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June 15, 2008

I just love my horoscope today, courtesy of Friendster.

The Bottom Line
Someone you thought you knew inside and out will surprise you today. Enjoy it.

In Detail

Someone you thought you knew inside and out will surprise you by how they react today. Their feelings might reveal some shocking things about their philosophies of life, but that doesn't have to alter how you feel about them. You care about them for who they are, not whether or not they agree with you all the time, right? This could be the beginning of a new phase for the two of you, when you'll see each other as more complicated (and thus more interesting) people.


Surprise of all surprises. Hahah.

It was just few weeks back when I got so involved with Friendster horoscope. Coincidence? Perhaps. Too much coincidence, I guess.

Moving on..

After being sick for few days, I guess, I'm back on track. Bum. Bum. Bum. Hahaha.

Tomorrow is Monday. And I am not expecting anything, or perhaps, just few phone calls. *wink wink*

So, how am I going to spend the first day of the week? Aargh, I guess, I have to contend myself on all the stuffs on TV. Good thing, I have internet access at home.

Toot. Toot. Toot.

I need to have a job, a career for that matter. Quick.

Toot. Toot. Toot.


I just need to hear the words.

.. and everything will be fine. :)

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  1. does it mean pareho tayo ng kapalaran? teka nga isipin ko kung ano nangyari sa kin nung sunday! hehe

  2. cge. hehe. isipin mo kung ano ngyri sau. may surprise din ba sau? hehehe. :)


Uy, ko-comment siya. Yesss naman, sana nagustuhan mo ang kwento ko. =)