The Culprit - MS Word!!

January 07, 2011

I've spent my day stressing myself on why the heck my blog is not loading properly. I just published an entry last night. But deemnn, I've been getting this the whole freaking day.
Just that. Swear! To eliminate the probable cause, I had my office mates try it on their computers as well. It depressed me more to realize that they are getting the same thing. We even thought that my .com could be the reason. With that assumption, I googled for any possible solution involving a custom domain. Fail.

When I got home, I tried again, and it worked fine. I asked Tristan as well, and it worked fine on him. Then, I FB chat Liza and asked her to try, it didn't load. I'm getting frustrated and really running out of patience then. That's when I realized that the problem could be on the browser. We're all using IE browser. But I'm using Firefox and Chrome on my laptop. I tried on the IE browser on my laptop and it didn't load as expected. The problem is not my blog nor my custom domain. But IE refuses to load my blog. Again, I went back to my bestfriend Google. Voila! I came across this blog entry from
Then, I remembered that I cut and pasted my last night's entry from MS Word. Holy cow! So, I edited my post, I cut the entry and put it in my Notepad. Then, I put it back on my blog. See this message below.
When you type it directly, and you click on Edit HTML, the code is simply as this:
But when you cut and paste from MS Word, you'll see this on Edit HTML tab:
There, we get too many codes/formatting when we cut and paste from MS Word. For some reasons, IE has a problem with that. Same as Safari by the way.

The best way to avoid this problem is to write directly in blogger, or use the Notepad. Hope this helps!

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  1. Good thing problem solved! I don't experience this problem though, I write my articles straight to Blogger and when I need to copy paste something I also use Notepad, Sticky Notes for Win7 also works out well.

    BTW, Care to exchange links? :)

  2. Thanks for letting us know this Tsina. Although I haven't experienced this issue before, I must still be cautious about the copy and paste issue.

    What I am doing is I am writing my article on MSword, copy the whole article, paste it on notepad, copy it again from notepad and paste it on my blog. (hopefully I am doing the right thing.)


  3. uy! thanks for sharing!

    oo nga. mas better to type directly sa blogger. less effort of copying and pasting :D

  4. What a troublesome piece of shit!

    I've hated MS WORD with the kind of seeting loathing that a person reserves for fixers. The last time I used that awful implement was in High School, and I was pleased that we had other... means in College.

    As for me, I always use Notepad when I blog. There's an unfailing consistency in there.

    Nice, nice post! Thanks for letting us know, Tsina.

  5. waht i did is. i also write my blog post in my notepad first.. it's easy for me to write that way rather than go directly to the posting section :)

  6. i had the same problem before and it's really a pain in the ass, so i figured out it's best to do it straight in blogger.

    this post is very helpful. a must read for everyblogger. XD

  7. i suggest na i-cut and paste mu sya dun sa tab ng 'Edit HTML'. when you do that hinde lalabas yung mga nakakainis na codes from MS Word :)

  8. naguluhan ako dun ah... kahit na may mga basic knowledge na ako sa HTML.. totoo lang... naguluhan pa rin ako..binasa ko paulit ulit post mo...


    salamat sa information..

    at nung isang araw parang may problem talaga yung blog posting sa blogspot...ewan lang..may nakausap din ako na pareho kame ng problem..pinabayaan ko na lang.. mga 3 hours after naging okay... hay ewan...


  9. di pa naman nangyare saken so far, notepad din kase gamit ko pagnagblo2g... pero thanks for the info!


  10. @ Madz Thanks for the suggestions. Added you on my blogroll. =)

    @ Momel Hindi ka naman galit niyan? =p Thanks by the way.

    @ Zeb Mas cute kasi pag MS Word. But I'll avoid doing so na. =)

    @ Yffar Thanks. =)

    @ Nowitzki Good idea. =)

    @ Kamila Haha. Ano kaya naging problem nun?

    @ TR Aurelius You're welcome. =)


    lahat ng entries ko sa blog ko mula sa notepad. masyado ng malalim ang pinagsamahan namin pwede ko na siyang maging boypren.


  12. yah.. mas ok if sa notepad gumagawa or directly sa blogger. :)

  13. i experienced that too so i now use notepad++ in creating a post for my blog.

    followed your blog. Hope you can also visit my blog if u have time,

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  15. thanks for the info... i used to do the same thing. Typing my articles from MS Word then pasting it to my blogger but i did not experience any problem. maybe because i'm not an IE user... but thanks anyway, now i need to change my blog posting habit... i have to return to the basic, NOTEPAD...


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)