How to Use Custom Domain in your Blog?

November 23, 2010

-->So, now that I have my own domain name. I’m going to share what I did in order to use the registered domain name from in my blogspot.

Initially, I planned to get my domain from Blogger, but because I encountered error on that night, I opted in getting it from GoDaddy. I searched for my preferred domain name to ensure that it is still available. Then I created an account before I registered the domain name. I received the order confirmation from GoDaddy.

I login to GoDaddy and then went to My Account> Domain Manager to create the CNAME record. I scrolled down to DNS Manager and then clicked on Launch. The newly registered domain should be associated to

Check if there is already a record for www, if there is, click to edit , otherwise create a new record. Remember that on Host column, put in only www and not (Okay, we're talking about putting in  your domain name.) I didn’t change the value on the TTL column. For other domain name provider, Blogger has this very helpful article.

Then, I went to Blogger> Settings> Publishing> Custom Domain. Since I already have the registered domain name, I went straight to Switch to Advanced Settings. Put in my registered domain name. Ensure to tick Redirect.

I tried on my browser and it went fine. I also tried, and it was okay. But when I tried, it is displaying that GoDaddy has parked it free. So I googled. I realized that I have a naked domain. I need to forward my bare domain to my custom domain. Good thing I came across this article. I went back to GoDaddy> Domain Manager. Selected my domain name, and then clicked on the Forward icon. I put in my domain name and then checked again. Poof, it worked!

But you bet, it would have been easier if I had it straight from Blogger. =p

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I really wanted to have my own domain name too kaso sobrang nagdadalawang isip ako since I'm earning from my blog already na. I hope it would be a great decision to get my domain name.

  2. Nakow, ako, I'm not earning. Gusto ko lang talaga, hahaha. Mare-reset yung Google PR mo kasi bagong domain na.

    Not sure kung may effect siya sa Adsense at sa Nuffnang.

  3. Wow dot com. Actually GoDaddy din ang ginamit nung isang blogger sa paggawa ng dot com. Never did I know ganto pala ang gingawa for having a dot com.

    Taga China town ka b? Bago lang at napadpad sa blog mo. hehhee!

  4. Hahahaha. Ngayon ko lang din nalaman na ganun pala dapat. =)

    Nakow, bisita ka lagi sa Tsina Town, ha. =p

  5. I got my domain from a local provider, sobrang hassle kasi hindi ko ma-access ang DNS settings, I had to call them eh ang bagal ng service nila (sabagay that's what I get for P600).

  6. Woa. Di ba siya mahal? Or that's with a hosting na?

  7. grabe ha. kumikitang kabuhayan ka na. nasan na yung tsinang pure blogging lang?

  8. Hahaha. Hindi nga ako kumikita, eh. Naglagay lang ako ng mga ads, pero konti lang naman, ah. (Defensive mode.)

    Pure blogging pa din naman ito ng mga tralala ko. Backread backread. =p


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)