No, I'm Not for Yellow!

May 10, 2010

I watched Biyaheng Totoo in GMA7. The feature of Kara David in Zamboanga broke my heart. I couldn't believe that there are people who get as little as six pesos per day. When asked what he wanted to tell the next president, his response was "Wala kami hihilingin. Nahihiya kami sa gobyerno." 

In few hours, the country would decide the best man for the highest position in the land. I don't know if the surveys are right that the Yellow would beat all the others. But I'm still rooting for the Red. Competence is the word. 

Months back, when Cory was laid to rest, and while reading Conrado de Quiros' column in PDI, I remember saying to myself that I hope Noynoy would run for the presidency. Surely, I'd vote for him. Few weeks after, he did. But no, I'm sorry, he's not getting my vote this time. 

I'm too sentimental and emotional for my own good that I'm willing to entrust my future, and the future of the rest of the Filipino people, to the candidate who has no bill on his name on his 12 years in the Senate and Congress combined. Yes, he is not corrupt as most people claimed. But have you heard the SCTEx issue? Do you remember the Hacienda Luisita massacre? I am no expert in social issues but I think that GMANews.TV could explain them better.

This country doesn't need a saviour. This country needs a competent leader. 

Go out and vote!

* Image grabbed from GMANews.TV. Thanks!

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  1. Oh, that is so sad. Kakaiyak naman because there are those who think they are entitled to some dole out just because they are poor and they do not do anything about it.

  2. Oo nga. Super sad feeling. Meron din sila na-interview who couldn't read and write. :(


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