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It’s been two years. And the road is not exactly smooth. The turns and the bumps left us bruised and scarred.

I remember two years back when we were just starting. Everyone was idealistic then. Fresh from college, we thought that life is as easy as in the movies. But hey, the effing life slapped us with the hard truth. From a bunch of happy-go-lucky kids, we became the workaholic yuppies. Then, recession hit us – and hard. Some of us had to go. For those left was the rougher road. I understood then that the company is not recession-proof. I understood the sudden change. I tried hard. But there are times that things are just too much for me.

I remember crying for all the missed opportunities. I remember cursing. I remember giving up. But I also remember the lessons. I remember the surprise endings to every sad turn. Work taught me a lot.

It’s been two years. I don’t know how many years more I would be staying here. I am not sure who would be left by then.

It’s been two years. And I stopped counting.


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.. the 24th and the rest of my life!! =)


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BBM much?

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I have always been a Nokia user. Well, yeah, I have tried a Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and even a Panasonic in the past. But I would always go back to Nokia. Nokia is very user-friendly and honestly, my Nokia e63 has everything I need – adobe reader, wifi, radio etc. But then I’ve decided to try a Blackberry. So off I go to my dear friend, Google. I read reviews, forums and updates about the Blackberry in the Philippines. Since Globe is offering a Blackberry Curve 8520 and Blackberry Bold 9700, I decided to check on them. Well, Bold is 28,190 pesos, and not on this lifetime would I spend that much on a mobile phone. Cheapskate much? Hahaha. Yeah. On the other hand, Curve is being offered for only 13,990 pesos. I told myself, that one I can afford. 

So, yesterday, I went to Globe Trinoma and made my purchase. I chose Black by the way, even though I would like to have the Red Berry to match my laptop. Hahaha. The Cashier told me that the warranty for Blackberry is only for repair, not replacement unlike what we are used to. I couldn’t do anything since I paid for it already. That’s the bad thing of not asking first. Hmm. Anyways, I proceeded in the Aftersales and I think that the customer representative is as knowledgeable to Blackberry as I am. The first time she held the phone, she touched the screen. I wanted to tell her that hey, it’s not a touch phone. Then, I asked her where I would find my pin. You wouldn’t believe what she told me, she said, “You have a pin, Ma’am?” OMG. But then after few seconds, maybe she remembered her lessons and informed me to check on it in Options>Status. There!

I tinkered with my BB, and considering that I used a QWERTY phone for more than a year, I have a hard time adjusting. I always forget that I couldn’t use the alternate characters by pressing the key longer just like in a Nokia phone. I also thought that the track pad is the same as the one in my Nokia e63. Well, they look the same. But that’s just it. Yes, yes, very noob here.

I registered to Globe BIS for five days to set up everything first. I was able to set-up my yahoo mail. Then I download Twitter and Blackberry World. The thing is, I downloaded Twitter and Facebook in the icons on the home screen, and I’m not sure whether it would accumulate extra charges. And then, I also downloaded and used Uber Twitter and realized that I’m not sure whether it’s included in the SuperSurf. Enlighten me, please? =)

So far, I’m liking it. But I couldn’t transfer files from my laptop to the BB, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong so I will research on it tomorrow. Hmm. I really just hope that my Globe bill would not shoot up because of my ignorance. Lol.

By the way, I only have two BBM contacts. BBM anyone? =)


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July 16, 2010 Tsina 4 Comments

Being broke is not an excuse not to travel. Hey, I’m totally broke now but I could still travel. Yun lang, I couldn’t go out of the country. =)

With my limited budget, I’ve been to Potipot in Zambales and Baler in Aurora last year. This year, I’ve been to Cebu – Bohol and Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. I also went to Pansol in Laguna for our team building and Caliraya Recreation Center which is also in Laguna for our summer outing.

Where am I heading soon? I’ll be in Puerto Princesa, Palawan with Celina, Apple Joy and hopefully Dwin on August 1 – 3. This would be a sort of celebration for our two years at work. =) On Oct 14 – 16, we’ll be flying North to visit Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpud. I’ll be with my 5b friends – Jelai, EA, Paula, Ronald, Grace, and Mandap. We scheduled another trip on November 28 – 30 and we’ll be in Dumaguete City, probably be going to beach bum in Apo Island. This time minus Mandap but plus Kath and Pamela.

