December 27, 2011 Tsina 3 Comments

I'm a convert.

I have no patience on touch screen devices that I surprised even myself by getting, not just one, but two touch screen devices this Christmas. You know, #mygiftstoself. :) I blogged about the Kindle touch few weeks back, and I'll be getting it from Silin this week. When she got the order from Amazon, she BBM'd me these pictures.
Kindle touch to go -
Hopefully, we'll meet this week so I could get my Kindle, and she could treat us to Spiral in Sofitel. #ASA 

This another #mygifttoself is not really planned - more like an impromptu gift. It just so happened that I was up for re-contracting of my Globe plan, and my teammates bought their new mobile phones - an S2, yes, three of them!! So, nainggit ako. I decided to upgrade my plan and grabbed the iPhone 4S. :D
I was supposed to be getting it during the launch, but I wasn't able to talk to a customer representative. I just registered online, and confirmed on the text message I received. Unfortunately, I needed to claim it on SM Pampanga, which probably because my account is in Bulacan. To make the long story short, I wasn't able to get it because my work is in Manila. I don't think I'm such an Apple fan girl to go all the way to SM Pampanga. I just called in 211 and reserved my unit. It should have been delivered on the 28th. Initially, I ordered a 16gb white. But the impatient me wanted to get the unit before Christmas, so I checked SM North Edsa, Trinoma, Eastwood Mall and even Edsa Shang. Unfortunately, no iPhone 4S for me. On the 24th, I decided to check the Globe Business Center in SM Makati. I immediately told them that I have no reservation, but I would like to avail of the iPhone 4S on Plan 1799. Lucky for me, in less than three hours, I went home with my black 32gb iPhone 4S. Just in time for Christmas, sweet! :D
So there you go, I've got myself the Kindle Touch and iPhone 4S for Christmas! What about you? :)


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November 27, 2011 Tsina 5 Comments

I'm not excited. I'm not excited. *repeat 100x* But I am super excited for my Kindle Touch!!! Yehey! My gosh, it took me a year to finally get myself a Kindle Touch. Remember, this has been part of my Christmas wish list for 2010, and it's Christmas 2011 for crying out loud. :p
When Amazon announced their three new Kindles, I was like - Oh my gosh, it's time to get a Kindle! I initially planned to get the cheapest one - $79. You know, I'm such a cheapskate! Fortunately, I could not imagine how to navigate it since it's not touch screen like the new one and lacks the keyboard compared to its predecessor. So, I debated on getting the Kindle Keyboard or the Kindle Touch instead. The Kindle Touch is the new model so it should have been better. But being a non-touch screen fan, I hesitated for a while and almost told my friend to get me the Kindle Keyboard. Luckily, I realized that I want the X-ray features so finally told my friend to order me the Kindle Touch. 
Silin, my Kindle should come in a ribbon, too! HAHA!
I selected this Belkin Verve Tab Folio for my Kindle Touch cover. I play it safe, so I chose the black one. By the way, I tried to search it in Amazon just now, and I could not find this cover anymore.  Hmm. My order will arrive at my friend's place by December 6, but I should still be able to get this, right? 
Black is safe!
Since I am not sooo excited - just a little, I guess - I signed up for an Amazon account last night. I also installed Kindle for PC and got myself few free ebooks. :) I'm trying to download Calibre but my internet connection is bad. :| See, I am not excited, right? :D

My friend will be coming back in the Philippines for a vacation on the third week of December. Hopefully, I could get the Kindle by then! (Paging, Silina!! :p) 

*Thanks 2dayblog, Amazon and Belkin for the pictures.


