Friday of the Third Week

August 16, 2008

So, what's making me busy lately?

I'm soo happy.

I have been with Accenture for three weeks already and looking forward for more years to come. Im so far contented with the experience. I've learned so many things in such a short span of time. I love my batchmates. We enjoy each other's company. I mean, they enjoy each other's company, because I'm part of the other side of the earth. Haha, but not anymore, *wink*.

Friday was a bad day.
I left my mobile fone in the apartment, I arrived at 8.30am in the office. I left my spoon and fork for my packed lunch (such a gradeschooler thing!) . I wasnt able to join the group discussion. And for goodness sake, I left my keys in the apartment. The sad thing is, I'll be having my new workstation on Tuesday. I've been getting used to my workstation. I'm actually been used to my cube mates, Ellen and Au, including Sandy. Oops, before I forget, thanks Johnson for the spare spoon and fork. Thanks Au for the Fita, and thanks Nami for keeping my fone. :)

In that same day, it was raining like crazy, I went home with Z, who happens to be in the same group as mine. The night before, I shared with him my little secret. Ayun, muntik na niya ako ibuko ng bonggang-bongga. Haha. I hate the nick that we've given him. It suits him fine but.. The good thing is, he went home the same time that I did. toot. toot. toot. end of the story. I dont want to divulge his identity. It's confidential. Kidding. :)

After the rain fiasco, (i dont have a decent umbrella, for crying out loud!), we went to SM Megamall to meet up with EA and Mhoe. Zeus will be meeting up with Alex, and Jonathan. It was quite a shocker when I saw the two of them with Eric. Sorry, Kath! After EA and Mhoe went home, we've taken our dinner courtesy of Fujitsu Ten guys. hahah. Thanks for the wonderful sizzling dinner. More! More! More!

Hmm. just remembering, thanks Kitel for sharing your umbrella last Thursday. If it were not for you, I'll be soaked in the rain. Not that I hate the rain. *wink*

On a serious note,
I remember the line that Ivy quoted from the Full Metal Alchemist, "You have legs, right? Get up and use it."


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