Camiguin and a Bit of CDO

I lola mode on our last day. We went back in Cagayan de Oro, and we planned to do the rafting. Unfortunately, I had my visit. :P I stayed in the room, and they joined other group for the rafting adventure.

We stayed at the Win Min Transient Inn. This is located in the Agora area, and the transient inn is open 24/7. 
I waited for them, and they returned happy, and excited to tell me about their rafting adventure. Good. However, I would like to experience river tubing the next chance I get.

Feel free to browse through my Camiguin stories. Although the first visit has more detailed breakdown. :P

We arranged a countryside tour with Kuya Teddy, and I was able to visit these spots for the first time, the Katibawasan Falls and the Ardent Hot Spring.

I went back to my first love, the sole reason that I would never get tired of visiting Camiguin, the White Island.

I also wrote a short review of our artsy accommodation in Camiguin, the Enigmata Tree House.

I wrote a more detailed breakdown of expenses on my first trip. Go back in time, and visit this one. :P

Enigmata Tree House: Artsy Accommodation in Camiguin

I arranged our trip in Camiguin last December. I had many options, but I chose the Enigmata Tree House. Just based on the photos online, I thought it would be lovely to stay here.

When we first arrived in Enigmata, I felt the hesitation on my travel buddies. I was the only one giddy. I travel on budget, but I travel to see something different too. A tree house accommodation is a treat.
the tree house
We stayed at the Eagle's Nest Suite, the biggest room. We went to the reception-slash-art gallery, and paid PhP 1350/night for the three of us. 
the art gallery
Let me give you a quick tour of the Eagle's Nest Suite, alright? This is the entrance  and the hammock area. But the entrance of our room is on the other side. Refer to the second photo. 
duyan, baby :P
the entrance to the room
When we entered the room, we immediately see the bed. But the other bed is on the topmost portion of the room.
the bed we slept in
Mark's corner
I enjoyed the duyan night, and if only for the experience, I would recommend staying here. However, we had insect bites. Make sure to bring insect repellent lotions. 

Enigmata Tree House Art Camp
Smart +63 919999877 
Globe +63 9173264474

Camiguin, My First Love

Camiguin is my first love. Seriously. The White Island is simply beautiful. If only I could stay at the White Island forever. Sigh, beach please!
ready for the White Island :P
On our second day, we went to the White Island. When we reached the island, we rented a big umbrella, and settled on one spot. We had our breakfast by the beach too. Inform Kuya Teddy that you'd like a packed food in the White Island.
beach bumming
I went around the island, and took lotsa photos. I asked someone to take my photos too. Hehe.

And so, while I was busy camwhoring, the two of them were getting their henna tattoo. :P I didn't get one, of course.
henna tattoo session
When the henna dried, they finally joined me in the beach. We found starfishes, hurray. We took few photos, and returned the starfish.  Tell me, these photos are beautiful.
just the two of us, and the beach
fun under the sun
Camiguin, you'd always be my first love. I would never get tired of going back to you.

The Must-Visit Spots in Camiguin

Oh, right! We went to CDO-Camiguin last December! Yes, last December! Blame Mark, I only got the photos last weekend, thanks to Jenny. :P

Camiguin is my first love. I have so much love for White Island. I seriously would never get tired of going back to Camiguin. The beach, the sand.. I could imagine the white sand at this moment, ugh. 

Initially, David and Mark would go with me on this trip. But David had another urgent commitment. Whatever. Instead, Jenny joined us on this trip! It was my first time to travel with the both of them. 
whut is selfie?
The new Laguindingan airport is an hour away from Cagayan de Oro City, we rode a rental car and paid PhP 200 each. When we reached the city proper, we took another van going to  Balingoan port, and spent another 2 hours in the road. Plus more than an hour in the ferry going to Benoni Port in Camiguin. Yeps, that long travel time for the love of Camiguin. :P
the ferry photo op
I arranged a tour with Kuya Teddy again. We went to Enigmata first, our Camiguin accommodation, and then headed off to start the tour. First stop, Katibawasan Falls.
at the Katibawasan Falls
This is my favourite shot in the falls. Catch me, I'm falling, falling fast again! :P
falling fast again :P
As an added bonus, we were able to try the delish kiping! Must not be missed when going to the falls, alright?
delish kiping
For our next stop, we went to the Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. Jenny wanted to see all the stations, but we begged off.  Sorrey. 
at the walkway
So, we decided to proceed to our next destination, the Sunken Cemetery. The camera tricks never get old. :P
at the Sunken Cemetery
acting time
For our next stop, we went to the Old Church Ruins. 
Old Church Ruins
The Sto. Nino Cold Spring Resort saved us from the humid day. We decided to take a plunge in the cold water!
Sto. Nino Cold Spring Resort
selfie overload :P
We left the cold spring resort, and went to the Ardent Hot Spring! Hehe. It was a little far, but worth the trouble. 