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TM: 50% Done

November 12, 2011 Tsina 2 Comments

Oooh, okay. It's been a while, right? Well, nothing much is happening in my life aside from the fact that I'm half-way through my masters!! Yehey for that!! We had our last class presentation for TM281 last October 26. Right after the presentation, we had simpleng salu-salo c/o my classmates. :D

Miss miss #TM281 friends
Last Friday though, we had our first class for TM 206. Quickie lang ang sembreak, hays. :( I'm not paid yet though. I will drop by UP this Monday to enroll TM 291 and TM 206. Oh, by the way, I don't have Saturday classes now but Monday and Friday classes. I'm free on weekends, friends, lesgo sagow! :)


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Ang Litanya sa Paglisan: Mga Tula sa "Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa"

November 07, 2011 Tsina 1 Comments

I was browsing Facebook when I stumbled on this status by my friend that got me very curious.
So I asked him about it, and he told me that it came from the movie "Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa." I told him to message me a copy, and he did. Now, let me share you the feminist poems written by Merlinda Bobis and Joi Barrios. I honestly like these two poems, and I wish I wrote these instead. Nangangarap lang naman! :D 

The first one was written by Bobis - a writer, performer and academic. 


Tula ni Merlina Bobis
Tinig ni Victor Robinson III kasama si Rocco Nacino
Guitars: Ada Tayao at Jema Pamintuan

Huwag mo akong iiwan
Tulad ng pag-iwan ng anghel
Sa kanyang pakpak, nalimutan
Sa bus na gumarahe
Sa gabing walang buwan

Huwag mo akong iiwan

Tulad ng pag-iwan ng buwan
Sa kaniyang mata, nahulog
Sa sapang nananaginip
Ng dilim na walang pintuan

Huwag mo akong iiwan
Tulad ng pag-iwan ng dilim
Sa kanyang tainga, pinigtal
Ng hanging nananalangin
Sa kay agang namaalam

Huwag mo akong iiwan
Tulad ng pag-iwan ng hangin
Sa kaniyang dila, nangupas
Sa kakahiyaw na
‘Huwag mo akong iiwan’

Pakpak mo, mata mo, tainga mo, dila mo
Ang nagpapatunay sa akin -
O di kaya ako
Ang lumikha sa’yo
Sa aking pananampalataya

Sa lipad, tingin, pandinig, awitin?
Pasulpot-patago na salawahang ulap.

Barrios - a Filipina poet and activist, got me into thinking with her poem. I'm sure, we all know the feeling of being left behind. Barrios tells us more than that heart-wrenching feeling.


Tula ni Joi Barrios

Sinasalat ko ang bawat bahagi
Ng aking katawan.
Walang labis, walang kulang.

Sinasalat ko bawat bahagi
Ng aking katawan.
Nunal sa balikat,
Hungkag na tiyan.
May tadyang ka bang hinugot
Nang lumisan?

Sinasalat ko bawat bahagi
Ng aking katawan.
Sa kaloob-looban,
Sa kasuluk-sulukan,
Nais kong mabatid
Ang lahat ng iyong
Tinangay at iniwan.
Nais kong malaman,
Kung buong-buo pa rin ako
sa iyong paglisan.

Buo pa ba ako sa iyong paglisan? Echos. See, this video for Paglisan.
Seriously, I love these poems that I wish I could be able to write something as wonderful as these. Simple pero tagos sa buto. :)


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Double A

September 12, 2011 Tsina 3 Comments

I've been very busy. Hindi ko tuloy na-share ang bonggang August ko. I'm still on night shift and it is making school a lot difficult. I have classes on Fridays at 6pm-9pm and Saturdays at 4pm-7pm. Work comes in between at 10pm - 7am. My routine becomes work-sleep-work. I couldn't find time for my readings, papers and group meetings. I guess, I need to attend a time management seminar.

Now, back to the bonggang August. I just got ISEB certified - ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level. I've been wanting this ever since I've been aligned to software testing. But the review sessions almost killed me. Imagine, I attended my Friday class (6pm - 9pm), went to work from 8pm - 5am, proceeded to the review that started from 9am - 5pm. This was the time that I skipped the quiz and forgot to submit my paper on TM 281, so much for trying to manage my schedule. Tsk.

