Caliraya, Baby!

May 09, 2010

I didn't expect we'd be able to push through our Caliraya summer outing in our project. Since February, we'd been working our butt off to settle things. However, due to miscommunications, company policy issue, fully booked reservations and other things, we almost changed our plans. Just when we were settling to Grande Island in Subic, I've been told by the Events department of the company that we could revert back to the original plan - a Caliraya Recreation Center summer outing. 

Everyone had been adamant that this year, we'd have fun under the sun in Laguna. I didn't know why, I've never been there, and honestly, I wasn't that thrilled then. Since I volunteered to be part of the Logistics team, we spearheaded the request for the venue, the transportation to be used, and so on and so forth. During that time, the to-do list seemed endless.

But after all the revisions of request, the lunch meetings, the follow-up calls, the re-approvals, the changing of date, finally, we were on Caliraya on May 1 and 2, 2010.

The trip was unexpectedly long. The traffic that day was heavy. Everyone was getting hungry then. We were a little worried about our lunch since the management was said to be strict on meal times. Breakfast should be at 7am to 7:45am, lunch at 12nn to 12:45pm and dinner at 6pm to 6:45pm. We arrived past 12nn and has pre-arranged our lunch. The good thing was we have an advance party that advise the Caliraya management of our late arrival. Food was good, by the way.

The check-in time is at 2pm. After we are settled in our quintuple sharing rooms, we headed out and worn our summer outing shirts plus our colored bandanas. Sporting a rubber shoes, I have been advised to change to slippers if I don't want my white rubber shoes to be covered with mud. Hello, MudSlide. So I do as told.

During the assembly, we prepared a short cheer for our team. And our name? Redjemon! OMG. The Red Team, or the Redjemons, are composed of Rey, Maru, Joan, Alan, Vincent, Leo, Elvin and myself. We were two members short that was why winning the game was far from my mind.

The Programs committee prepared an Amazing Race type of game. We needed to hurdle the ten stations. The team with the highest point wins. Our team had no strategy other than to finish all the stations near the starting point. And we did, we started with the Earth Ball. 
Followed by the obstacle course and the Monster Ball. The scorching heat  was unbearable. I thought then that I am due to collapse anytime. Thank God, I didn't. Then we went to the swimming pool area for the Splash Island station. Since no one was playing in the Shooting Stars station, we headed there next. We went to the Stairway to Heaven station for an exhausting game. After that, we reached the Slide Pinoy.
After the team had taken the ride, we headed to the Kayak station where I volunteered to be one of the four members to play. I'm glad I did because it was fun but physically challenging.

We were discussing whether we'd do the MudSlide first or the Hanging Bridge station. We opted for the Hanging Bridge. 
With few minutes left to spare for the game, we hurried to reach the MudSlide station next. Sadly, when we got there, the marshalls already left. Game was supposed to be over. But just for the sake of fun, we still tried the MudSlide and throughly enjoyed it!

During the presentation night, we had song and dance numbers to fill in the night. Most importanly we played Cranium wherein Team 1 won. Hey, I belonged to Team 1. Yeah. Thanks to all the jologs in the team that we were able to answer some of the Name that Movie Title questions. And yes, we were too pressured to the backward spelling that we almost lost the game. 

On the following day, morning was intended for additonal free time for everyone, after playing Earth Ball with my project team, we roamed around the recreation center. Awarding ceremony had been set in the afternoon. And heavens, we won the Amazing Race game. We placed second after the E-team, the Black Team. Super happy with the unexpected results.

By the way, my Caliraya adventure was absolutely free. Thanks to our team building budget. :)

**Thanks Carla and Anna for the pictures!

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  1. I've never been to Caliraya. Enjoy the summer. We'll love to have you around on one of our group trips :)

  2. Caliraya is a-OK for a team building. Yup. Yup. I'll definitely love to join your group trips. :)

  3. Super fun. :) The problem however is how to take the mud off your clothes after. :)


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