right? it's like a list of "almost" stuff. We all have those... but unlike you, I don't have the chances of making a step to actually pursue them :)

  14. minsan gusto ko rin masubukan yung mag mountain climbing parang exciting kasi eh. hehe. nadalaw po here


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)