The Lotto Fever!

November 26, 2010

I am no fan of the lottery game. It is a game of chance. What is the probability that I’ll win? Deeemmnnn the permutation, I am not going to compute. But I know, I am sure, I have the slimmest chance to win. But when the prize reached the P400M mark, woaaa, fan or no fan, I’m going to bet!

My first bet was two Saturdays ago, right after class, I went to Trinoma, I’m not even sure that it is the 6/55 game that I should be betting until I heard the people around me. So, I selected few numbers like my birth month, birth day, my work start date, his birth day and then randomly picked for the remaining numbers. I only bet for P40 by the way. Each bet costs P20. =p As expected, I didn’t win. I didn’t even get to match at least 3 winning combinations.

Now, the that-lottery-which-is-only-a-game-of-chance is now giving away P685 million. Imagine that?? Where the heck I’m going to spend that much money? Let’s assume that I’ll get the 6 winning combinations. Let’s assume that I am the sole winner. OOkay, scratch that. There are two winners – and I am one of them. (Hahaha. I’m sharing the luck, guys! =p) What would I do with my whooping millions?

Aside from the usual you-must-claim-and-put-it-in-a-bank intelligent response, I think I’m going to:

- Buy myself a house and lot. It’s everyone’s dream.
- Buy my family a house and lot. Set aside another million for them.
- Buy a car. Although, I don’t drive, I could always hire a driver. =p
- Travel ala Eat, Pray, Love for a year as well.
- Invest in real estate properties.
- Start a business.
- Build an orphanage.
- Build schools.
- Set up scholarship funds.

For the rest of my millions, probably, I’ll let it sleep on the bank until I can think of what to do with them. Ooohh, the happiness of wishful thinking.

Kidding aside, with all the hype this lotto is getting, I wonder why we can’t just donate the winning prize to charity. I mean, let’s face it, someone would definitely win and they would give away the millions. Why don’t we just give a million each to 685 charitable organizations/public schools? It’s Christmas anyway. I will not complain promise. =P

Update (11/30/2010)
So, it's final. One lucky bettor gets to take home the millions. Story here.

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  1. Your chance to win the 6/55 grand lotto is one in 28,989,675! XD I'm not a regular bettor neither - like you I just started lining up in lotto booths 2 week ago, hehe. XD

    I'm just wondering what they're going to do (PCSO) when the grand prize hits the billion mark. I heard in the news the other day that some officials are suggesting to put the prize back to it's original amount if nobody wins. Sucks. Where are they going to put the money???

    I like your idea - give a million to every public schools in the country. That would be more than enough to put up around 10 to 20 classrooms in every school. That's what I would do if I have command over PCSO. XD

  2. Hahahaha. Too bad, 1 in 28,989,675!

    Let's see what would happen in the coming days. Who knows they really would think of putting the millions to charity. =)

  3. Hi Tsina! So have you placed your bets? I started playing when the jackpot reached 500M!:D I bought more than 10 sets today hoping and wishing I'd hit even just 5 numbers! LOL. Have a great evening. Do you have twitter? Follow me- @pebbykins

  4. Hahahaha. Goodluck, Pebbles. 5 numbers is good as well. =)

    Okay, I'll follow you. =)


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