December 27, 2008

Happy. I am happy. My heart is not breaking anymore. But I guess, it also stops beating. I prefer it this way.

I am on Sun. I have been a loyal Globe subscriber for years, but decided to switch primary network. Perhaps, because I need to pick the little pieces of my fragile heart. I need to stop doing something I am totally addicted with. I need to be myself again. I lost 'her'. Two years ago, and was not able to claim her back.

Last Christmas, I was all asleep when the clock ticked to 12mn. Early the next day, I got a message from him. Grateful for the friendship. Appreciated of the presence. And I smiled.

I have a Facebook. I have been a loyal Friendster member, and declined all the requests from other social networking sites from the past year. Yet, today, I decided to try on Facebook. He asked. And I answered, looking straight into his eyes, I have moved on.

She is back. The person that I lost two years ago. She is here. And she already let go of the memories that put her into insanity. Today, she breathes a new life.

For some reasons, my heart is not beating for anyone else. Maybe, it will be on this state for the next months or so. She has been bruised. She is nurtured back to life. She is out of her comfort zone. Time to face the world, and fly.

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Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)