I got a little scared that I will not be able to pass the certification. Despite my testing experience, there were still a lot of concepts that I needed to understand then. It was very hard to do so due to my shift schedule. I've been quite a pain in the ass to few of my friends. They were left with no choice but to listen to my tralala. :) And did you know what my motivation is? Ayaw ko mapahiya! I guess that did it, I took the exam on August 9, and fortunately I passed!! I am now ISEB certified! :)

Last August also, the senior manager on my previous project told me that I'll be promoted for the coming fiscal year. Promotion announcement is usually slated on Sept 1, the start of the fiscal year. I didn't quite expect it because I was only on my career level for at least one fiscal year. I love them na. It has been one hell of a surprise for me. :) For some reasons, the announcement came in a little late. Okay lang, because the ISEB announcement was on the same week. Feeling ko, ang galing ko! HAHA! Double Awesome!
Unfortunately, I couldn't be lucky in both career and love life. :) This 'thing' with him just ended. Short-lived, really. It was more of an 'on and off thing'. But I'm glad that we're still good friends. :) Dami pa namang fish dyan! :)

On a lighter note, I won a pair of Hed Kandi Disco Heaven Headphone from Technoodling last July. I was waiting for them to get in touch but unfortunately I did not receive any communication. So I decided to email them, they apologized and told me to claim my prize at Digital Walker in Eastwood. This was the first time I won something online! Yey! :)
I am getting #shoephoric now, hope I'll win a TOMS shoes. Positive vibes, come on in. :) 


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September 11, 2011 Tsina 0 Comments

Hi P - 

Can I be in a different place at a different time? Dance with the wind, and chase the stars. I can see the butterflies. Did you know that butterflies have a direct line to Him?

Perhaps, you could see this as a coward's exit to the non-negotiable clause of life. But I envy the free flowing clouds. He can take the form of a child's dream. I can see him smiling now. I think, he's teasing me for being here.

Can we catch the morning light? When you smile, you give me a glimpse of heaven. But that piece of heaven is somewhere outside the rainbow's rays. Tell me where the leprechauns are hiding, and I will avoid them like a plague.

I'm scared. Did you know how frightening it is for the bird to take its first flight even though he knows that he could fly? Nature has its own way of pushing us to our limits. You keep your extra parachute in your pocket when you jump in the plane expecting the worst. Only to find out that your parachute is really working and you don't need the spare. When you think you could enjoy traversing the wind and the earth, you find your feet on the ground.

Maturity indeed doesn't come with age. But I am too late to correct the mistakes. It left things into pieces. P, the least that I can do is to promise you that I will not be going back to that place.

I wish I could keep you. I just really wish. But you deserve someone better.

I remember your first unassuming grin.

- S


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Happy 3rd! :)

July 28, 2011 Tsina 2 Comments

We were young then. We are young still!
 *** Update (7/31/2011)

I had dinner last Thursday with Apple, Dwin and JV in Amici to celebrate our third year at work. Sad that most of our batch mates were not available that day. Silina missed the dinner as well! Uwi ka na kasi, Silina! :)
Brought to you by my BlackBerry! :
... and counting! :)


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Doodling: Cubao

July 10, 2011 Tsina 2 Comments

.. and then finally, she leaves the place where the star used to dance with the rain. It comes as a surprise for the star admires the rain, but the blank stares and the cold shoulder prompt the star to stop on wanting to learn new dance steps to impress him. No more dancing with the rain.



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June 26, 2011 Tsina 5 Comments

Fine, I failed big time on my 26 before 26 goals. *crying*

I have no excuse but my lack of foresight. Well, I think another reason is that I did not stick with the SMART goals. Remember SMART goals?
So, next time, I'm going to set really SMART goals. Yes, there is a next time. But perhaps, I'll create 30 before 30 goals.  Hopefully, I will come up with a better list. Still, let's share a toast for the things that I've accomplished. :D

Cheers! :D


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June 26, 2011 Tsina 0 Comments

Love is like a gadget. Kahit ano gawin mo, it would always be the yesterday's highlight. Did you remember buying yourself that single-core smartphone that you've been drooling over and over? Ampogi ng smartphone mo. But the next thing you know, there is that dual-core smartphone which makes your new phone seems passe. Pero sabi nga nila, what really matters is sticking with your choice even after seeing the best of this world. 

