I am not really keeping track, I've honestly visited some places more than once. But when my friend asked me how many provinces in the Philippines I've visited, I decided to check. I found out that I still have a lot of wonderful places to visit. 

I've also already backpacked some countries, but mostly in Asia. I've visited Australia a number of times for work. I'm hoping to visit countries in Europe in the near future. 
  • Cambodia
  • China (Hong Kong & Macau)
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Australia

I'm just glad I could travel. My first plane ride was in 2010, I was already working then for two years. Gosh. It was to explore Cebu and Bohol, and I had a great time. Case in point, I've been going to places since then. It doesn't matter where but exploring new places and culture just gives me a certain kind of happiness.


Express Recharge at Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa

And it's 2018, guys! We kicked off this year with an adventure in Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa. My cousin went here last year and enjoyed it. I thought the new year is a good time to recharge. Luljetta's Hanging Garden Spa is located in Antipolo, Rizal. This place is within the Loreland Resort premises. And what's so special about this place? You'll see, laters baby. From Ayala in Makati we took the van going to Antipolo Cathedral, and paid PhP60. From there, we took a tricycle to Luljetta's and paid PhP80.

Actually, Luljetta offers different packages to enjoy their amazing place. But for this trip, we only got the Hanging Gardens Retreat for PhP1150 per person. This includes the access to Hanging Gardens facilities for five hours, traditional bathrobe, towel and snacks (the best suman in the whole wide world!). 

We decided to eat first; recharging is a serious business. :P You know all the messy stuff we got from the previous year, well, they need to go. 
From this area, you can already take a peek on what's inside the garden spa and the surrounding area of Laguna de Bay and Metro Manila skyline. Apparently, my vintage lens did a good job. :P

We went to change and claim the traditional bathrobe. They gave us keys to our lockers where we left our bags; you can also leave your gadgets to them for safekeeping.
We roamed around first for photos, and found a lot of areas really great. It's a place where you can just lay anywhere, or sit still and enjoy the view. Trust me, the place is great. 

Yes, they do have a movie room that looks really comfy (and instagrammable *wink wink*). 

The heated jacuzzi and sauna are located in this area. We did the sauna right after we finished on the day's activities. 

The Buddha Lounge is another place where you can actually play traditional games or just laze around. We stayed here for awhile, and watched a series on his phone (always part of our dates, tbh). 
The infinity pool with the stunning view of the Lagune de Bay and Metro Manila skyline is just below this lounge, but let's not go there yet. :P So there is also a hydro pool, which we had some fun trying out. Someone obviously had more fun. :P
We also had so much fun in the infinity pool, and I think we stayed here the longest. We were lucky that there weren't much people on the day of our visit. Hurray to great photos in the infinity pool. 

We really did enjoy our day in Luljetta's Hanging Garden, it was total relaxation for the both of us. We are more than ready to face any challenges we may have this year. The favorite photo on this trip was taken by a total stranger. Thank you!


It was an emotionally draining year. But I am grateful. Grateful, because there are lessons learned; and realization that the people I have in my life right now are exactly just how I need them to be.They have been kind, forgiving and supportive. People make mistakes. I make mistakes. 

The minute you make a mistake, you will find out how easy it is for our society to judge you. I've been called a lot; and it was not a good thing to carry around. But I needed to forgive myself. Only in forgiving ourselves that we can move forward. I prayed for healing (and still praying) not only for myself but for everyone in this story. In time, we will all get there. For now, I want to leave my baggage behind and move forward. 

We live in a crazy world. And it needs people to be kind, and yes, even to those who make mistakes. I am just extremely grateful. For the lessons, for the kindness.. and for him. My heart is overflowing with joy.

Year-End Event

We just had our year-end party in the company, and I attended this time. This was my second time to attend in Manila, but technically my third time because I attended last year in Sydney. 

I'm not really into dressing up, but I got my dress from the Zalora Black Friday Sale. It was one size bigger, but I did not want to return it because I like the dress. On the day of the event, the boyfriend found an alteration shop just mere three hours before it. It was cheap, and rush. So yay. My housemate was supposed to do my hair, but when I went to meet her in Watsons, I found someone from the office having her hair fixed by the staff. I had my hair done as well. Another yay. My housemate did my make up. I like my look that night. :P

The boyfriend waited for me until after the event, and we had Wendy's signature iced tea. :P

I've been very busy lately, and that explains the lack of update on this blog. But I had to squeeze in the itinerary for our trip next week, and was able to finish it now. I missed doing this! But itinerary is all set, so we're ready to go on our last trip for the year. Yay! 

P.S. I'll blog about our trips the previous months before the year ends, I promise! :P
I kinda wish that I was the sweeter one, but no. The boyfriend is the sweeter one; he has these little surprises that make me smile. Just this morning, the empty can of M&Ms is surprisingly full. He likes leaving stuff on my desk. He always has something for my family whenever I bring him home; small stuff I don't even know about. When I was upset at work, he bought me a cup of green tea latte. I will surprisingly find his selfies on my phone. He accompanied me to Makati Med until two in the morning just because I wasn't feeling too well. He goes with me on every bazaar, and has mastered going through each of the stalls. He goes with me on the spinning class, and also in the church service. He has not missed a single service yet since we started attending in Victory Makati. 

I kinda wish I was the patient one, but no. This goes to the boyfriend as well. Someone who could keep up with my tantrums deserves the award. No competition.
I kinda pray we'll make it until the end.


I (we) have been doing a lot of adulting, and this has been driving me crazy. I just finished reviewing several policies from different insurance companies, and have finally been able to select one for my brother. Yup, I got him an insurance policy. I also reviewed my policies, and still up to getting another one to cover a rider that I'm missing; I still have few months before my birthday. 

I also been busy fixing my investments; I'm into for-the-lazy-people type of investments. I finally been able to setup my auto invest for my Sun Life mutual fund. I have not been able to touch it since I opened it, ugh. 

Almost five months into the relationship, and we have been preparing (kinda) for our future. We've gotten ourselves another long-term investment. I'm pretty hoping for the best on these. He said that I'm the impulsive buyer, and he's the logical one. K, love.

Oh, but I got great news. I'm moving to the new condo early next year.. Well, that is if I don't change my mind about it. I've been wanting a place of my own. But we're (more like me) looking into diverting our funds on these to other investment. Pretty crazy adulting stuff, yeah. 

Gtg, I need to create a Pinterest board for design inspirations.