April 22, 2010

Huy, thank you, ha!

Hindi ko alam kung bakit parang komportable ako sa’yo. Could it be because of the less than four months of being together that I become so used to your presence? It was just that short. But I do not mind.

When you were rolled-off the project, I felt a little helpless. You were my buddy. You taught me almost everything that I know. Pati na ang pag-petiks. :) You probably thought that, like every thing in this world, you are dispensable. It is possible, yes. But looking back now, I am not sure.

Naalala mo ba yung mga pag-e-email ko sa’yo? The emails where I almost say how desperately I want you back in the project, almost. I know it is not the most gallant thing to say. You understood me when every one would just simply put the pressure on me. I wasn’t thankful then. But I am now.

At ng mauso ang OC, lalo na kita kinulit. At kinulit. At kinulit. Kapag wala ako magawa, kapag nabo-bore ako, kapag depressed ako, kapag masaya ako. You have the capacity to put up with me on whatever emotions I am on.

Remember when I failed to get the star. I was crushed. And you were there. Remember when I was made to believe that I failed to get the star on the second time. I was disheartened. You put up with my tralala. I am not sure if you were aware on how you made me feel better. I know you tried, you tried to convince me that the Earth wouldn’t collide with the moon just because the star is just so.. unreachable?

What about those times that I feel like leaving? I know we are in the same corner in the issue. But you never allow your personal convictions to affect my decisions. You made me see sense.

And last night, just last night. In the middle of your vacation, I engaged you in my sadness. My heart is breaking. Bleeding. I just thought.. I just thought of you. Funny though, it just feels right. All the things you said, just feel so right. You reminded me that love is never just about promises and emotions.

I told you last night, kapag committed ka na, hindi na kita makukulit. Sabi mo, matagal pa yun. Face it, it is inevitable. Who else would I ping in OC? Sino pa makukulit ko? Who else would I tell my disappointments in work? With you, I could just be myself.

And I pray to God we’d be friends forever. 

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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)