How are you connected?

September 22, 2007

* Paumanhin, wala kasi akong internet connection sa house. How poor. Hehe. :)

September 18, 2007

All of a sudden, you're gonna ask yourself, "How come you still love him?" You hear it as if it is something that didn't came out from you, something that alienated you from your being.

No matter how you put it, your life spells out H-I-M.

I checked my Friendster today. Suddenly, Mozilla Firefox terminated. I opened Friendster again, but instead of typing in my account, I typed yours. Yea. I know your password. I still do. I introduced you to Friendster. I even retrieved your Yahoo mail account.

I clicked messages, Sent items, zero. Click. Click. There are your messages, in the Trash. I opened it then read it.

I read the messages in your Inbox.

I opened your mail account. For all the stupid reasons, you replied to a Friendster message. I taught you how to read, remember? I taught you everything you know.

I signed out.

Then went back to my Friendster account.


Bebe. Bespren.

I have been just somebody else for you. The one who is dispensable enough. I thought I am your life. I was.


"We've been through hell together.." Can we still be friends?

You left me broken.

I left you whole.

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