So, Curve, forgive me for drooling over the LG Optimus 2X. Also, even though you're missing the flashlight, radio, and 3G which are my basic requisites for a mobile phone and I don't even think, you're up with the single core smartphones. Hey, I'm sticking with you. :D 


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June 24, 2011 Tsina 3 Comments

Hindi naman ako iyakin na tao. Kahit gaano ka-mushy o ka-heartbreaking ang isang movie, hindi ako naiiyak. Hmm, wala yata akong puso. Pero kagabi sa office, bigla na lang ako naiyak habang ka-chat ko yung kaibigan ko. Napansin ni Prince na sumi-singhot-singhot ako with matching kuha ng tissue, tinanong niya tuloy kung umiiyak ako. Sabi ko syempre, hindi. At nahawa lang ako ng sipon sa kanya. Buti na lang, may sipon talaga siya nun. 

Where is my way out? :|

Naiyak din pala ako ngayon habang nagluluto. #ihateyousibuyas


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Love Love in Facebook

June 14, 2011 Tsina 4 Comments

We share so many things in Facebook - news article, blog entry, photo, video. Name it. Some even have tagged-you-photos-that's-for-sale which I find to be really irritating. I can see it in my News Feed, you don't have to tag me. Moving on, I was browsing my Facebook News Feed and stumbled upon this video. 
I think, this was one of the theme songs of Toni Gonzaga's movie with Vhong Navarro, My Only You. But on this video, the singer sounds like Gary Granada. Just a wild guess though, what do you think?

Still, this song, without association to the past, is one of the sweetest songs around. Try to watch, the video is cute as well. 

I also like this other video that I found in Facebook several months back. Remember Carl and Ellie from Up? Well, this is their love story.
I love them both. Up is my favorite Disney/Pixar's movie. 

Of course, the ultimate favorite and probably the most disputed, thanks to CBCP. Hello moral values, apparently this McDo commercial equated human relationship to french fries. This has been removed days after it was shown on air. Still, I find this the cutest I've seen. Gusto ko lang naman ng McDo fries!

There are lots of things in Facebook. And I mean, lots! How about you? What is your favorite video that has been shared in Facebook? :D

*credits to the owner


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Pi Bertde!

June 08, 2011 Tsina 6 Comments

I've got a cake on my birthday! :)) 
Surprise, surprise!
I found this cake on my workstation when I arrived at the office yesterday. Well, I'm on night shift so that would be around 9.30pm. I was sure that it came from Reg since she was telling me for days that she's going to surprise me with a cake on my birthday. HAHA. Yeah, some kind of surprise. :D Still, it put a smile on my face. :)

Alvin, on the other hand, pestered with his gift. He introduced me to Matthew (not his real name, but he looks a lot like Matthew of the Baker King!). I was busy sorting though my emails when I noticed him standing by my workstation - smiling. Tsk. He greeted me and we shook hands. Kahit hindi ko talaga siya crush, gusto ko matunaw nung moment na yun. 
Baker King's Matthew
Moving on, when it hit 12mn, I ordered two boxes of pizza from Monster Bite for the team. I don't have the actual pictures because we're not allowed to take photos in the work area. But it was huge.
The pizza was 600 Php each plus 100Php delivery charge. I ordered the party cut. The pizza was good but not great. It was super thin, and I don't really like the crust. But hey, for 600 PhP, it wasn't that bad. :)

Thank you pala sa mga pagbati, text, wall post, email, IM. Na-touch ako, promise! :)

Being 26 feels a little different. Parang kailan lang, naglalaro pa ako ng piko! :)


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June 03, 2011 Tsina 10 Comments

This is not a birthday blog entry. But it would be five days before the B day. In five days, I'd be 26. Why don't I share the #26ThingsAboutMe? Not that you care though. :D


1. I have a short attention span. When I was in college, my friends wouldn't talk to me when I'm in discussion with someone else.

