December 03, 2010

She is clingy. She doesn't impress you with her brains. She doesn't use complex words. She comes from an unknown far-away land. She stutters when she's nervous. She's bad at directions. She is naive. She couldn't sing. She couldn't dance. She couldn't even cook.She tells you when she's scared.  She makes mistake.

No, she couldn't be the one.

But she laughs at your jokes. She appreciates your presence. She tells you stories. She welcomes you in her life. She is bad at goodbyes. She speaks her mind. She is a dreamer. She always tries after her every failure. She is easy to impress. She is independent. She makes you smile when you're sad. She stays at your side - through the ups and downs. She finds comfort in your silence. She believes in you. 

She loves you - and your imperfections. 

But no, she still couldn't be the one.

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  1. Like..
    she thinks about you at night.
    She thinks that cotton candy ain't bright at all without you.
    She thinks you are the one..

    but you think, no.. she couldn't be the one.

  2. I like it too...

    But why can't she be the one? Hmmm

  3. @ Ar-Ar apir.

    @ Sansan Hmm. Maybe because he has high standards. Or maybe he just really doesn't like her. =p

  4. Oh please don't tell me this is all about love. Haha.

  5. Ooohhh noooo. This is not all about love. =p

  6. SHE nga ba talaga?

    Like your post. Tinamaan ako. Ouch!

  7. @ MeMe No? Hehehe. Tinamaan ka? Hala. Share na iyan. =)

    @ Liz Pink Hahaha. Malapit na. =)

  8. i love this post. pwede bang irepost sa blog ko? i'll give the credits to you syempre. =)

  9. ang ganda! :) like ko din 'to tulad ng ibang nagcomment. :)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)