Ang Unang Araw ng 2008

January 01, 2008

Bagong taon ay magbagong buhay..
Welcome 2008!

Wala akong new year's resolution. And I never made one. Maybe because, I'm not really into rules. Pagkagising ko kanina, nag-check agad ako ng text messages. At talagang yung text ni EA caught my attention.

"sheena..gandang umaga..lam q mya p gcng mu.."

Naman. Hindi na lang ako nagreply. Haha. Sabagay, hindi ko mabilang ang mga araw na late ako sa klase. At pati ba naman sa software defense.. Iyon siguro ang pinaka-hindi ko makakalimutang pagka-late ko sa buong buhay ko. Nyaha.

My 2007 is just a so-so. Definitely not perfect. And positively not the best year in my life. But there are so many things that happened during that year. So many changes that contributed to who I am right now.

During the first half of 2007, I belong to the working class in the Philippines. My salary is okay. I am a regular employee. I love the account, and also the people of Dell CTS. I can buy whatever I want, spend as much as my salary can afford, drink as much as my drinking partners, Kath and Cat, would allow, go to wherever I prefer, visit old friends anytime. Ultimately, I am happy doing whatever I want.

Then, I decided to quit work and go back to school.

For some reasons, I never entertained the idea that I need not to return to school. Perhaps, I know deep within, I cannot continue to my goal if I have even a single drop of doubts.

I focused on my goal. I didn't mind giving up a very comfortable lifestyle to my graduation dreams. I settled on the fact that it would just be one year, and everything will be okay.

I never listened to anyone who would actually question my decisions. I just told them that I want to finish school. And that's it. I am never the type of person who would like to explain myself to anyone.

And so I'm back to the grounds that hinder my dreams for awhile. It was never easy.

I abhor the idea of wearing the uniform that we protested so much.

I dislike the look of 'friends' upon knowing I came back.

I hate seeing the people behind my earlier downfall.

I despise the comments of professors that I should have graduated earlier if I've been good. Of course, I've been good. I just stood up to what I believed is right. And that is never wrong.

For six academic months, I have been consistently mustering my courage to wake up in the morning, sitting in my chair, listening to my professors, understanding their every vague explanations of the subject matter, taking their every I'm-sure-you-will-not-be-able-to-pass type of exams, and passing the subjects.

Before the Christmas break, my classmates and I applied to Accenture, a consulting and IT company. We passed the exam and were interviewed afterwards. I remember vividly one question, "What is your greatest achievement?", without hesitation and compromising my chance in being accepted to the company, I answered, "My greatest achievement is pursuing my dreams, and that is I was able to go back to school."

I didn't consider the fact that perhaps they are expecting more impressive answer than mine. But as of the moment, my dreams keep me going.

Three more months.

"When you want something; all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
--The Alchemist

I welcome 2008.

Before doing this blog entry, I went to Friendster and add a little nasty message in my profile.

I am mental.

Pangalawang P.S.
Pangarap kong maka-attend ng New Year's countdown. Haha.

Image grabbed from the net.

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  1. woa. mron pa sana itong
    pangatlong P.S. kaya lang
    baka sabihin nyo na sana
    ginawa ko nlng pahabol
    lahat. LOL.


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