Reunion #1: Dads with 5B

December 24, 2010

The last time we had dinner was during Grace's birthday celebration at Giligan's. And that was October.
They were my classmates in my last year of college - the most difficult year. And yea, I'm not just talking about acads. =p But they were are one of my coolest friends. I remember feeling unsure on my first week of school back then. But when you got invited in a dinner because they won in an MTV contest that you were not even a part of;
or got to join their "impromptu photo shoots" for no reason whatsoever;
somehow, you'll feel at ease. And I was. I am. 

The first Christmas party with them was in Julius' residence. It was inuman until morning. The second one, which was two years ago, was in EA's residence. It was a videoke party.
And so, when I was planning the get-together/reunions that I'll be attending this year, I added them on my list. Despite having no definite plan yet. I initiated on contacting them. I emailed them - EA, Jelai, Bing, Grace, Roy, Ai, Pards, Z, Ivan and Paula. Ai, Pards, Ivan and Z didn't confirm though. We decided on the date - December 20, and on the venue - SM Megamall (the usual meeting place!). Then, I sent an SMS to everyone. Many responded positively.

Since we couldn't schedule a Christmas party in our province, we opted for a Christmas dinner. the first choice has been Dads - The Ultimate Buffet Restaurant. But it's rather too expensive. So we tried to google for other restaurant in Atrium. But still we opted to Kamayan. They have 10 + 1 forever promo anyway.

On the 20th, I called Dads. I was going to reserve for 12 at a 7.30pm dinner. But I was informed that they only accept until 6.30pm reservations. So I called EA and informed her about it. I told her to proceed to Kamayan, and we didn't have a reservation. At 6.30pm, I texted everyone. And just when I was about to leave the office, the developer on the defect that I was working pinged me. And I had to stay for an hour more to resolve the issue. Talk about good timing! So, ayun late ako.

It wasn't my first time eating at Dads. But this was the first time that I got a little disappointed. There were not enough food. I mean, even fruits! We (I mean, not just us but other people as well!) were still eating but they were already fixing their stuff. It's supposed to be an eat-all-you-can restaurant for crying out loud.

Anyway, did I mention that they each ordered a bottomless iced tea? Well, they did. Of course, they each got a bear. 
I thought the budget was 400php max!!

There were 16 of us who dined here. Only RC opted for the ultimate buffet, and he paid 829php which includes his bottomless iced tea. I paid 330php, as well as Bing and Ofel because we didn't order the iced tea. The rest of them paid 530php. Just do the math. =p
Kahlil arrived with William just when we were about to leave. Then we went to Cabalen because Julius and Mhoe were having their batch dinner there. 
Overall, I must say that this is a well-attended dinner - Tsina, Jelai, Ea, Grace, Bing, Paula, Ronald, Lester, Mandap, Mark, Kath, Roy, RC, Rio, Glai and Ofel plus Kahlil and William plus Julius and Mhoe!!

To many more years of friendship, cheers!!

One reunion down. I still have five more!!
*Thanks 5B for the pictures. =)

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  1. Hectic schedule, ei? XD 5 more reunions equal 5 times more fun. may you enjoy them all!

    Happy Holidays, Sheena! XD

  2. ang saya nyo tignan lahat... nice post :D

  3. @ Nimmy Haha. Dami pa ndi nakarating. Pero okay na din, well-attended naman siya, me thinks. =)

    @ Raffy Onga, eh. Tinatamad tuloy ako, joke. =p Happy Holidays din.

    @ Zeb Nako. Thanks, ha. =)

  4. It's the season to be chubby la la la la la. la la la la.

    Happy Holidays! Wishing you more blessings of love, good health, peace and luck ! :-)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. wee... buti ka pa bou barkada mo ngayon dis holiday... sa amin indi... wee... kung kelan pasko chaka pa nagkakawatak2... pero merry christmas parin...

  6. wow naman 5 more reunions?astig!5x the fun hehehe thank you pala sa pagdalaw sa bahay ko..balik ka ah?^^

    ngapala di talaga masyadong maganda ang service sa dads di rin masyadong masarap ang food..hehehe

  7. @ Supladong Office Boy Onga. Gusto ko pa naman pumayat ulit. =p

    @ KikoMaxXx Nako. Pagbatiin mo sila. Sayang ang friendship. =)

    @ Superjaid 5x the fun nga. =) Kaso may isa na yatang cancelled. Not sure, hindi pa din final. Sige, babalik ako. =)

    Happy Christmas everyone! =)

  8. ang saya naman ng mga reunions!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  9. happy times! kumusta na sa DADS? Ok pa rin ba ang buffet offer nila? haven't dined-in there for the longest time.

    thanks for dropping by my blog and giving a positive comment. i'm one of those who are spreading positivity in 2011... *cheers*

    aajao :)

  10. @ Aajao Ayus naman. Sa tingin ko okay pa din. Wag lang siguro late dinner. LOL.

    Merry Christmas Gillboard, Raft3r, Aajao! =)

  11. huwaw! ang saya saya naman!

    merry christmas nga pala sayu Tsina :) God is with us. hehe.

  12. Awww. Made me miss my college barkada too. Hopefully we could get together one of these days as well. =)

  13. We're having a high school reunion for the 4th time this December 28. But again, I feel like I'm not going to the reunion, because ang payat payat kon nah. lol. And yeah, they're expecting something for me because I just came back from abroa. Oh well, that's already almost 6 months ago and I have no money for fee. :D I haven't received my salary yet. I don't know what will this 28. For sure they will come to find.

    With my berks in college, We're only three left. Others went abroad.

  14. Nakakatuwa mag-reunion basta classmates mo before. I'm not that in-touch with my high school classmates so it's mostly my former college crowd that I meet up with during vacations. Nakaka-OP nga lang kung kinsan since most of them are already lawyers while iilan lang kami who chose to veer away from that career path and ended with the BPO industry.

  15. @ Nowitzki Yea. God is with us. =)

    @ Blackshirt13 Mag-get together kayo. Ikaw na mag-initiate. =)

    @ Meme Haha. Paano na iyan? Balitaan mo ako. =)

    @ Rose Ako naman, may mga friends pa din ako from HS. Sana matuloy kami sa 27th. =)

  16. Kahit na Dec26 na, babati pa rin ako ng Merry Christmas!! :D

  17. hi tsina, thanks sa pagdalaw mo sa aking blog :)

    Merry Christmas, kahit 26 na, hehe

    anyhow...ang saya naman ng inyong reunion,nakakainggit!whaahha,

    i am also looking forward sa reunion namen ng mga elementary classmates ko hehe....

  18. Hi tsina! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Sana naging meaningful and very happy yung Pasko mo. :D

    Advance happy new year too, wag magpaputok, baka maputulan. lol. :P

    Are you from PLM? :)

  19. @ Will Merry Christmas din. =)

    @ TR Aurelius Haha. Nakakatuwa nga. Nag-elementary reunion naman kami last year. =)

    @ Nielz Salamat. Maligayang Pasko din. =) Nope, hindi ako from PLM. =)

  20. Hi sis, di you study at BSU? (can't help but notice the uniform kasi) if yes, small world. I graduated from their Sarmiento campus branch. :)

    Visited from GT.

  21. wow, ang saya ng get together nyo. And syempre topping the good company with good food makes it more special :)

  22. wow, ang saya ng get together nyo. And syempre topping the good company with good food makes it more special :)

  23. @ Madz Yup. I did. =) Small world nga, hahaha!

    @ Hanging Bridge Onga, ang saya. Sana maulit ulit. =)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)