2. I multi-task. I even practiced multi-tasking.

3. When I was in college, I thought I'd be married at 23.

4. I heart dark chocolates. It is my comfort food. 

5. I have the tendency to be obsessive. When I'm eyeing a gadget to buy, I would go back in different malls several times, browse reviews online and seek experts' advice. Put that in Repeat mode.

6. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a journalist.

7. I passed UPCAT. I have an unfinished business with UP.

8. I have a stage fright. For some reason, my hands would shake uncontrollably during oral presentations.

9. I prefer letters over flowers. 

10. I am vulnerable to people I trust.

11. I am very moody. And my best of friends are aware of the fact.

12. I was allergic to alcohol. I used to get rashes and all itchy back then. How did I fix my relationship with alcohol? Hmm, I dated alcohol a lot. :D

13. I am a cheapskate. A pair of jeans worth more than 500Php is too much. A 1000PhP worth of tsinelas is more than too much.

14. I'm a big fan of mall sales and seat sales. Anything I could get in a discounted amount is not worth buying in a regular price. :)

15. I don't hide my disappointments. Even to my bosses.

16. I have no idea on the mixes, espresso shots or whatever you call it, in Starbucks. But I find their frap addictive.

17. I buy stuff online. I couldn't remember the very first purchase, but it started when I was in college.

18. I am fascinated with horoscopes and fortune telling. 

19. I have no plan of getting another tattoo.

20. I think I'm jologs. I watched too many Pinoy movies and talk shows. I know Vic Sotto but not Johnny Depp. :D

21. I am very transparent. My expression says a lot more than my words.

22. I get rejected every so often. But that couldn't stop me from trying.

23. I have a friendship issue. I think, it should be a two-way relationship. I hate doing all the connecting stuff. We're friends, right? Pick up the phone and say hello. 

24. I am not a credit grabber. I give credit to where it's due. I expect people around me to do the same as well. 

25. People think I'm masungit and suplada. I don't really get this. I think I'm uber friendly. I just speak my mind. :)

26. I miss her. If I could go back in time, it would be in my simple-yet-perfect life six years ago. Perfect is subjective.



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I'm Back, Caliraya!

May 19, 2011 Tsina 3 Comments

I was in Caliraya last weekend. It was my current project's summer outing. Hala, I was also there last summer. Pero this time, effort kung effort! Well, I'm on night shift, that's why. We left the office at around 8:30am. We planned to sleep in the van but we just talked and laughed a lot on our way to Caliraya. Ang kukulit, eh. Si Boss Ferdie nga pala nag-drive. :D

To get to the recreation center, there is a 3 - 5 minute boat transfer.
Ang mapagpanggap na boat transfer! Ang layo! Chos!
Then, a 3 - 5 minute jeep transfer to reach the hotel.
L-R Harrih, Boss Ferdie, Mariane, Paul, Tsina, Dave, Don
We reached Caliraya at past 12nn. Buffet, buffet, buffet, thank you very much! We then checked in to our rooms, then started the game at past 2pm. We had a cheering game to start off the Amazing Race! Yes, we also had Amazing Race. :) 
Fine, we knew it was lame. :) 

So, go go go Green Team! The Amazing Race had the obstacle course, basketball shootout, canoe, swimming, hanging bridge, and mud slide. 
Obstacle Course and Mud Slide
We needed to score nine points in the basketball shootout. The funny thing was, only one guy scored for us, the rest of the points were from the girls. Of course, I'm talking about the other girls. :) We finished the race at third place but due to our lousy cheer, we were fourth. Yellow, who finished last, won the cheering game.
We won chocolates and gummy bears. Don won the iPod Nano. Regina and I were betting that time. I won her Hershey's Kisses for guessing correctly that they'd be giving out a Nano. :)

I registered for an overnight stay but decided to take the day tour instead. However, I changed my mind and opted again for the overnight. Girls, girls, girls! Haha! So I stayed with Jeng, Cora and the other girls - Jenna, Jam, Jane and Hazel. 

