My .com! Yipeeee!

I hope you do notice – I have a new domain name! Shala. =)

I’ve been wanting one ever since. Then, a week ago, I have this strong urge to get myself a .com. And please, do not ask why, I have no idea. Compare it to impulsive shopping, that is.

But then again, I also wondered whether it is worth getting. I mean, it is worth getting, I’m sure of it. But is my blog worth my own domain? My entries are all truly personal. Few are travel accounts. That is my primary reason for not getting it last weekend.

So while I’m slacking on a Monday, I asked a friend about it. Well, he asked me, first and foremost, if it is for a hobby and if it would be of any use to me. I said, yes. Sort of a hobby. But I am not sure if I can monetize it, I don’t know how, and my entries are all personal. You know, he said, then get one, it’s a hobby. It is just like photography. The difference however is instead of getting a DSLR, you get a domain name. With that, I just know, I’m getting one.

So the next step is to choose the domain name to register. I really don’t have many choices in mind. First, I don’t think, I am that creative. Lol. Second, my mind is settled on what I want – sorry, it’s not flexible, when it feels so sure. Not on this lifetime, I’d like to get No serious reason though. Sadly, before I even get to register, it becomes unavailable. It was available just the weekend before it!!! I was devastated. Honest. So the next day, I pinged/texted friends again, and conducted my little survey. The results are in. See below. got 6 votes got 8 votes got 5 votes

Yup. I only have few friends, so the figures. Lol. Moving forward, I logged in to, went to Settings> Publishing. I clicked on Custom Domain. Input the preferred domain name. Input my information. But failed, tsk tsk. So, I asked Meri to register the domain name directly in She has a PayPal so that's better. In few minutes, I received the Order Confirmation. I got the domain name for $12.17/year. Thanks, Meri!!

I went back to Blogger, then input the domain name. I thought, I'm going to wait for a day for it to be set-up. But noooo, it was just in an instant. I'm superglad. Blogger will automatically redirect my blogspot address to this new one. Isn't that great?

So that’s how I end up with my new domain name. Hey, by the way, is originally suggested by Silina to tease me because I've been bothering them a lot with my domain name issue. Thanks, Silina!

By the way, is there anyone out there who is willing to create me a good/simple/minimalist layout? I’ll pay you with kindnesssssss. =p


  1. Congratulations to your new DotCom, Sheena! (nagbackread ako, and I saw your name) XD

    I've been wanting to get my own domain - pero parang hindi talaga worth-it sa klase ng blog ko. hehe. XD

    Congratulations again!

  2. Hahahaha. Aray ko, ako din naman, puro ako personal posts. =p

    Thanks for dropping by. =)

  3. galing! me dot com ka na... pangarap ko rin to kaso wala naman gaano nagbabasa ng blog ko. nyahahha! keep it up! \m/

  4. congratulations sis... If you want your layout custom made, right now, I can't think of anyone who has the time to do it (sorry sis, medyo busy lahat ng tao especially magpapasko). But there are a lot of free templates. I'm sure you'll find something at least for now. :)

    Anyways, about earning - trust me, I've been there too! I thought I was too ambitious especially since I started with a personal blog. But with patience and skill (naks! Harry Potter ito! *lol*) I mean, patience and more patience(wala pala akong skill), I finally earned something. Malayo parin naman ako compare to other bloggers who already earned hundreds or thousands a month but at least my earnings are enoough for me to keep my domain name and buy some things for myself... Good Luck!

  5. @ chyng Hahaha. Thanks. Hesitant pa ako nung una, but I'm glad I have it na. =)

    @ artie ang nice/cute kaya ng mga posts mo.

    @ sansan ang haaabaaaa. =) yup, hahanap muna ako ng mga free blog templates. ta-try ko din gumawa, kaso wala ako tiwala sa artistic sense ko. hehehehe.

    at may Harry Potter fever tayo, ha. =)

  6. Hmm mukhang minimalist naman na ang layout mo ah hehehe... Congrats sa domain mo! Sarap ikalat kapag may .com no? hehehehe

  7. Hehehehe. Oo minimalist na ito. Gusto ko lang sana ng bago ulit na layout. Hahaha. Korek, sarap ikalat pag .com. =p

  8. oo medyo may hang over pa ako sa HP...

    sa lahat ng mga sites na nakuhanan ko na ng free templates (hehe), ito pinakafave ko

  9. The domain name is so cute. i like it! Ako din sana soon! Pero pagiisipan ko pa. Hehe! Congrats! Ü

  10. I hope I'd have my own domain too someday :) but I'll probably have to use it for business.

  11. Sige, get your own domain na din. Hmm. What type of business? Goodluck though. =)

  12. Ang pricey pala to buy your own domain, kala ko naman mura lang. Haha. But congratuleyshens!

    I have retracted myself from reading your old posts for fear of the unknown! Haha! (i.e. HP7 spoiler) but I'll get back to you on this!

    P.S. I love the way you write. =D

  13. For a year na yun, hehehe.

    Nood ka ng HP7, maganda siya promise. =)

    And thank you. Nakakatuwa na may nakaka-appreciate. =p

  14. Hope to get my own domain too :)

    Dropping by from GT.

  15. Get your own na. Feeling mo, sa'yo talaga siya, hahahah. =)

    And thanks for dropping by. =)

  16. Dropping by from GT! :)

    Wow, congrats naman on the new domain. I've been meaning to get one as well pero siguro mga next year na.

  17. Yey, thanks! Will wait for your new domain. =)

  18. Hi, saw about your new domain on girltalk. Congrats! :)
    Yes you can monetize your blog even if your posts are personal. I've seen lots of sites na nag-e-earn sa personal blog nila.:)

  19. Woa, thanks, that's why I love Girltalk - lots of friends. =)

    I put Adsense nga and Nuffnang. Try lang, but the blog still for my rantings/angst/stories. Hahaha. =)

  20. oks lang yun kahit puro rants :)
    Try applying to paid posts sites pag at least three months old na domain mo :)

  21. Your own dot com. Wow, you are going hardcore.

    Cheers you!

  22. @ dothy will try that. hehehe. =p

    @ momel hahahaha. kaso ndi hardcore laman nito. thanks though. =p

  23. Congratulations! Pretty much the same ordeal I went through with my domain name. I didn't get the dot com but that's ok, coz I really like my name.

  24. Thanks po. =)It's okay not to get your own domain since you like your domain name naman. =)

  25. wow congrats on the domain! i still don't have one, i am getting inspired because of this entry! thanks!!! Godspeed!

  26. Wow. Thanks! You'd get one na unless you have a high PR and you don't want to lose it. =)


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