And I do not care about Peter Pan anymore..

September 22, 2007

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Date: December 07, 2006

I make words to make sense for you, in the saddest state that you put me through, I make it just to tell you exactly the meaning it convey. I do not know if you understand it. She said you told her that, "Ang galing pala magsulat ni Tsina". Oh, come on. That is not the first literary work from me that you've read. And oh, well, I don't mind hearing from you the appreciation.

Yeah, the poem I wrote is not the I-love-you-so-much-that-I-cannot-live-without-you-poem but rather I-dont-belong-to-you kind. And so?

It's real, it's true and it's actually happening.

Right now, I am thinking along the line of verifying to myself if Wendy did love Peter Pan and if ever she did, is the feeling still there?

Well, Peter Pan ends with Wendy having a family of her own, a life of her own, a world of her own, yeah, of her own, without Peter Pan, without Tinker Bell and most especially, not in Neverland.

You are my Peter Pan. And I am beginning to think that Peter Pan does not live happily ever after, he never grows old, he will be in Neverland for the rest of this world's existence. Everyone will die even you and me, but Peter Pan will remain there forever.

It is just a poem which I wrote for you. It is just words that I incorporated hoping that I would get the gist of my soul with you in it.

I am leaving Neverland, you taught me to fly and think of a happy thought, thanks for that. And now, I am on my own. And you are back in your world, back to the paradise you've known all your life to which I do not belong.

Just like everything else, memories are just memories, I could have Alzheimer and forget about everything else and it wont mean a thing anymore. It was never real. It is just a one-stop-I-love-you feeling, I am not a shop. You are Forever but you don't believe in the word.
There will be no happy ending.

This is just another fairytale.

* Image grabbed from the internet. TY.

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