Reunion #2: Pizza, Movie and Coffee with Charity

December 31, 2010 Tsina 7 Comments

High school life, oh my high school life
Ev'ry memory, kay ganda
High school days, oh my high school days
Are exciting, kay saya!

I think, I’ll probably agree with Sharon here. And to add, my friends from high school are my most trusted ones. They knew me from being the gawky teenage kid to a stubborn college student to being an independent professional. They’ve seen me give up on my dream, pursue another path, stumble and persevere.

We went to different schools. Pursued different careers. But at the end of the day, for the last 12 years, we are still friends. With them, we can call in the middle of the night for our broken hearts, we can have someone proofread our thesis, we have someone who’ll pay our online purchase, we can count on someone for financial help, we have someone when we just want to rant about our work, we have someone who’ll listen on family tralala and the list goes on and on.

But no, our relationship is hardly perfect. There are times when we just say No to a get-together/bonding because we already have different priorities.

Initially, our plan was to meet in our province, and just visit our old school and perhaps, reminisce. But we’ve done that before.

We also went swimming in our province.
Spent a day during the Holy Week at the Divine Mercy.

Got drunk at 10th.

Last year, we went to Baler.

For this year, we weren’t able to plan an out-of-town trip. So we decided to meet in Trinoma and watch a movie. I insisted on watching Rosario, btw. Haha. Unfortunately, Chie, Alona and Liza didn't make it. =( We were joined by Raisa (Meri's sister), Shali (Roma's friend) and Cris (Diane's friend) instead.

So, I was two hours late, and when I arrived we just talked for few minutes and decided to eat. The first option was in Yakimix but it was tooo expensive. Remember, I’m a cheapskate. =p So we opted to eat in Bigoli. They have unlimited garlic sticks! Haha!

We ordered their food package plus a pan of pizza. For the 6 of us, we only incurred around 1,400php. =)

Then we watched Rosario. We went to Starbucks in SM North Edsa after, and stayed there for few hours to talk about life, love and relationships (and the lack of it, in my case!).
We've been friends almost half my life. And I love them. =)

Thanks Diane, Meri and Shali for the pictures.


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My 2010 in Review

December 29, 2010 Tsina 27 Comments

Ngayong 2010 ako ay –

na-promote; natapos ang bond;

nag-Gordon sa national election;


nag-Skywalk sa Cebu, mudslide sa Caliraya, nag-island hopping sa Hundred Islands, namangka sa Underground River, nag-snorkeling sa Honda Bay, namasyal sa Puerto Princesa;

nagtanim para sa Marikina Watershed, tumakbo sa 10.10.10;

nag-deactivate ng Facebook, nag-register ng sariling domain,


Thanks Kath for the picture.


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'Tis the Season of Giving

December 27, 2010 Tsina 11 Comments

I love gifts. I love surprises. No matter how small, or how insignificant something is, it wouldn't really matter. This Christmas, I received few small things from my officemates.

Jeng gave me this tote bag.
Alvie gave me this mini puzzle. 
Carla gave me this lotion. She also gave me the House Rules book for our team exchange gift, remember?
Cora gave me this pocket mirror. 
Jessan gave me this Samba Choco Sprinkles.
And even the owner of the place we're renting, gave me this optical control LED night light. Nice di ba?
I bullied Vince to give me this last Christmas Party. 
On the other hand, I'm giving pocket mirrors to my friends,
and these cute mugs to my officemates as my post-Christmas/2011 gifts.
See, simple things! But it's the thought that counts, right?

Anyhow, they have given me something that I would never trade for the world - friendship!! =)


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Reunion #1: Dads with 5B

December 24, 2010 Tsina 25 Comments

The last time we had dinner was during Grace's birthday celebration at Giligan's. And that was October.
They were my classmates in my last year of college - the most difficult year. And yea, I'm not just talking about acads. =p But they were are one of my coolest friends. I remember feeling unsure on my first week of school back then. But when you got invited in a dinner because they won in an MTV contest that you were not even a part of;
or got to join their "impromptu photo shoots" for no reason whatsoever;
somehow, you'll feel at ease. And I was. I am. 