After dinner, I went in the view deck with Jeng, Cora and Arjon. Tsismisan lang. :) We then stayed in the tree house, Regina joined us there. Tsismisan lang ulit. :)

I slept early that night and woke up at 6am in time for the breakfast. Sarap ng breakfast! :) Mariane had a terrible night though. She was brought to the hospital, buti na lang, nandun si Kuya Gwapong Nurse. HAHA! Good thing, she was feeling better that morning. Kaya ayun, picture galore. :)

Caliraya is a great place for team building. I suggest you put it in your itinerary. You can try wall climbing, canoe race, earth ball game, and zip line among others. Yun lang, super layo. :)

Thank you, CTS! I didn't expect to enjoy the summer outing. But I did. :)

*Thanks Regina and Tonysch for the pictures. Thanks Boss Ferdie for the videos.


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Random Update

May 16, 2011 Tsina 3 Comments

I’ve been wanting to write a blog entry but I just feel so very uninspired lately. Or perhaps, I just don’t want to bombard you with my rants. HAHA. I’ve been on night shift for almost a month, and it is driving me nuts. Thanks to my Curve and Globe BIS. I registered on BB SOCIAL ON for unlimited social networking and instant messaging for 30 days. That’s only 300 pesos for a month. Super sulit na. Tweet ako ng tweet, eh. :)

It’s less than a month before my birthday. I’d be 26 by then. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting a failing mark on my 26 before 26 goals. But let me create another blog entry for that! :) At kailangan ko na pala mag-boyfriend. Joke. :)

The enrolment for my master's degree falls on the week of my birthday. I already pre-enlisted my subjects – a Friday and a Saturday class. But I’m still thinking whether I’d rather take two classes on Saturdays. Let’s see.

Last week, I bumped to an ex-VIP. I was actually going to pretend that I did not see him, but we were in the same room with a handful of people so doing that was really impossible. So, I just smiled. He teased me for being in that “appointment”.

Last Saturday, I was in Caliraya again for our project summer outing. I was there last summer for my first project’s summer outing. Wala na ba iba? :) 

This coming June, we are planning to beach bum in Cagbalete. Sana hindi ito drawing! Paging Charity!! :) And on January,  I am going to CDO, finally! Pero ang tagal pa noh? :) 

"I was a flight risk with a fear of falling.."
- Mine/ Taylor Swift


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Synergy: The Mahalo Party

April 22, 2011 Tsina 6 Comments

Okay, this is one long over due entry. I've been out of the project for three weeks already. But I still miss them, naks! :)

We had a thank you party in our senior manager's residence last March 25. I was hesitant to join because I had a final exam on the following morning. Pero last na naman, so go! Also, we prepared this as always being a member of the Talent Engagement team of the project. Mahalo is thank you in Hawaiian language, by the way.

Our senior manager volunteered his place for the event. Nakatipid kami sa venue but we needed to subsidize the taxi fare, layo naman kasi ng Paranaque. :)

Many registered for the event. So on a Friday, we hailed a taxi from Boni to Paranaque. Others came from Ortigas and Makati. Some brought their cars and accommodated their team. Believe me, some of them rode a bus. Our senior executive also attended the event. Ang cool niya. :)
The food. :)
We also had a lei for everyone. :) Cute noh? :)
The Early Birds. :)
We also surprised our senior manager with a video greeting and a cake for his birthday. :)
Happy Birthday, Sir Jay! 
Then, we also had several games on that night. The Portal team won the hula-hoop game. Ambilis nila, in fairness. :)