Where would I want to go next? Well, in the Phillippines, I’ve been wanting to conquer Sagada but I couldn’t convince any of my friends to take more than 12 hours of land travel with me. Hmm, although I’m thinking to make it my first destination for solo travel. Let’s see if I have enough guts to do just that. =)

I also been wanting to visit Cagayan de Oro to try the white water rafting and then hop in to the beauty of Camiguin. I also heard that Siquijor is a place to see and fall in love with. Hmm, I hate the fact that we couldn’t squeeze it in our Dumaguete trip. =(

We planned to beach bum in Calaguas last May but it didn’t push through. I hope next year though.. I heard that the virgin beauty of Calaguas is a wow.

And outside the country? Well, I want to go to Vietnam. Why? For the cultural heritage, chos! And Thailand – for shopping spree. Hongkong – for Disneyland. Singapore – for job hunting. Hahaha. Joke. =)

Maybe someday, I’d be able to set foot on those places. And maybe to my ultimate dream destination – Paris! Hello, Eiffel Tower. Someday.. Someday.. =)


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Stop, Ready, Go!

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Iniisip ko, paano kung hindi na ako masaya sa kung nasaan man ako ngayon? Aalis ba ako para hanapin ang greater happiness or mananatili ako para hintayin ang pag-ayos ng mga bagay? Sabi ni Bo Sanchez, ang mga tao daw, merong comfort zone at courage zone. Hindi ko alam kung kaya ko na lumipat sa courage zone. Dito sa comfort zone, sanay na ako sa mga bagay-bagay sa paligid ko. Kabisado ko na kahit ang pag-ihip ng hangin. Kung pipiliin ko na lumipat sa courage zone, paano kung hindi ko makaya ang pressure? Paano kung hindi rin ako maging masaya sa paglipat ko?

Natatakot ako na umalis. Baka kasi phase lang ito. Paano kung psychological lang ito? Paano kung nadadala lang ako ng emosyon ko? Baka sa mga susunod na araw, okay na ako.

Alam mo yung feeling na gusto mo mag-try na matuto mag-bike for the first time pero natatakot ka na sumemplang? Ganung-ganun ang nararamdaman ko.

Kung aalis ako, paano na ang iba pang mga bagay na mahalaga din sa akin?

Ang hirap naman.

Sabi ng student teacher ko nung elementary ako, "You have lots of guts, cultivate it."

Itatanim ko na lang ang guts ko.


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Hello, Hundred Islands!!

July 10, 2010 Tsina 2 Comments

Late blog entry na naman. Super busy kasi. Chos!!

Last July 2 - 3, sumabit kami ni Cat sa team building nina Kath sa Hundred Islands. Wala talaga iyon sa plano ko since broke na broke ako pero since mura lang naman, go na ako. Hahaha! In fairness to me, nag-VL pa ako para makasama. 

By 12midnight, nag-start na ang long ride to Pangasinan. They rented a van for all of us. 
L-R Tsina, Cat, Kath
Around 5am, nasa Pangasinan na kami. Wala pa pala sila naka-reserved na transient house. Pero madami naman pala dun na for rent. In few minutes, may nakita na agad na transient house for 2500php only (kung tama ang dinig ko! Lol.) Nagpahinga lang sandali, at nagluto lang sila ng mga dadalhin sa island hopping then off we go.  Para sa group of 16, ang island hopping cost us 2000php only. At ang first stop ay ang Governor's Island..

Quezon Island

Dito kami nag-lunch since may mga cottages dito for a fee. Dito rin kami nag-stay ng matagal to swim and beach bumming lang. Hahaha. =)

Children's Island
Dumaan din kami sa Cuenco Cave. Photo op much? =)

By morning ng July 3, pauwi na kami ng Manila. Oo, isang mabilisang bakasyon lang ito. Hahaha. Nakakatuwa lang na medyo nakakailang pala ang sumabit sa team building ng may team building. Well, well, well, at least, I've been to Hundred Islands na. Excitement na ako sa Palawan trip namin ng friends ko. =)

** Thanks Kath for the pictures!


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