Macau Tower

We went to Macau Tower not to bungy jump, alright? :P We were happy getting the best shots of Macau at the Indoor Observation Deck. The observation deck is on L58. The fee is HKD 135, and one can have a stunning view of Macau.

We went to the outdoor adventure deck just because we wanted to witness someone to bungy jump. We were lucky that day, and saw one girl, yes, a girl. Proud of you, girl! :P But I was too slow to take a photo/video. Hehe. The outdoor adventure deck is on L61, and this is the location of the bungy jump and SkyJump or Skywalk. 

If you want to have fun-filled adventure, or just want to take wonderful photos of the skyline, go ahead and pay Macau Tower a visit!

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

My favourite spot in Macau would be the Macau Fisherman's Wharf. This is apparently the first theme park in Macau. We walked from the ferry terminal going to this place, we just asked around on how we would be able to reach the place. One of my favourites in the Fisherman's Wharf would be the Roman amphitheatre. I adore the place.

The place is divided into three major themes, the Legend Wharf, East Meets West and the Dynasty Wharf. The amphitheatre is part of the East Meets West section. We went in the Legend Wharf, and found lots of shops and restaurants.

We also found the Rocks Hotel, a stylish hotel.
Unfortunately, we fail to explore the Dynasty Wharf. Pero solb na ako dun sa Greek Square. :P

Venetian Macao and the Hogwarts Feel

I was seriously ecstatic when we went to the Venetian Macao. The Hogwarts feel. When we left Senado Square, we went back to the port terminal, and boarded the free shuttle going to Venetian Macao. The Venetian Macao is a luxury hotel and casino. I was in awe of the clouds, yes, the clouds inside the hotel.
Do not blame me for being mesmerized, okay? It gives me the feeling of Hogwarts. AMAZEBALLS.
I felt like a kid staring at the clouds. Ganun siguro feeling ni Harry sa Hogwarts. :P

The Historic Centre of Macau

It was raining on our second day, and we were a bit hesitant to go in Macau. But decided to explore Macau anyway. We went early at Macau Ferry Terminal, and paid HK$159 on the economy class. 

Good thing, when we reached Macau, it wasn't raining. There are free casino shuttles outside of the terminal, and we rode one of them. We were dropped by in the casino, and we walked going to Senado Square (Largo de Senado). This is a central piazza in Macau. We started our walk from here going to the other spots that are included in the Historic Centre of Macau, a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Senado Square
We found the St. Dominic Church, the oldest church in Macau.
the oldest church in Macau
We decided to walk a bit more to visit the Ruins of St Paul. The church was destroyed in 1835 during a fire.
Ruins of St Paul
We also visited the Fortress Armourial Gate and the section of the old city walls, which are only around the area. This is a 16th-century fort; and we were able to see lots of cannons.
the section of the old city walls
When we were going back the Senado Square, we passed by the Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple, which literally means "a community hall for three streets".
Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple
The Historic Centre of Macau is an interesting place to visit. When in Macau, make sure to do a walking tour. You can include the other places of interest from the list such as Casa Garden and Guia Fortress!
The scary thing is not the possibility of you not finding me. But the scary thing is you not choosing to give this a chance. Because it is a choice. It has always been a choice. 

Lights, Camera and Stars at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

The Cosmic Guesthouse is located near the Avenue of Stars. On our first day, we decided for an afternoon walk. The Avenue of Stars is the Hong Kong version of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. This pays tribute to the people in the Hong Kong film industry. 

The statue of the Hong Kong film awards stands tall at the entrance. 
Welcome to the Avenue of Stars!
This place provides the panoramic view of the city.
panoramic view of the city
The main highlight in the Avenue of Stars would be the handprints of these popular film industry figures. One of these handprints belongs to Bruce Lee. Aside from this, the martial art legend also has a statue in the Avenue of Stars.
the star of Bruce Lee
One of my favourite photos in the Avenue of Stars is the one with the cameraman. Look at my smile. :P
When it started to rain, we decided to stay at Starbucks to kill time. But maybe because I was too tired from the trip that I fell asleep. We were supposed to wait for the Symphony of Lights. But decided that we could see that on the next nights.
On our third night, we went back to the Avenue of Stars and watched the stunning Symphony of Lights. 

The Peak at Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong last June. This was the birthday trip, and my first time to celebrate my birthday outside of the country. I initially booked on one of Cebu Pacific's seat sale, and then invited Jelai and Silina to join me on this trip. However, Silina was unable to join us. Workaholic much eh. :P

We arrived in Hong Kong early morning, and went to Cosmic Guesthouse to leave our things. The Cosmic Guesthouse is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. From the airport, we rode the Citybus 21 going to the transient house. 

