Letter to the One

December 12, 2010

Dear -

Love - or the feeling of being in love - is something that is easy to obsess about. I've been pessimistic that there is that someone out there who'll love me for who I am - for all the quirks and imperfections. To be honest, I've also been afraid. I hate it when people leave. I hate it when I need to pick the broken pieces and try to piece them back together. I hate it when someone would take me to Neverland and put me back on Earth - broken and helpless. I hate it when I lose my control. When suddenly, my life seems to depend on that one person. With love  - or obsession - you could lose yourself, and you'd be lucky if he knows just the right time to pull you back on Earth. Tell me, I'm lucky because I'll have you. Never again would I mistake love for obsession. Love is more than all the cliches that we grew up with hoping that fairy tales do come true. Love is more than the drama that we watched on the big screen hoping to convince ourselves that pain is part of the game.

I am not perfect. I hope you understand that I have my quirks. I might suddenly tell you that I want to dance in the rain in the middle of the street. But you'll also hold me when the lightning starts to unleash its fury. You hold me because you know, I'm afraid of lightning.

When I'm sad, you sing our favorite song. You'll surprise me on my birthdays, on our anniversaries and on all the special days in our lives. You know, I love surprises. I love to travel albeit budget travel. But I hope you wouldn't mind going for the long bus rides with me. I hope you don't mind eating exotic food because I just want to try it. Someday, we'll star gaze and run around the Eiffel Tower.

There are times that you might feel that I'd like to punch you in the face though. But please, do not be afraid to tell me that I'm wrong. You should have the guts tell me that I'm not making sense. You should have the power to make me stop when I'm on my bitchy mode. You can, even though you are aware that it would start an argument between us. You know, I would love to have someone with 'balls', whatever that means.

I hope that I will not bore you with my rantings. But you know what, your presence would worth more than a case of alcohol; and you listening would worth more than a truckload of dark chocolates.

Love is you. The world could give us a thousand interpretation about love, but I wouldn't care. Love doesn't need to be perfect. I hope you'll complement me and not pull me in a world where you'd be the sun, and I'd be the planet to revolve around you. I'd hate you for that. 

Why aren't you here yet? Please, let you be worth the wait.

S -

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  1. Geeee! this is such a bummer...hehehe! But I love the way you delivered your thoughts here. Sigh...saan na nga ba cya? hehehe!

  2. i like when you said that love is not really a fairy tale... we could always be a princess in some guy's eyes.. but we don't always wear a tiara or a long diamond dress to compliment that...

    hmmm.... :)

    love love love...

  3. salamat sa pagtambay sa site ko. balik ka girl! parang di ka talaga inlab. LOL

  4. I think people expect too much about love. That it should be somehow like in the movies or fairytales na dapat those princes and princesses should take us away from our problems and all those cheezy shit.

    They key is to not expect anything at all from anybody. kahit friends. Once you expect anything, you will always get disappointed. If you want people to accept your flaws, it should be the same way around. =)

    Also, people should learn to be happy and content even though they are single. The other half should just be a good cherry topping on your happy ice cream life. (ano daw??? wahahahaha)

  5. @ rabsin_d Hahaha. Bummer pala, ha. =p Nako, di ba nga na-traffic? =p

    @ Kamila Haha. Correct. =)

    @ Ester Yaje Nako, para sa future partner pa iyan. Haha.

    @ Robbie Ang habaaa! But I agree with you, kaya nga gusto ko is someone to complement me and not someone to complete me.

    At sa marami din namang perks ang pagiging single. Na-share ko lang naman ang gusto ko sabihin sa future partner. Hehe. =)

  6. teka nga at ipapaala ko to sa "pace" hahaha

    sa hulagpos na nga lang ng mentors hehehe :D

  7. Hahaha. Punyemas sila. Hahaha. =p

    May Hulagpos ang Mentors? =)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)