The first day of the trip was well-spent in touring these spots in Camiguin. For my second time, I was able to visit the spots I missed on my first visit. Good job!

Malaysia: Travel Expenses and Kwentos

I decided to travel alone in Malaysia. Technically, this was my first time to travel out of the country alone. Still, I managed to see my friends at Legoland in Johor Bahru, and even stayed with Karen for two nights in Kuala Lumpur. I went to Genting for my ME time too. Feel free to go over my kwentos, alright?

The adventure started at the Batu Caves, and this was the day before the Thaipusam festival. Do not be dismayed by the 272 steps, just go for it. 

I went to Genting, and had my first cable car ride. Bring a sweater, because it could be cold. Try going to the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms, you could have better luck than me. :P

I flew to Johor Bahru from KL, and stayed at the Warm Blanket Hostel. My Singapore-based college friends managed to meet me at Legoland, and we spent the day in the theme park, and outlet shopping. 

I went back to Kuala Lumpur, and spent my remaining days going around the city. What is Kuala Lumpur without the Petronas Tower?

For someone who travelled alone in Malaysia, I find the place relatively cheap. But of course, I was able to save two nights of stay in the hostel; thanks to Karen. But I listed my expenses below that can be used as reference, food and pasalubongs not included. :P 

** 1RM = 13.57 PhP

Sydney Opera House

And months after my Sydney trip, I am going to blog about my favourite place in Sydney, the Sydney Opera House! Hehe. I booked a guided opera house tour online, and paid AUD 37 for it. I chose a morning tour, but they offer guided tours from 9am-5pm daily. I walked to the opera house from the serviced apartment. I immediately went to the meet-up point, and they provided us a pair of headset. This is important so one can hear the tour guide. 
The tour guide told us a lot of stories about the Sydney Opera House. One of the things I find interesting is the design of the opera house. In the 1950s, they opened an international design competition, one of the designs submitted was from Jorn Utzon. The design, however, was one of the rejected designs, until the last of the four judges arrived and looked over the rejected designs. He selected Utzon's design. Jorn Utzon had never seen the site of the opera house prior to the contest. 
We went through several of the theatres, but was only allowed to take pictures at the Studio. The Studio is designed for any type of event, such as film screenings and circus. Yes, circus.
Next, we went to the Drama Theatre; and the the Playhouse. We were not allowed to take photos on those two. We also watched a short video clip about the opera house.
We also took more photos of the interiors. This area of the glass wall facing the harbour bridge provides an amazing view.

My favourite theatre is the Concert Hall, but we were not allowed to take photos too. The impressive acoustics is derived from the high-vaulted ceilings and wooden paneling.
grabbed from Sydney Expert website
I just couldn't missed my chance on watching a play, or a concert, in the Sydney Opera House. I planned to watch the play, Romeo and Juliet on that same day but decided to watch it on another day. The ticket was pretty expensive on that day. I went back on a Wednesday night, and bought the ticket online for AUD 55. I don't usually watch play, but I found the actors good. They used a rotating cube to transition from one scene to another; the first, on my experience. However, there were times that I find them difficult to understand because they also used Shakespearean lines.  
the Romeo and Juliet night :)


There is something right now that scares me. Funny, but this is the first time that I'm scared of forgetting someone. I'm scared to forget you. I'm scared of not remembering how you used to smile. I want to remember how my heart flutters with the mention of your name. I want to keep looking for you in a crowded place. I want to still look forward on the off chances of meeting you. I want to keep on wanting you. 

You are the person who keep me from falling apart. When I wanted to forget him, I used to look at you and your smile, and reminded myself not to go back on the broken things. Without realizing it, I couldn't remember the last time I wanted to go back on him. This, however, is one crazy thing. We haven't even met yet.

I want to keep on wanting you. Because wanting you makes me want to succeed in my life. Because wanting you makes me want to do whatever I want, and enjoy them. Because wanting you reminds me of my worth as a woman. But you are slowly becoming a blur. 

There is something right now that scares me. Funny, because forgetting you scares me a lot. 