We left our things, and rode a bus 15c from the Central Pier going to the Victoria Peak. The Sky Terrace is located at the Peak, this place provides the highest viewing area in Hong Kong. We paid $45 at the Customer Service counter.
At the Sky Terrace, the view is stunning. They will also provide you a mini-tab and a pair of headsets to listen on the history of Hong Kong and its structures.
Hong Kong

with Jelai at The Peak
We found the Hugging Zone and the Say I Love You at the Peak area. Love pala ang theme, di ako informed! :P
hugging zone, ugh
We left the Sky Terrace, and then proceeded to the Peak Tram station. But that was after a quick snap of the photo below. :P
Tatang told me not to missed the Peak Tram. This is the funicular railway in Hong Kong. It was indeed an experience for me, especially when the tram moved on certain angles. :P

Binondo Food Trip Challenge

One Saturday, we decided to a food trip in Binondo. Ara is very familiar on the area, the itinerary shouldn't be a problem. I told them that my budget was only PhP500. Hehe.

Tink and I were supposed to attend our yoga session before heading to Binondo, but we woke up a little late (lols) so we headed to Binondo instead. We rode the train until the Taft station, and transferred to LRT. We stopped at UN Ave station and rode a jeep until we reached the Binondo Church.

We initially waited for Ara and Bren at the church, and then moved to the nearest Starbucks because it was pretty hot that day.  When they arrived, we started our food trip at Dong Bei for some kuchay dumplings. We paid PhP 120 for 14 pcs of dumplings. 
kuchay dumplings
We had the Japanese siomai for PhP 80 at Wai Ying Fastfood. I ordered fried tofu at PhP 60 per serving. We were lucky and was able to secure a table when we got there. There was a long line when we left. 
Japanese siomai
fried tofu
We headed to the Masuki Mami Restaurant for the huge asado siopao. We paid PhP 85 for it. It was huge that three of us shared one siopao.
We were itching to get a dessert so we went to Lord Stow for a yummy egg tart. We paid PhP 165 for 4 egg tarts.
egg tarts
And just because we could still accommodate more food, we went to Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant and ordered fried chicken for PhP 150 and small oyster cake for PhP 140. By this time, Bren left already so it would only be the three of us sharing the food. :P
oyster cake
We stayed for awhile at Sincerity Cafe, and decided to go to Divisoria for some tiange shopping. :P I only spent PhP 252 on the food trip. Galing, may sukli pa PhP500 ko!!
You can follow our food trip route here.

Camiguin and a Bit of CDO

I lola mode on our last day. We went back in Cagayan de Oro, and we planned to do the rafting. Unfortunately, I had my visit. :P I stayed in the room, and they joined other group for the rafting adventure.

We stayed at the Win Min Transient Inn. This is located in the Agora area, and the transient inn is open 24/7. 
I waited for them, and they returned happy, and excited to tell me about their rafting adventure. Good. However, I would like to experience river tubing the next chance I get.

Feel free to browse through my Camiguin stories. Although the first visit has more detailed breakdown. :P

We arranged a countryside tour with Kuya Teddy, and I was able to visit these spots for the first time, the Katibawasan Falls and the Ardent Hot Spring.

I went back to my first love, the sole reason that I would never get tired of visiting Camiguin, the White Island.

I also wrote a short review of our artsy accommodation in Camiguin, the Enigmata Tree House.

I wrote a more detailed breakdown of expenses on my first trip. Go back in time, and visit this one. :P

Enigmata Tree House: Artsy Accommodation in Camiguin

I arranged our trip in Camiguin last December. I had many options, but I chose the Enigmata Tree House. Just based on the photos online, I thought it would be lovely to stay here.

When we first arrived in Enigmata, I felt the hesitation on my travel buddies. I was the only one giddy. I travel on budget, but I travel to see something different too. A tree house accommodation is a treat.
the tree house
We stayed at the Eagle's Nest Suite, the biggest room. We went to the reception-slash-art gallery, and paid PhP 1350/night for the three of us. 
the art gallery
Let me give you a quick tour of the Eagle's Nest Suite, alright? This is the entrance  and the hammock area. But the entrance of our room is on the other side. Refer to the second photo. 
duyan, baby :P
the entrance to the room
When we entered the room, we immediately see the bed. But the other bed is on the topmost portion of the room.
the bed we slept in
Mark's corner
I enjoyed the duyan night, and if only for the experience, I would recommend staying here. However, we had insect bites. Make sure to bring insect repellent lotions. 

Enigmata Tree House Art Camp
Smart +63 919999877 
Globe +63 9173264474
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