I am Counted!

May 10, 2010

This is my second presidential election. In 2004, I rooted for Raul Roco to win. But GMA got the most numbers. Now, in the first automated election in the country, I'm a little apprehensive on the turn out. Election started at seven this morning, but instead of casting my vote then, I've decided to do it in the afternoon. Early today, my father said that there are many people in our precincts. I have been monitoring this election since  this morning in GMA News, Facebook and Twitter. And realized that casting of vote is averaging from two to four hours. 

How am I going to vote? Would I be able to stand the heat and the long line?

At exactly 3:04pm, we are entering the premises of the school. We brought with us the small paper from PPCRV bearing my precinct number and cluster number. To my surprise, gone is the long line and we went directly to the BEI. After signing and marking the election list, we were given the ballot to be used. The ballot is long. I think the secrecy folder is a little useless because it is harder to shade on the ballot using it. Oh well, it is just me. :)

I am a little careful in shading the ballot since I heard from the news that it might not be read by the PCOS machine if I shade too hard. After few minutes, I put in my ballot to the PCOS machine and waited to see the Congratulations message. And I did see it, the PCOS machine accepted my ballot on the first try. Someone (the BEI, I guess!) put the indelible ink after. At 3:15pm, I've voted. :)
 And this is the one with my brother. 
And now, what will happen next?

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