Game on!
Congrats, Portal! 
The second game was a relay. Mga boss pa sumali. HAHA! All for the spirit of fun. :)
Eat this.
Mike and the day-old chick!
We had few more games on that night. Gemma was the game master and was imitating Shalani. Benta! :)

To end the wonderful night, group pictures syempre. :)
Ang kulit. I'll miss you, guys. :)
Synergy. :)
I know, we kinda lacked the bonggang budget for this one. But hey, we did have bonggang creativity. Hahaha! :) Wait, there's more. We brought our souvenir all the way from Boni. Bigat niya, ha. Our souvenir -
Pinya. :)
To be honest, I feel wonderful for this party. It was indeed just a simple event. But we get the message loud and clear - we are appreciated for all the hard work and dedication. :) 

Mahalo, Synergy! :)

*Thanks Alvie for the pictures. 


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Enchanted Kingdom: EKstremely Magical

April 18, 2011 Tsina 8 Comments

We were in Enchanted Kingdom last April 3. It was one of the many send-off trips/get-together for Silina. She'd be leaving for US this Friday. Inggit akooooo! But I'm gonna miss her, for sure. :)

I've been to EK a lot of times. Pero this time, nag-commute ako, for the first time. With Apple, we rode the Jasper bus, and paid only P50+. Silina was waiting for us in Rob Dasma. Dwin arrived after 30 minutes or so. At si Joel, tagal kami pinaghintay!!! Kaya siguro nilibre kami ng lunch. :)

We rode a van from Dasma to Balibago. We paid around P55. Plus another trike ride in Sta. Rosa to finally reach Enchanted Kingdom! Haggardness. HAHA! 

We paid P500/pax for a regular day pass.
Remembrance. :)
Ayan, pwede na!! But I was being the kontrabida on that day. I didn't want to ride the Space Shuttle Max, and the Jungle Log Jam. I've tried them so many times, at ayaw ko na ulit-ulitin yung takot ko. Coward much? HAHA. 

Our first stop was the Dodgem a.k.a Bump Car!! Super happy ko kasi I always missed this ride on most of my EK trips. 
Uy, excited. :)
They also would like to try the new concessionaire attraction - EKstreme Tower Ride. Buti na lang, hindi natuloy. HAHA. Napapasigaw na kami, nanoood pa lang. Tingnan nyo kasi.
Then, we headed to the Bump N' Splash. Gusto ko din dito. I enjoyed this ride. Gusto ko nga ulit-ulitin. Hehehe.
L-R Apol, Joel, Tsina, Silin
Game on!
Then, the Roller Skater - the Bitin Ride. HAHA. Nagsisimula pa lang ang thrill, tapos na. :)
Happy happy? :)
After the Bitin Ride, Silina treated us in Dairy Queen. Sarap talaga ng libre. :)
Libre. :)
We proceeded in Rialto. First time ko ito. :) We watched Happy Feet. :)
Ganyan ulit smile, teh Apol? :)
Ako na, ako na naiiba! HAHA.
We then went to the Anchor's Away. Nag-split kami para may pictures. HAHA!
Stolen, Silina? :)
Okay, the next stop was the Space Shuttle Max. I couldn't stop them. Wala na ako nagawa. ToT
Space Shuttle Max
Ohh, getting ready!
Space Shuttle Max lang pala, eh. Sisiw. HAHA!
Hilo-hilo ako after the Space Shuttle Max, and then we tried the Flying Fiesta after. Lalo ako hilong talilong. Tsk tsk.
Seryoso na ako. HAHA!
Last stop was the Rio Grande Rapids. Basa ba kamo?
Moment naman nila. Hehe. :)
Imagine, we were able to ride eight!! Super sulit. My average is usually three or four rides on my EK trips. Konti kasi tao that day. At sarap pala mag-EK pag mabilis lang ang pila. :)

I'll miss you, Silina. God bless. :)
*** Salamat sa mga larawan, Dwin and Joel!


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)