The first Christmas party with them was in Julius' residence. It was inuman until morning. The second one, which was two years ago, was in EA's residence. It was a videoke party.
And so, when I was planning the get-together/reunions that I'll be attending this year, I added them on my list. Despite having no definite plan yet. I initiated on contacting them. I emailed them - EA, Jelai, Bing, Grace, Roy, Ai, Pards, Z, Ivan and Paula. Ai, Pards, Ivan and Z didn't confirm though. We decided on the date - December 20, and on the venue - SM Megamall (the usual meeting place!). Then, I sent an SMS to everyone. Many responded positively.

Since we couldn't schedule a Christmas party in our province, we opted for a Christmas dinner. the first choice has been Dads - The Ultimate Buffet Restaurant. But it's rather too expensive. So we tried to google for other restaurant in Atrium. But still we opted to Kamayan. They have 10 + 1 forever promo anyway.

On the 20th, I called Dads. I was going to reserve for 12 at a 7.30pm dinner. But I was informed that they only accept until 6.30pm reservations. So I called EA and informed her about it. I told her to proceed to Kamayan, and we didn't have a reservation. At 6.30pm, I texted everyone. And just when I was about to leave the office, the developer on the defect that I was working pinged me. And I had to stay for an hour more to resolve the issue. Talk about good timing! So, ayun late ako.

It wasn't my first time eating at Dads. But this was the first time that I got a little disappointed. There were not enough food. I mean, even fruits! We (I mean, not just us but other people as well!) were still eating but they were already fixing their stuff. It's supposed to be an eat-all-you-can restaurant for crying out loud.

Anyway, did I mention that they each ordered a bottomless iced tea? Well, they did. Of course, they each got a bear. 
I thought the budget was 400php max!!

There were 16 of us who dined here. Only RC opted for the ultimate buffet, and he paid 829php which includes his bottomless iced tea. I paid 330php, as well as Bing and Ofel because we didn't order the iced tea. The rest of them paid 530php. Just do the math. =p
Kahlil arrived with William just when we were about to leave. Then we went to Cabalen because Julius and Mhoe were having their batch dinner there. 
Overall, I must say that this is a well-attended dinner - Tsina, Jelai, Ea, Grace, Bing, Paula, Ronald, Lester, Mandap, Mark, Kath, Roy, RC, Rio, Glai and Ofel plus Kahlil and William plus Julius and Mhoe!!

To many more years of friendship, cheers!!

One reunion down. I still have five more!!
*Thanks 5B for the pictures. =)


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Pasko and Facebook Blah Blah

December 19, 2010 Tsina 18 Comments

Makikipag-reconcile na ako kay Facebook. Ang hirap pala ng walang access sa pictures ko. Pose ako ng pose, pa-cute ng pa-cute, pero wala naman akong kopya ng mga pictures. Aayusin ko na lang ang security settings ko. At ide-delete ang mga nasa friends' list ko na hindi ko naman talaga ka-close. 


Wala kami class nung Thursday. Kakaasar lang kasi busy sa office. Nagpunta pa din ako school kasi walang announcement na walang class. Piso lang naman ang text. Hay nako. The good thing, gumagawa sila ng parol for the lantern parade. Tumulong ako ng konti lang, as in konting-konti lang. Negligible, hehehe. Pero hindi rin ako nakanood ng lantern parade nung Friday kasi may work. Once pa lang ako nakanood ng lantern parade. Hindi naman kasi ako dun nag-undergrad. =)


Company Christmas party kahapon sa Araneta Coliseum. Sa lower box dapat ako, kaso nasa upper box yung team mates ko, kaya tumakas ako para dun maka-pwesto. Hehe. Late ang Bamboo, buti na lang ni-save ni Alex Calleja, team lead/stand-up comedian, ang show.  May regalo naman siyang netbook mula kay George. Sana daw iPad na lang. =p Pagdating ng Bamboo, performance level naman. Naka-12 songs sila. At oo, binilang ko talaga. Haha.

