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October 25, 2010 Tsina 0 Comments

Hi T -   

I guess, it's about time to move forward. I've been stuck for a great while. I've been happy. I will always appreciate your presence in my life. You are my constant listener. You are my clown. Thank you for the wonderful smiles. Sometimes, I wish I could tie you with my shoelaces. Just so, you never have to leave. But I am not selfish. You are like a rock - strong and dependable. You don't need the sun nor the moon to shine. 

You know, I've never been good in hints. I don't understand the stares nor the implied messages. I need security. I need assurance. But then again, perhaps, it all starts and ends with friendship. I have no complaint. You've been such a good friend.

I know, I shouldn't be surprise when I see you in the center stage again.  You belong there - where everyone can look up on you.

I need to stop now. This has always been my way of staying sane.    
I will miss your laughters.
I will always treasure the friendship.

And I promise you, when you need me, just look back, I'll be where you left me last.

I'll stop on missing you,
S -

** This is neither fact nor fiction. Let's go in between.


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Get Spooky in the Photo Booth!

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I am not the best person to talk about fashion. I neither know how to do my own make-up nor to pair my oh-so-dependable corporate top to a skirt. So, when our Talent Engagement decided to do a movie-inspired costume pre-Halloween Party, I hardly shown eagerness on searching for our team's costume. Three days before the party, our team still couldn't decide on what to wear. From High School Musical, Flinstones, Sex and the City, Sister Act to finally Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. A day before the event, Alvie and Cora scouted two yards of cloth for each of us in Megamall. And yes, we are going to don only this with the help of safety pins. Ohhnnnooo.

We left the office early because Alvie and I are part of the Logistics team which means that we have to take care of the equipments and the decorations. We arrived at the Discovery Suites and found the photo booth being set-up outside the function hall. We told them to move it inside so during the program, they could have their pictures taken without leaving the hall. After putting in the fake webs, we changed to our costumes. Since our Percy Jackson got sick on the day of the event, we just settled to being without our lead star.

When asked for our movie, we told them that we're from Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, Troy and even Encantadia (they actually appear in Mulawin, The Movie) for local branding. Take your pick!

 Everyone had their costumes on - even our senior executive and managers.
For the other teams, we have -
Despicable Me

Scary Movie

Addams Family

And the winners, 

Alice in Wonderland (3rd)

Harry Potter (2nd)

Pirates of the Carribean (1st)

And by the way, someone actually thought of being the moviegoers. Brilliant!

26 before 26 Update:

Yesssss naman! Now, I've ridden the photo booth fame. 

15. Take pictures in photo booth. Makiuso lang ba? =p

*Thanks Pose and Print for the pictures
Visit their website at www.poseandprint.com


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Salamat, Orez!

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Nakakainis. Mas pinapahalagahan talaga natin ang isang tao kapag wala na sila sa buhay natin. Bakit nga ba ganun?

Hindi naman kita crush. Close friend lang ang tingin ko sa’yo – kasabay umuwi, kakulitan, ka-groupmate. Hindi ko alam kung bakit isang araw, possessive na ako sa’yo. Nagulat ako nung Wednesday. Bakit parang naiinis ako na nagtatawanan kayo? Bakit naiirita ako na kinakausap mo siya pero ako hindi? Naguguluhan ako.

Confirmed. Hindi na tayo magkakasama ulit. Iba na schedule mo. Iba na schedule ko. Hindi ko naman ugaling mag-adjust para sa ibang tao – kahit pa para sa’yo.

Tahimik lang ako nung nagku-kwento ka nung nagla-lunch tayo. Wala naman ako masasabi. Baka mapansin mo lang na naiinis na ako kasi yung 50% na chance na makasama kita ulit ay leaning to negative.Wala, eh. Sasabihin ko sana sa’yo beforehand yung schedule ko, pero mukhang decided ka na. Tahimik na lang ako.

Maya-maya lang, pinag-uusapan na naman yung schedule. Naiinis na ako. Bakit ba lagi na lang na iyan ang topic? Bigla ko na lang nasabi na hindi na tayo magkakasama. Natatawa ka. Sabi mo, mami-miss mo ako noh? Hindi ako nakasagot.

Nung napanood ko yung Eat, Pray, Love, naisip kita. Sabi kasi nung bestfriend ni Liz na hindi niya kailangan na umalis kasi may support system naman siya dun na tutulungan siya to move on. Alam mo ba na ganun ka din sa akin? Ikaw yung isa sa support system ko. Sa bagong mundo na pinasok ko, isa ka sa mga umalalay sa akin. Hindi ko kailangan na maging cool pag kasama kita. Hindi ko kailangan na maging sobrang intellectual. Basta alam ko lang, pag kasama kita, kailangan ko lang maging ako.

