October 10, 2010

We joined the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River. Apple, Silina and I registered on 3K only despite joining the 6K race on the Earth Run. It's Apple's first time, and Silina and I thought that we are not physically fit for the 5K. Our company paid for our registration fees and also of the 2000 others. They also provided us our company bib to identify us just in case we need medical assistance and an orange cap. =) 

I was a little hesitant to join the fun run. I imagined the people coming all across the metro to break a record. I also slept past 12mn. So I doubted if I could wake up as early as 3am. Apple volunteered to ring me at 3am. She did at 3.30am. I was at McDo Boni, our meeting place, at 4.30am. Apple and Beth came at 5am. Silina was a no show. We were joined by two of Apple's friends.

We rode the bus, and stood up all the way to the Mall of Asia. We reached MoA at around 6am already. The fun run has started. We were late for almost 44 minutes when we started to join the fun run. With so many people in the 3K, we could not really run and not even jog and so we ended up walking to the finish line. =)

We couldn't stand the heat, so we gave up our finisher's band. Then, two other friends of Apple came and told us to secure it on another area. We did. We were able to get hold of the finisher's band. Then, we decided to eat in Tapa King. At around 10am, we headed home. 

Based on the tweets of Nina Corpuz, we were not able to able to beat the 110K World Record. The fun run has 101K participants today. Personally, it was a good try. But honestly, it was so hard to run today. People were everywhere. It was so hot. On the positive note, it feels great that we were able to unite as a nation today. So much for a momentous event on 10.10.10!

According to Inquirer.Net, we unofficially did beat the world record. Story here.

*thanks Tin for the pictures!

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