Pangatlo ko na itong Christmas party, pero never pa ako nanalo sa raffle. Deeemnn, sayang yung iPad at DSLR kagabi. =|

Sa Legend Villas nga pala yung Year-End Party (aka Christmas Party) ng project namin. Buti naman at hindi na kailangan mag-costume. Last year, nag-Jabbawockeez kami. 

At hindi nga ba nung Halloween party, eh nag-costume din kami? Buti ngayon, normal na tao lang ako. Haha!


Manonood nga pala ako ng Rosario. Hehe. Iniisip ko pa kung manonood ako ng RPG: Metanoia. =p

Gusto ko na mag-bakasyon. Bakasyon mode na ako. Kaso may work pa ako hanggang  Dec 23. Sa Dec 20, may get-together with 5B. Sa Dec 26, may get-together with Amazing. Sa Dec 27 naman ang get-together with Charity. At sa January 3 naman ang reunion namin ng Peyspipol.  Kailangan ko pumayat. Chos!

Thanks Carla for the picture.


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Letter to the One

December 12, 2010 Tsina 7 Comments

Dear -

Love - or the feeling of being in love - is something that is easy to obsess about. I've been pessimistic that there is that someone out there who'll love me for who I am - for all the quirks and imperfections. To be honest, I've also been afraid. I hate it when people leave. I hate it when I need to pick the broken pieces and try to piece them back together. I hate it when someone would take me to Neverland and put me back on Earth - broken and helpless. I hate it when I lose my control. When suddenly, my life seems to depend on that one person. With love  - or obsession - you could lose yourself, and you'd be lucky if he knows just the right time to pull you back on Earth. Tell me, I'm lucky because I'll have you. Never again would I mistake love for obsession. Love is more than all the cliches that we grew up with hoping that fairy tales do come true. Love is more than the drama that we watched on the big screen hoping to convince ourselves that pain is part of the game.

I am not perfect. I hope you understand that I have my quirks. I might suddenly tell you that I want to dance in the rain in the middle of the street. But you'll also hold me when the lightning starts to unleash its fury. You hold me because you know, I'm afraid of lightning.

When I'm sad, you sing our favorite song. You'll surprise me on my birthdays, on our anniversaries and on all the special days in our lives. You know, I love surprises. I love to travel albeit budget travel. But I hope you wouldn't mind going for the long bus rides with me. I hope you don't mind eating exotic food because I just want to try it. Someday, we'll star gaze and run around the Eiffel Tower.

There are times that you might feel that I'd like to punch you in the face though. But please, do not be afraid to tell me that I'm wrong. You should have the guts tell me that I'm not making sense. You should have the power to make me stop when I'm on my bitchy mode. You can, even though you are aware that it would start an argument between us. You know, I would love to have someone with 'balls', whatever that means.

I hope that I will not bore you with my rantings. But you know what, your presence would worth more than a case of alcohol; and you listening would worth more than a truckload of dark chocolates.

Love is you. The world could give us a thousand interpretation about love, but I wouldn't care. Love doesn't need to be perfect. I hope you'll complement me and not pull me in a world where you'd be the sun, and I'd be the planet to revolve around you. I'd hate you for that. 

Why aren't you here yet? Please, let you be worth the wait.

S -


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8 x 11 : Continuation

December 12, 2010 Tsina 1 Comments

Hi T -
I saw you today. But I pretended otherwise. I saw you looked at my direction. But I pretended to be listening intently on my professor.

I could still remember being in the same room with you – me, doodling, and you listening at him.  I could still remember the few months back when we were still supposed to be close friends - the after-class walks to the nearest jeepney stops peppered with anything-under-the-sun conversations. You were my closest friend in that side of the planet, actually. 

I still remember the last jeepney ride with you. I still remember the rain.  Why would the rain take you away from me? He actually didn’t bother to answer.

It’s been more than a week since the last time I sent you an SMS.  I have no intention of sending another one, to be honest.  I think, I’ve said enough. You are not keeping in touch – maybe I should take it as a sign.