Dati, binibiro lang kita na ang swerte ko kasi nandyan ka. Sa pinaka-mababaw na dahilan na hindi ko kasi alam kung paano umuwi mag-isa. Hahaha. Oo, kasi sa’yo, nai-di-display ko yung mga ka-engot-engotan ko. Pinagsasabihan mo ako pag madami akong non-sense questions. Lagi mo ako inaasar. Lagi mo ako niyayabangan.

Sabi mo, dapat nga matuwa ako kasi may mga new set of friends na naman ako na makikilala. Paano ako matutuwa eh wala ka na? Sino na lang kaasaran ko? Sino na mang-aapi sa akin? Sino na kasabay ko umuwi? Sino na lang magpapalakas ng loob ko?

Nalulungkot ako.
At mami-miss kita.

Malapit na nga pala kaarawan mo..
Happy Birthday!!!!



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Ngayon ka lang ulit nagawi dito. Ang lapit-lapit mo pero pakiramdam ko palagi, ang layo mo. Mula nung June hanggang ngayong October, isang beses pa lang kita nakausap. Naalala mo ba yun nung nag-Hello ka sa akin nung nasa may elevator tayo? Baka hindi mo na tanda yun.

Pagdating sa mga pangarap kong gawin sa buhay, hindi ako madaling mag-give up. Makulit kasi ako. Pakiramdam ko, lahat ng gusto ko pwede ko makuha, basta tamang effort lang.

Pero, ikaw, gusto pa din kita. Pero gusto na kita i-give up.

Naka-hide na pala ako. O mas tamang sabihin na filtered na pala ako sa Facebook updates mo. Oo. Minsan kasi tinitingnan ko yung profile mo. Kasi nga, hindi ka naman mahilig mag-status. Nakita ko, may game updates. Pero hindi lumabas sa news feed ko. Ang totoo, nalungkot ako.

Ngayon, wala na akong dahilan para i-private message ka. Wala na ako maisip kung paano ko pa ipapaalam sa’yo ang existence ko. Ang totoo, bigla ako napagod.

Gets ko naman kasi. Hindi naman talaga tayo close. Minsan, nakakainis din yung pagpi-feeling close ko.

Siguro, naiinis ka na din.
* kathang-isip. o bahala ka na isipin kung kathang-isip nga.


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October 10, 2010 Tsina 0 Comments

We joined the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River. Apple, Silina and I registered on 3K only despite joining the 6K race on the Earth Run. It's Apple's first time, and Silina and I thought that we are not physically fit for the 5K. Our company paid for our registration fees and also of the 2000 others. They also provided us our company bib to identify us just in case we need medical assistance and an orange cap. =) 

I was a little hesitant to join the fun run. I imagined the people coming all across the metro to break a record. I also slept past 12mn. So I doubted if I could wake up as early as 3am. Apple volunteered to ring me at 3am. She did at 3.30am. I was at McDo Boni, our meeting place, at 4.30am. Apple and Beth came at 5am. Silina was a no show. We were joined by two of Apple's friends.

We rode the bus, and stood up all the way to the Mall of Asia. We reached MoA at around 6am already. The fun run has started. We were late for almost 44 minutes when we started to join the fun run. With so many people in the 3K, we could not really run and not even jog and so we ended up walking to the finish line. =)

We couldn't stand the heat, so we gave up our finisher's band. Then, two other friends of Apple came and told us to secure it on another area. We did. We were able to get hold of the finisher's band. Then, we decided to eat in Tapa King. At around 10am, we headed home. 

Based on the tweets of Nina Corpuz, we were not able to able to beat the 110K World Record. The fun run has 101K participants today. Personally, it was a good try. But honestly, it was so hard to run today. People were everywhere. It was so hot. On the positive note, it feels great that we were able to unite as a nation today. So much for a momentous event on 10.10.10!

According to Inquirer.Net, we unofficially did beat the world record. Story here.

*thanks Tin for the pictures!


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26 before 26!

October 03, 2010 Tsina 4 Comments

Tinatamad ako. Kaya naisipan ko na lang na mag-blog. Iniisip ko, ano ba gusto ko i-share ngayon? Hmm. Nung nag-blog hopping ako last week, nakita ko yung 25 before 25 project ni Apol. Naisip ko, ako din, gagawa ng list. Oo, medyo may pagka-inggitera kasi ako. Lol.