My 29th

Heyaaa! I turned 29 last Sunday. Err, yeah, 29. I celebrated my birthday in Hong Kong, and this was the first time I celebrated it outside the country. I received numerous SMS, wall posts, and private messages. My friends remembered. Good. :P 

We decided to visit Ocean Park on this day, instead of Disneyland. I wouldn't want to imagine the number of people at Disneyland on a Sunday, so we opted to go in the Ocean Park instead. It was fun still. Wait for my blog posts on my birthday trip, alright? :P

Jelai, my college friend, surprised me with a birthday cake on this day. Yey, I love surprises, remember? :P I bought the Hong Kong Starbucks tumbler too, I forced Tatang to gift that to me. Hehe. I still accept gifts, Pandora charms preferably. :P

I couldn't think of any birthday wish, and posted this on Facebook. Hehe.
This, despite the birthday blues. :P


I created a blog entry years back on the #26ThingsAboutMe. But it has been almost 3 years and a lot of things have changed. Now that it is already June, and almost my birthday.. let me create another list. :P

1. I love the long hours at the bus. I used this time to think. But I dislike the morning rush hour.

2. I'm scared of failure. But I'm not scared of making mistakes. When we make mistake, we could still make things work on our favour  But failure, failure is the end of our goal; and we have to try again.

3. I dislike rejection.  

4. I love conversations. I love to talk to people who I'm comfortable with.

5. Actions speak louder than words. But word is more definite. 

6. I love dark chocolates and Blue Bunny's Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.

7. I would love to go back in Sydney. 

8. I love the sun, sand and the beach. But I can't swim.

9. I don't mind getting dark after a trip. 

10. I love walking barefoot at the office. 

11. I dislike the situations that I couldn't control.

12. When I'm comfortable on someone, I let my guards down.

13. I dislike profanity. But I curse when I'm mad.

14. I need coffee every morning. When I don't have time for breakfast, I buy hot choco mocha at Starbucks. I bring instant coffee at the office too. Kopiko is good. 

15. I am not confrontational.

16. I re-read books when I only want to relax. I favour Harry Potter books and Mary Higgins Clark books.

17. I still buy books at the book sales despite having my Kindle for years.

18. I love surprises.

19. It takes a lot for me to let go of someone close to me. This applies to friends. 

20. Patience is not my strength.

21. I love to travel.

22. I want a partner who will go to the off-beaten road with me.

23. I have a thing on people who know me well. This applies to friends too.

24. I keep small circle of friends. 

25. I don't compete with anyone. I compete with myself.

26. I love to eat. But I can't cook. 

27. I'm easy to please. But I don't please people.

28. I hate bullying. Jokes are meant to be fun.

29. I work hard for the things I get, and it's normal to feel proud of our achievements.

The #29ThingsAboutMe, people. I would have listed the 29 things I would want to receive on my birthday though. Hehe. But greet me on my birthday, okay? :P


GRADUATE NA AKO!!#capslockparaintense

I graduated on my masters last 26th of April. I had no plan to attend the ceremony. But got excited the last minute. Hahaha. I searched frantically for a white dress. I had an extra pair of shoes that could go with this event. I told my father about this only a week before the event. 

I took my masters in 2010. I planned to start it the year before but I wasn't so confident during that time. I decided to take it on that year instead, during the time that I was getting restless at work. :P I met a lot of people, and enjoyed their company. I only get to eat at the Maginhawa area with them. :P

We had bowling during our acquaintance party, or a Coke party. :P
We participated in the lantern parade. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the actual parade.
I went to Nueva Ecija with my groupmates for one school work. It was always fun being with them.
I moved to a project on night shift, and that started my ordeal. I had to wake up at 3pm so I could come in at my 6pm class. I had to go to Eastwood for work after my classes. It was the same time that I had some trouble at work, and the same time I got into a relationship. It was a very crazy time.

When I moved to my last project in Accenture, it was at the Fort. I got an INC on one of my subjects, because I failed to come in during my final examination. This was the time I enrolled my thesis subject, and took the comprehensive examination. It was a very busy time at work, and I couldn't focus on studying for the exam, I wasn't able to apply for a leave to review. Luckily, I passed the compre. Thanks to the reviewers that they let me borrowed. I passed the compre, but I couldn't finish my thesis; and they graduated in 2013. I moved to another company, and spent the remaining semester finishing my thesis.

Finally, on the 26th, I graduated.
Tina and Tin went to our graduation. They graduated the previous year. We had dinner at Maginhawa on the same day with my other classmates. :)
Finally. Some things are really worth waiting (and working hard) for. :P

** photos are not mine
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