Take care though. The universe cares more than you thought. When I see you again, I'll probably smile. In friendship, we should not demand. But I guess, there is a thin line between love and friendship. And I see my footprints on it.

S -


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My Favorite Person in the World!

December 12, 2010 Tsina 3 Comments

He is the favorite.

She is the internet addict who hogs the computer all the time. She is the roommate who is too busy to listen. She is the pessimist on his relationships. She is the cold and unemotional sister.  

But she cried buckets on Wednesday.

He got sick. He couldn’t eat. He even vomited. They brought him to the hospital. They suspected dengue.

She cried hard. She cried in the restroom. She cried in the office. She has been frightened. She didn’t know what to do.

She promised herself to let him surf the internet in her laptop. She would listen to all his stories – may it be about She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or just about anything. She would respect his relationships. She talked to Him, and just cried.

When he got better, he thanked her. She thanked God.

Perhaps, she never told them. But she loves them – more than anything else.
 He is her favorite.


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Christmas 2010: Hey, My Wish List

December 05, 2010 Tsina 25 Comments

Funny, but I hope no one from my team would get to check my blog before the eight of this month. You see, we'll be having our Christmas dinner then + exchange gift. Alvie emailed us last week for our code name and wish list (minimum of P300). I put in Tinkerbell first, then re-read the email and realized that we should be using any Christmas related code name. Soo scratch Tinkerbell, I am Star!

For my wish list, I originally planned to ask for a Navi planner. But then I changed my mind, so I asked for:

1. Anti-Shock/Hard Shell Laptop Sleeve. I've been looking for this for ages but I couldn't find this anymore in CD-R King stores.
The Hard Shell laptop sleeve is a new product, I think. 
Either of the two is good for me. =)

Pictures taken from CD-R King!

2. House Rules by Jodi Picoult. I love her My Sister's Keeper, and I've read The Pact (although I don't like the ending of this one).
Picture taken from Jodi Picoult's website.

3. Connecting Flights - Filipinos Write from Elsewhere. It's a collection of poems, essays and fictions by our very own Filipino writers.

Picture taken here.

So, I'm not sure what I'm going to get on the 8th. But I do hope it's something from my list. =)

Aside from the P300-worth-of-wish-I'd-get-from-my-team, I'd also would love to get:

1. Kindle. Although I love my Mobipocket Reader on my BlackBerry to the bits, it would be great to have a Kindle. Imagine all the ebooks I could put in there. Hmm. And it's bigger, and with 3G. And mobile phones are for texting/calling/mobile browsing, and Kindle is for ebooks. Let's talk about exclusivity. =)

Picture taken here.

2. CDO-Camiguin/Bangkok Trip. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I want to go to CDO-Camiguin!! I want to shop in Bangkok!! Heelloooo, where would this fit in my budget? So, that's why it's on my wish list. Someone, surprise me! Lol.

3. Lumix LX3.
Picture from DPReview.

4. Year-end bonding/out-of-town with HS friends.

5. A phone call/IM message from the Statue of Liberty. =p

6. All the happiness in the world for my family.

7. Long vacation with pay. LOL.

8. Job offer. Joke. =p

9. World Peace. =p

Okay, so I don't really want to update you if I don't get to have them. It would just be simply heartbreaking. But if I'd get my wish 4 - wish 9, I'll update you big time. =)


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December 03, 2010 Tsina 15 Comments

She is clingy. She doesn't impress you with her brains. She doesn't use complex words. She comes from an unknown far-away land. She stutters when she's nervous. She's bad at directions. She is naive. She couldn't sing. She couldn't dance. She couldn't even cook.She tells you when she's scared.  She makes mistake.

No, she couldn't be the one.

But she laughs at your jokes. She appreciates your presence. She tells you stories. She welcomes you in her life. She is bad at goodbyes. She speaks her mind. She is a dreamer. She always tries after her every failure. She is easy to impress. She is independent. She makes you smile when you're sad. She stays at your side - through the ups and downs. She finds comfort in your silence. She believes in you. 

She loves you - and your imperfections. 

But no, she still couldn't be the one.


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