November 16, 2010

-->Ooops, don’t try to find me in Facebook. I’ve deactivated it.
I’ve been thinking of doing it for a quite a while, and despite my pure love and admiration to The Social Network movie, I’ve deactivated my account. 

I’ve even tweeted about it before, and my ex-officemate-slash-friend asked me why. I told her that “Tumi-TMI na ako.” Yup, I think, I’ve been sharing too much information already. I know, I know, it’s part of all the social networking hype-slash-rule, but I think, anything too much is not good. 

You see yourself pouring your heart out in that box where it says" What’s in your mind?". You put in your whereabouts, lifelong wishes, dreams, family issues, love, work dilemma, frustrations, anger and all sort of emotions a person is capable of. You will be tagged by those that you go out/drink/party/socialize with. Then there you are – vulnerable as ever. 

Do you know how it feels awkward seeing in person a Facebook friend that you have not talk face to face but is in constant FB-status-comment-conversation with? I should know. 

When another of my friend asked me why I’m going to deactivate my account, I blurted out “I have too many acquaintances in Facebook. They are not even ‘close friends’.” I have more than 600 Facebook friends. Most of them are classmates/batchmates/friends from elementary to college - people whom I have never talked/seen/communicated for the last years. Some of them are colleagues from work whom I have never shared a real conversation. There are also a few from my masters whom I’m still on the getting-to-know stage with. There are my friends – in one level after another.

But let’s also face the fact that Facebook has connected us to the people who once matter the most. Sadly, for myself, it couldn’t rekindle the same level of friendship that we once had.

I know, someday, I’m gonna miss Facebook again. Where else can I play Mafia Wars, Family Feud and Writer’s Blox? Where else can I be reminded of someone’s birthday? How else would I know who someone is in a relationship with? Only in Facebook. 

But for now, goodbye Facebook. 

I want my privacy back!

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  1. Good for you sis... I've been thinking about it for months now... Hindi ko lang mabitiwan because of my blogs (for SEO). Pero feeling ko malapit na din akong bibigay. You're the 3rd person I know who deactivated their facebook account in less than a week.
    Curious lang, what's TMI? (sensya slow lang )

  2. Hehehe. Medyo matagal ko din siya pinag-isipan. Then, I decided na I have to deactivate it na, for my own sanity. Chenes! =p

    TMI = Too much info! =)

  3. oh... yan pala ang TMI :D

    thanks :D

    I deactivated my FB (but created another for SEO). Not much info, no old friends just bloggers and strangers :D

  4. Woaaaa. That fast?

    But your new FB is nice, just bloggers and strangers, hence no expectation. =p


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