1. Get a tattoo. Uber low ng physical pain tolerance ko, pero gusto ko magpa-tattoo. Astig lang. Chos! Here’s the henna tattoo I got in the UP Fair last Feb 2009. =)

2. Conquer Sagada. For the nth time, gusto ko pumunta sa Sagada. Parang tingin ko, I’ll commune with nature in this place. Ang dilemma ko dati ay wala ako mayaya na mag-land travel with me for more than 10 freaking hours. Buti na lang, gusto din pala nina Apol. Niyayaya namin yung mga batch mates namin sa work. Sana matuloy, slated on December ito. =)

3. Watch a movie alone. I-le-level up ko na ang pagiging independent mode ko. Kung kaya kumain mag-isa sa mga resto, at kaya ko mag-mall mag-isa, bakit hindi ko makakaya na mag-movie mag-isa?

4. Bangkok Solo Travel. Papanindigan ko na ang pagiging loner/independent kuno ko. Gusto ko mag-solo travel at gusto ko sa Bangkok. Safe naman dito for backpacking. At mura lang. *wink*

5. Publish a book. Forever dream ko ito. May collaboration ako with my college-slash-school paper friends. Kalipunan ng mga tula. Naks, kalipunan daw! Lol. Writer-writer-an kasi ang drama ko. Sila talaga ang magagaling magsulat. Ako eh sabit lang! =)

6. Climb. Climb. Climb. I wanna be on top of the world! ‘nuf said. =)

7. 26-inch waistline. Nami-miss ko na maging payat. =(

8. Sponsor a child in World Vision. Matagal ko na gusto gawin ito, kaso financially unstable pa ako. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Hopefully, by 2011.

9. Volunteer. Matagal na din ako naghahanap ng volunteer works. Nag-sign up ako sa Black Pencil Project, pero nung time na may outreach program sila, ako naman ang hindi pwede. Father’s day kasi nun.

10. Watch Harry Potter on 3D. Am I excited for November? Of chors! I miss Harry, Hermione and Ron. The trailer is just sooo fantastic! Iiyak kaya ako sa second installment ng last movie? =p

11. Go on a blind date. This is a big no-no for me. But hey, I’m 25, it would be nice to do something daring. But he should at least be a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.

12. Get a DSLR. I’m a frustrated photographer. In college, SLR pa lang nun, I joined a photojournalism contest and won 3rd place. Tsamba! IKR.

13. Send snail mails to 5 friends. Sa sobrang technology enthusiasts na yata ang mga tao, it would take 5 seconds to comment on a friend’s FB status and another 5 seconds to send tweets to all your followers. Parang snail mails would be a great reminder of our good old past. Isa rin itong way to show that we have time to “stop and smell the roses”.

14. Start a scrapbook. Nakakatuwa lang. Sabi ko dati, pag may bf na ako ulit, mag-start na ako ng scrapbook. Eh, ang tagal niya, so sisimulan ko na. Lol.

15. Take pictures in photo booth. Makiuso lang ba? =p

16. Get certified. I already have one certification. But I have another certification in mind. Sana! =)

17. Pay off my credit card dues. Naging irresponsible credit card user ako this year, kaya ayun tuloy, kailangan ko na magbayad-bayad. Hehehe.

18. Get the highest score on one of any midterm/final exam. Hmm. Motivation lang. =p

19. Join a gameshow. Pangarap ko dati pa na sumali sa mga game shows. Gusto ko nga sumali dati sa Game Knb? at nag-text pa talaga ako to join, kaso wala, eh. Ngayon, okay yung Who Wants to be a Millionaire? or yung Asar Talo. Kaso pikon akoooooo!!

20. Corregidor trip. Gusto ko sana mag-cruise. Kaso jusme naman, ubod ng mahal. Corregidor trip na lang muna. Hehehe.

21. Save. Ang dami kong gastos, but I'll try to at least start an emergency fund. Kailangan ko ba ito? May ASLA naman ako, eh. Chos! =) 

22. Win something. Join lang ng join sa mga contests hanggang manalo. The last contest I joined in, this first quarter daw ang results. Please!!! =)

23. For a month, no FB, no YM, no BBM, no Twitter. Let's see how I can break up with technology. =p

24. Lie in the rain. Pangarap ko ito, promise! =p

25. Meet someone famous. Pa-autograph ba? =)

26. Live. Love. Enjoy. =)


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